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Obama's visit to the region revealed briefed capacity and its ability to balance

Yediot - Nahum Barnia, the
.. And Olmert will leave office despite the fact that the methods used to it somewhat objectionable
Obama's visit to the region revealed briefed capacity and its ability to balance
In airstrip Knesset yesterday put our first big plate of the type used to chart the movement of troops before a major military operation. They put on the board of a large map with the State of Israel plus areas, and a map of the tour route. A military helicopter is one of the model Enechuv (Blackhawk) was parked on the ground, and a second helicopter يسعور waited in the air, both Thriqan through Mahrkathma of the budget of the Department of the Army. Swarms of fundamentalists who provide them with a rose garden and views of the neighboring natural scenes and pairs of young men and women sitting there on the seats for dating before marriage - all stopped their normal movement at once and took active military moves watching with anticipation and curiosity.
Ariel Sharon is the culprit in everything. When Sharon was the head of the opposition was able to host the outgoing Texas Governor George W. Bush. This matter was at the beginning of the 2000 election campaign. The candidate who tops the rows in the Republican Party, John McCain, while Bush was lagging behind. Sharon sat down with him in the Knesset cafeteria and then shaved in a small helicopter on a tour of civilian over groins Aldiktin to the state of Israel. Both described the trip as a very influential event later: Sharon were able to score in the tally obtain the support of the U.S. president, either Bush has cemented through the support through the scenes he saw with his own eyes.
Since then, every Israeli politician tries to repeat that feat. When asked Tzipi Livni even presented to the helicopter Obama خاصرتي Israel Aldiktin accompanied by Gen. even shows the military aspects, Ehud Barak insisted to be that person. Legend says that Mike Herzog, Barak's chief of staff had threatened that they would not يصرفوا helicopter Livni said Barak was not in this round. Herzog says that this is a myth. But the Israeli army helicopters Exchange. Obama will not come alone, also said members of his crew. There are 29 people accompanying him wherever he went and that Obama was in the air they are in the air. During the trip he sat Barack Obama off while the Livni was at his side. Chopper stepped up to the top even be possible to portray the candidate against the backdrop of the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) and from there continued west Amtdd the corridor through Bmoudiein north along the seam until Kfar Saba and Qalqiliya, and from there south along the coastline. Candidate found it difficult in the vulnerability of the existence of difficulties Khasrtin Diktin the State of Israel because he was forced all the time to ensure a balance between Barak and Livni. Blocked in advance that there is a problem he must be crossed: Livni locked in competition for the post of prime minister, Barak and Netanyahu. From here, he has to listen to each and every one of them politicians are aware of such sensitivities. As well as with kindergarten parameters.
In the evening, when he conducted an interview with Obama (interview recently published in "Yediot Ahronot"), said the like imposes fact: "I realize that this election season in Israel. Set of figures that offset would run the competition soon on the prime minister."
Obama rival John McCain was in the country before 4 months in March last victory in the primaries in the Republican Party was saying, but he has not officially announced yet. Considered a working visit visit: He came with two other prominent members of the Senate, Democrat Joe Lieberman and Republican Lindsey Graham, both of which support the elected president of the United States. They traveled to Iraq and then came to Israel. I covered his visit in Sderot. Ehud Barak joined for the trip, but also alone in this time. Army journalists from the Americans, who was waiting for Obama in Sderot, McCain did not wait. The three senators visited the house, which received a blow from a Qassam rocket, and toured in other areas. McCain seemed tired old man. His responses to questions were very balanced degree of appearing not to attention. When stopping Uri Bar-Lev, the commander of the southern police and explained to him the difference between Qassam and Grad McCain's past militarism woke up from the days of the Lebanon war was suddenly knows what he is talking about Bar-Lev.
Obama had prepared a similar path: beta Mahdoma and children cut off his leg. And the Museum of the Qassam rockets. Israel extended its problems and Thompskint in front of her guests: in the helicopter told him Barak battles and victories and how they occupy this region in 1948 and those in 1967 and on the ground Haddthoh defeat sustained when he was walking down the street in Sderot witness citizens flock to the side of the road waving pictures and banners talk about their suffering . It seems that no one has injured بالبلبلة and confusion between Gaadamak and Obama. Free is probably the reason.
In the preliminary round Search officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the house demolished even feeds guest of him. They did not find. This is apparently a time of calm and found a compromise represented by Omer family's house was demolished by a Qassam rocket in December last. The problem is that the house already demolished now: Family destroyed entirely rebuilt. And the state that will pay for repairs.
Child Usher تويتو who lost his leg carrying a wheelchair to their site. Osher well understood forcibly required of him is the American candidate will say what they asked him to say. Tell him that he hoped to be president of the Peace and then give him a police hat of the type used during the period of disengagement as a gift. Obama will not be wearing a hat: This was not part of the plan. He does not accept the exit plan. Is سينحني iPod and affection towards the child, just as McCain did with the child, which they brought to him during his visit to Sderot four months ago. But that the child cried from fear when approached by McCain. تويتو not cry. Tzipi Livni, knelt at his feet, while Barak was beside him, Avi Dichter, Minister of Internal Security all those surrounded him.
During his visit, McCain more consideration to Lieberman because he felt he understood the psychological the Jews Almetzahmin from around the most of it. But Obama acted differently without emotion and in the correct place.
Israeli politicians interviewed tried to brief him on a series of issues Iran passing through بخوفهم of a rapid U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and the end of Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. In each of these issues quickly Obama to auditions مستضيفيه same phrases that saved his advisers. This is what happens when a candidate at the height of the campaign: it looks for the inside and not outside. And intellectual focus all his energy on not making mistakes. One correspondence American said "peak yesterday was when he said that both sides should submit concessions to reach an agreement. Actually it's great wisdom. Are right of course, but they also know that the image of Obama surrounded by soldiers Americans enthusiasts It eats food with them at a military base in Iraq, equivalent to more weight than all the words uttered by and Sicolha during his visit.
This image - and other images with the leaders of the world, which appears naturally well-informed and confident of himself and like there was always one of them.
Then during the interview, which it of curved talked about Jews in America thinks its direction. It seemed to me that this was the most important section in our conversations is righteously admitted that there is a problem, but he said there is exaggeration in photographed. According to the polls, will support 65 per cent of Jewish voters and that's good, in my opinion, although it is less than it earned Democratic candidates in the past. "There are those who have adopted a wait and see approach. That we take into account the extent of concern in connection with American Jews of Israel and in the process of foreign policy is generally possible to understand it., But they will come back on Election Day."
We talked about the decisive contribution of the Jews in the civil rights movement that fought for equality of blacks in the fifties and sixties. I talked about the television series "Roots," which described the suffering of blacks who came to America as slaves. Occurred about the fact that the series was very popular in Israel.
Not find tragically basis in the fact that the Jews specifically interact with suspicion with Black candidate for the presidency? I asked him. He preferred to talk about the tragedies and historical similarities between Jewish suffering and the suffering of blacks. "Part of صلتي of the Jewish people based on this historical connection," he said. "We are, and you know the meaning of the Diaspora and the discrimination and suffering. Should bind these common experiences and to be above all through."
At the bottom of the hotel was waiting for the mayor of Jerusalem Uri to Oblinski and the dozens of Jews who want to read the candidate. I remembered the old tale about the leader who led a group tourists from Israel. At the conclusion of Nozha stood next to the door of the bus waiting for tipping. Travelers passed in front of it, one by one, without pay. In the end the latter gave him a plate of money. "Maybe not kill Jesus," the guide said, "but certainly you may Ngstm his life even today."

Hand of God
In 86 World Cup matches before the final resolution of Diego Armando Maradona, the Argentine star of the team the fate of the England team in order to insert it in his hand. Log in Mardin, another goal in the same game later. This was a rare goal in the quality and Argentina triumphed lead to 2.1. In spite of this shift goal that was not the goal disturbing milestone in the history of football. "Idallah" sports analysts used to launch this name it. With all due respect to the machine, so it should make winning games.
State Prosecutor Moshe Lador far from being a monster. I have no doubt he would reject both hands any comparison between the goal that won then and between sacking Ehud Olmert imminent. Although you still have to worry about moves judicial investigation, which resulted from pre-primer with Morris تلانسكي, all of demanding fair game in court and outside. Moshe Lador person, and fair in all respects enter your age is not a goal in the leg or in the head or in the chest. Enter this goal is in his hand. Olmert fought a war against the public prosecutor until this week mouth closed and hands tied. His lawyers are the ones who spoke on his behalf. Special media adviser hired recently joined the group when he wanted to speak warned Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the government, said it would be considered obstruction of the investigation. He reiterated that it is better for him to avoid this calamity included each other Musaúbh. This week at the end of the stage of preliminary in تلانسكي certificate decided to step foot on. In the three newspapers published things uttered by Olmert to "close" or "closed-door talks."
Olmert is convinced he is a victim of arrogance and evil tendencies by officials of the Public Prosecution and the led to ÇĎćŃ. His complaint centered on happenings: forbidden him to talk about the content of the accusations against him. For ÇĎćŃ says Olmert persuaded the court to ratify the forty certificate تلانسكي primaries fake pretexts. Olmert's claim that might affect it was baseless and was based on the order cynical uttered by تلانسكي during interrogation. They photographed the court that he actually threatened.
Lador a mistake and it will not pay the price. Olmert and eventually will be forced to end his term as prime minister. A preliminary تلانسكي in the month of May leaks investigation did do. Olmert's resignation so short is not something new in our country. The machine knew how to overcome such events in the past and will know how to do it now, without a doubt. The problem that officials worry now is the possibility that he has been here excessive use or misuse of power. Mazuz, Lador and their colleagues have not assigned until they are the leaders of the state. And Mghm lies in their ability to link to a fair trial without violating the rules of the game.
I have no doubt that the investigators with Olmert had sped away from the belief that he is guilty. This assumption, even if it is true is a seductive trap: It is tempting to reach the investigator improper conviction. Olmert's what he did - and other people in its various issues - they can do with anybody suspicious in their eyes. This possibility of harmful and even dangerous. In the end there was no danger in the تلانسكي not return here, but on the contrary Vcbhatt that emerged during the interrogation may be involved in a criminal investigation in the United States. So I really appreciate that we shall see him here for a long time in the near time. There may come a day migrate to the country. It will be the last Zionist.

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