Saturday, July 27, 2013

Obama administration defends targeting contact records for one of the news agencies

Obama administration defends targeting contact records for one of the news agencies

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
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Defended the administration of President Barack Obama on their actions to address any of leaking confidential information via a hand in an unprecedented step, telephone records, told the Associated Press to see confidential sources who spoke to reporters at the agency.

He said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "it was secretly placing the hand on the telephone records within the investigation on Vulnerability and put American lives at risk."

He continued, saying "I have worked a prosecutor since 1976 and on the recognition that this was the most dangerous of leaks, if not the most dangerous."

"This is not an exaggeration. This infusion endanger Americans., And I think that trying to determine the charge it would have required an aggressive move", without specifying whether the procedure included other media.

The Associated Press has denounced what he said "heavy intervention is unprecedented," the Ministry of Justice, which put her hand secretly in 2012 on two months of telephone records of the Agency and a number of its journalists.

According to the agency, the investigation, which necessitated placing the hand on the telephone records for an article about "the process for the CIA in Yemen foiled in the spring of 2012 a blueprint for the base is designed to detonate a bomb on a plane to the United States."

The head of the agency said Gary Pruitt This procedure included contacts "over a hundred press."

He explained James Cole, Assistant Minister of Justice, who ordered this action that the "rules of the ministry provides for the seizure of records of telephone media organizations in certain circumstances only" due to "the nature of the criminal investigation on secret information," the action lay hands on the records "select period of time logical and did not include the content of communications. "

Union considered the American Civil Liberties this procedure as an attack on freedom of the press, which is supposed to be able to inform the public "away from the risk of exposure control is unjustified".

However, the White House spokesman Jay Carney said that President Barack Obama "supports firmly the idea not to hinder the press," but pointed out at the same time that it "should behave so as not exposed confidential information to leaks, because that could threaten the interests of our national security," calling to "find equilibrium point. "

And worked the administration of President Barack Obama is actively pursuing leaks relating to confidential files, and the Pro Boblica the Association reported that the administration filed six lawsuits on the basis of the law on espionage, which dates back to the First World War, surpassing any other presidency.

In this context, the rule of the former client in the Central Intelligence Agency is John Kyriakou in January / last January sentenced to two and a half years for revealing the name of an undercover agent participated in the sensitive interrogations of detainees suspected of al-Qaeda.

It is scheduled to begin next month the trial of the soldier Bradley Manning, who faces life in prison for leaking tens of thousands of secret documents to WikiLeaks.

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