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Obama's war against media leaks

Obama's war against media leaks
Secrets leaks led government to end the operation to penetrate the 'base Yemen'
Bradley Manning leaked documents «Chaeliks» before being brought before a U.S. court (a, b).
Washington: Mohammed Ali Saleh
Last week, was sentenced in federal court American, as requested by the Minister of Justice Eric Holder, was sentenced to three years on John Chrikako, a former officer in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) because it leaked information to the TV «ABC», six years ago , the existence of «Black Seyz» (Centers black) in countries in Eastern Europe, including Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. The «CIA sent to these centers Muslim terrorist suspects to be tortured, outside the scope of U.S. law. And also, to Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.
Prior to that, the U.S. federal court ruled virtue did not include jail, also according to the request of the Minister of Justice, Thomas Drake, who was working at the National Security Agency (ESI). It was leaked to the Baltimore Sun newspaper »About monitor telephone and electronic communications center of American citizens, and with non-Americans abroad.
He did not specify the Minister of Justice so far arrested, or achieve, with someone leaked information was published in the newspaper «New York Times» in the past year for cooperation «CIA» with Israeli intelligence in a series of attacks electronic Iran to disable or destroy trying to produce a nuclear bomb.
And John Brennan, President Obama's adviser in the war against terrorism, Obama has chosen to manage «CIA asked, during his interrogation in Congress last month, for his role in the investigation with reporters and two lanes on the subject of cyber attacks. The Americans used the name «Asalbllwar» to describe Almserbin (which is called a whistle, a signal that he discovered the secret).
He wrote Brennan in his letters to the Committee on Intelligence: «participated in the interviews voluntarily on an investigation by the Office of the Federal Prosecutor to Maryland for unauthorized disclosure of information to reporters about the attacks on computers in Iran.» And also wrote Brennan from achieving a second: «leaks to journalists that led to the end of a covert operation premature to penetrate al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.
Does not mention the U.S. government leaks secrets to reporters during the past few years, but little soldier Bradley Manning, who is on trial now on charges of aiding the enemy for publishing hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents by the WikiLeaks site.
On Saturday, it was Manning spent a thousand days in solitary confinement in a U.S. military base in the state of Virginia.
Recently, wrote Jess Madar, human rights lawyer in New York, and author of book Manning passion: the story behind the leaks and WikiLeaks.
«We, as a free nation, depend on leaks to it, in many cases, are the only way to get basic information about what our government is doing. He added: «without leaking secrets to the media by government officials may We never heard the Watergate scandal. Or operations «درون» (drones) increasing in many countries. The American news sources pointed out that the focus of the Obama administration to prosecute those who leaking secrets to reporters contradict pledges were made during his first campaign that will establish the transparency of government and openly with the American people.
At the same time, the Obama administration is deliberately leaking information when you want it. Such as news that Iran, in fact, do not build a nuclear bomb. Recently, proud and William Dili, the White House chief of staff earlier, during the Obama administration, which leaked secrets to reporters. But said it leaks less than his predecessor, Rahm Emanuel, who called «large Almserbin» in the White House.
Does not mention background infusion in Washington only mentions Daniel السبيرغ, an expert in the Ministry of Defense Forty years ago, which revealed what became known as the «Pentagon documents. This was about the Vietnam War, according to U.S. military reports.
Later, he said he leaked the documents to his anger on the military because they hid from the American people the fact of the Vietnam War, the American military intervention there.
Two years ago, when the squadron site and WikiLeaks documents and ministries of defense and foreign affairs, said the site roughly the same thing. A reference to American military intervention abroad, especially in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and terrorism in general.
Recently, in the trial of Manning, repeat lawyers requested his release on the grounds that he was tortured in prison, and that the 'confession' came after he was tortured. He made Joshua Tankearsle and Jonathan Klein Bavadthma for the court in a telephone conversation at the base of Fort Meade (Maryland), where the trial. They said they saw Manning sobbed day came to his place of detention supported demonstration in the past year. They noted that the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights described the treatment suffered by Manning as' inhuman and degrading.
At the same time, he pledged the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, recently continue to reveal secret documents. He praised the published documents. She said «revealed U.S. attempts to cover up the atrocities of its policies, and dominate the other governments, to control the economy of the world. He said that the publication of details about the killing of Iraqi civilians during the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and the corruption of former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali «forced U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq, and helped the popular revolution in Tunisia, which later moved to other Arab countries».
But, at the same time, the Obama administration continues, led by the Minister of Justice, the follow-up of journalists who publish leaked news, and follow Almserbin who provide this information to reporters.
And the author of the book said Manning: «The real threat to American security is not the leaks and journalists. As the current treatment regimen extremist government secrets, and what the government thinks they are secrets, which for the public property of the American people, not secrets. He added: «until the system is fixed government secrecy, leakage remains essential public service, and who they make deserve our gratitude and compassion.

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