Saturday, July 27, 2013

the Obama administration's move to an embarrassing failure of U.S. .. and leaks predicted Israel

First page news : the Obama administration's move to an embarrassing failure of U.S. .. and leaks predicted Israel

Wrote "ambassador" that leaked U.S. forums news about Israel's responsibility for the raids targeted Navy stores near the Syrian port of Latakia has drawn sharp Israeli criticism amounted to far as to accuse the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama of endangering Israel. This was followed by the U.S. leaks leaks Russian reports that Israeli aircraft, which raided the vicinity of Latakia launched from Turkish rules invented by Russians most likely to arouse the Arab world against Turks and Aazlohm, of what is happening in Syria.
He has denied Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu hours after the Russian report.
This prompted Israeli commentators to say that the international war behind these leaks that made ​​Tel Aviv relationship between Washington and Moscow.
He said military commentator in "Yediot" mail Ron Ben-Yishai, the Obama administration recently wandering move from failure to failure embarrassing. Ben-Yishai went on to say that the last of these failures, leaks on American raids on the perimeter of Latakia, which repeat the mistakes the Americans have already apologized for.
I tried "Maariv" understand the underlying interests behind the non-specific sources in the American administration to download responsibility for the bombings of Israel. It stated that goes on in Washington recently Asir debate on sound policy that should be followed towards Syria. Thus, the U.S. infusion, which was attributed to Israel's responsibility for the attack on the stores rockets "ياخونت", the guarantor that serves more or less the two camps.
In contrast, the leak could serve the Pentagon, which opposes all U.S. intervention, because the infusion proves that Israel is able to address the threats against herself, and this precludes the possibility of U.S. intervention in Syria, currently at least.
Generally drew «Maariv» that if the impression created by the line taken by the Pentagon is correct, and that the U.S. impede decision arming opponents and give them a superiority crucial, every attack on a convoy weapon or means of combat advanced dedicated to «Hezbollah» sponsor to happen errors in appreciated by Assad and militarily deterioration. And the Pentagon is not interested in such a situation. However, if one can imagine the existence of certain forums in the United States on deepening confrontation and push Israel and Syria to put the war lead to the removal of Assad. Such a scenario, will acquit the dilemma that Americans are busy to intervene when Israel to work instead of them.

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