Monday, July 29, 2013


Kate Middleton Gives Birth to a Royal Baby Boy — Planetary Alignment Makes Star of David in the Sky on Same Day

NOTE from VOL: We are not stating that this baby boy is the Antichrist, we are just stating the mere fact that we find this particular alignment interesting.
WIL AND KATEIt’s the kind of magical moments that make you wonder.  With the royal baby finally being born this afternoon (a bouncing baby boy) without incident, many are debating what it means and if this child has some significance in the Illuminati and the New World Order to come.  Well, Common Sense Conspiracy has found an intriguing connection that will leave you speechless.
Are the planets lining up to make a Star of David for the Royal Baby’s birth? How Illuminati is that?
The reasons that one might think that this child (whose name will not be released until later according to royal tradition) is Illuminati-scorned is fairly obvious.  This baby is brought into the world a monarch, but more importantly, one that will live to rise to that power and authority.  However, many point out that the Royal Family is not what it used to be in terms of stature on the world stage.  Well, this infant may be the beginning of a different era.  It seems that this particular birthday has a whole different significance that is just simply too convenient and damning to be coincidence.
On this same day that the Prince is born, 7-22-13,  there will be a planetary alignment forming the Star of David in the sky.
To add to the conspiracy here, it goes further. It has been theorized by many doing the math on this that Kate was overdue by a couple of days. Could her labor have been prolonged purposely to try to make sure the baby was born on this particularly fateful day? Or is the baby being late just a further sign that there is more than just Earthly powers at work in this conspiracy?
What do you think? Is this the ultimate sign of an Illuminati prince or just a really fascinating but meaningless coincidence?
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