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Scandals «Associated Press, Benghazi and taxes threaten the throne of Obama

«Water Jet» New overlooking the Washington ..

Scandals «Associated Press, Benghazi and taxes threaten the throne of Obama


Wrote: Wafa Bassiouni

Thursday, May 16, 2013 13:12

باراك أوباما
Barack Obama

U.S. President seems to have not benefited from the lessons resulting from the scandal «Water Jet» that toppled Richard Nixon, the thirty-seventh President of the United States of America.
In recent times facing U.S. President Barack Obama, a series of scandals have created doubts in his ability to steer the power, the White House, where he faces the worst wave of scandals since the beginning of the Obama presidency four years ago amendment include novel about Benghazi attack, and for the U.S. Department of Justice on mobile data told the Associated Press agency ABN confidential manner, in addition to targeting some federal IRS employees belonging to the groups conservative Tea Party movement and other groups opposed to Obama.
U.S. newspaper reported that the explosion of debate on three issues grabbed everyone's attention, and marginalized Obama's agenda.
She added that the Obama administration has found itself suddenly under siege, and people began to talk about solutions, 'the curse of the period in the second presidential, while the White House is trying to defend himself in relation to the circumstances seem to hunt down scandal after his re-election as president.
Spy scandal
And came on top of that scandal «Associated Press» where accused U.S. news agency Associated Press President Barack Obama's administration spying them and touch the freedom of expression. And it comes to monitor telephone lines to a number of journalists to find out who leaked news of the failure of the CIA terrorist operation in Yemen.
The U.S. administration proceeded to eavesdrop on calls, more than a hundred journalists belonging to this news agency, which is one of the largest states in the world, with the aim of monitoring the source of leaking news of the failure of CIA terrorist operation was aimed to blow up an airliner in May 2012. Manifested tapping currency in reviewing the phone numbers dialed throughout the month.
The head of the agency Gary Pruitt strongly worded letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, saying "eavesdropping on journalists precedent and is a blatant interference in their work." Believes that a review of telephone calls threatening to disclose way Osuchaasd work Press and sources خبرها and the protocol followed in this regard.
And emphasizes the U.S. media that the administration of Barack Obama is one of the most departments face reporters with regard to publishing news from sensitive sources or articles not liking the White House. He was a veteran journalist Bob and Odorz, ​​who blew the Watergate scandal that forced President Richard Nixon to resign has denounced what he considered a threat from a senior official in the White because of an article about financial cuts.
Exceeded the national security
For its part, criticized the newspaper "Washington Post" in an editorial on Wednesday, what has been disclosed of espionage and U.S. Department of Justice data on a telephone news agency "Associated Press," she said under the title of "harming the freedom of the press than likely to gain national security" that when the Ministry launched Justice in the United States achieved leaks alleged security information by the Obama administration a year ago, there was a case of skepticism, history of such investigations has had negative consequences unintended, and this attempt to criminalize the infusion has been launched in the middle of a year that saw an uproar elections, which seemed ominous specifically.
And follow up the newspaper, saying, this doom breed of disclosure that prosecutors Federal has conducted a survey for an extended phone records private Balososhitdbers, and even if the purpose behind this is to strengthen national security, the damage done by this freedom of the press and government transparency will exceed gains national security.
The aim apparently is to track the person who leaked the information to the Associated Press thwarted a terrorist plot in Yemen by the Central Intelligence Agency, "CIA."
On the other hand, expressed the organization Freedom House human rights the U.S. is deeply concerned by the news, which revealed for the U.S. Justice Department on the recordings of phone calls to journalists USAID, FAO has called for Congress to revive the shield law Federal, which would provide journalists with procedures to protect the demands of prosecutors sources information.
The Organization that the administration of President Barack Obama was aggressive in its efforts to prevent the diversion of information relevant to national security, has won the charges against a number of current and former officials on charges of leaking information, and tried to force journalists to testify in a number of these issues.
Administration defends
However, the administration of President Barack Obama defended the procedures to deal with any of leaking confidential information via a hand in an unprecedented step, telephone records, told the Associated Press to see confidential sources who spoke to reporters at the agency.
He said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "it was secretly placing the hand on the telephone records within the investigation on Vulnerability and put American lives at risk."
He continued, saying "I have worked a prosecutor since 1976 and on the recognition that this was the most dangerous of leaks, if not the most dangerous."
"This is not an exaggeration. This infusion endanger Americans., And I think that trying to determine asked about it requires aggressive action", without specifying whether the procedure included other media.
Politically motivated
Turning to another scandal related to attack Benghazi where he was accused Obama amended his novel about the attack Benghazi, where he faces President Barack Obama is under pressure from Republicans who accuse the government of covering up the details of the attack after he said a news report last week that the notes on the incident was re-edited to delete a warning from the CIA the central threat posed by Al Qaeda.
Said Jay Carney, White House spokesman, said Obama has announced that a terrorist attack was the day after the attacks, pointing out that the criticism of the White House politically motivated.
After the charge, the White House revealed the existence of 100 pages of e-mail messages and observations regarding the refund administration of U.S. President 'Barack Obama' attack on the diplomatic embassy in Benghazi in Libya last September.
The agency «Alosuchidbars» America that the White House has so far refused to publish documents and congressional investigators were allowed to review without making copies of them.
The agency pointed out that the documents describe how the Department has developed 'talking points' to describe what she wanted to discuss it publicly after the attack of 11 September 2012 which led to the killing of U.S. Ambassador «Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Discrimination Policy

The IRS scandal exploded when it became clear that the staff of the Tax Authority Miyazawa against associations that carry names such as "patriots" and "tea party" in their assessment of requests exemption from taxes.
Said Republican Rep. Darrell Issa to CNN that Obama "has taken a good first step," promising that Congress will be a thorough investigation into the scandal.
Jesus said, "the president will find willing partners in the cooperation in the Congress."
But Republican Senator Mitch McConnell suggested that the scandal is not over yet, Republicans are trying to exploit the scandal to slow the momentum of Obama's political start of his second term.
McConnell said, "This is a serious matter, that there was an attempt to exploit the tyranny of the federal government to put pressure on those who do not agree with the government views the center of a heated election battle."
"We are determined to get answers, and to ensure that is the kind of intimidation again in the form of taxes or other governmental body."
In his first reaction to the tax scandal, Obama described accusations Balmsheena, confirmed that Jack face if the Secretary of the Treasury to hold officials accountable in interest. He said Obama in a press statement to the White House that it can not be tolerated on the findings of the report, pointing out that the federal government must do its work in a manner worthy of public confidence, especially the IRS, which he said must apply the law in a fair and honest, and to enjoy the staff at full level of integrity.

To get out of this impasse Obama announced that Treasury Secretary Jack if accepted the resignation of the acting head of the IRS on the back of the check exceptionally interest in your tax files conservative group members because of their political affiliation.

Obama stressed in a statement delivered at the White House last night on the need for the IRS to work full impartial, stressing that his administration will do everything in their power in order not to repeat such issues in the future.

"سنحمل the parties responsible for this incident, the full responsibility. Asked the Secretary of the Treasury review of the report of the Inspector General to find out all the facts, and the minister has taken the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of
Acting Commissioner of taxes. "

Although all roads used by Obama to get out of these successive crises, but only that U.S. newspapers were unanimous that the U.S. administration's response has been slow, and that Obama's deal with it as if it does not concern him.

Hence, we find that the scandal «Water Jet overlooking again, the name of the biggest political scandal in American history, when President Nixon decided to spy on the rival Democratic Party offices in the Watergate building. On 17 June 1972 he was arrested five people in Washington at the headquarters of the Democratic Party are setting up camouflaged recording devices.
The White House has recorded 64 call, Vtfjrt a huge political crisis and fingers went to President Nixon. Resigned on the impact of the president in August 1974. Was tried because of the scandal, on 8 September 1974 U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon right on the scandal.
This case occurred in the era of former U.S. President Richard Nixon, and specifically in the 17 June 1972. His case is the thirty-seventh President of the United States of America Richard Nixon Mlhaws (1913-1994).

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