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Scandals threaten to damage the Obama administration

Scandals threaten to damage the Obama administration
Washington - AFP, Reuters
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
In much could harm the position of his second term agenda and repeats what happened to former President Bill Clinton after the scandal his relationship بمونيكا to Lewinsky, faced U.S. President Barack Obama, a series of scandals created doubts in his ability to steer the power. Said Sarah Binder, a professor of Congressional Affairs at George Washington University, said that «the new ستحصر scandals challenges Obama and the Democrats in the coming weeks and months to focus public attention on the political goals of Obama»
Obama yesterday forced to cut his press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron to answer questions about your investigation of the attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi last year, and speculation targeting IRS for the tea Movement and other conservative groups. Also faced Obama announcement scandal and news agency Associated Press that the U.S. Justice Department secretly obtained telephone records of its journalists last year, and the condemnation of «intensive intervention and unprecedented to the ministry.
The administration justified secretly put her hand on recordings by «measures have been taken within the Vulnerability and put American lives at risk. The Minister of Justice Eric Holder: «worked attorney general since 1976, and I must admit that the leaks obtained by journalists considered the most dangerous, and required action offensive to determine responsible for them», without revealing if the procedure included other media.
The «Associated Press» to achieve necessitated placing the hand over records of telephone communication, and respect to an article about «the process of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Yemen foiled in spring 2012 plot to al-Qaida target to detonate a bomb on a plane heading to the United States».
He explained James Cole, Assistant Minister of Justice, who ordered the implementation of the procedure, in response to the Associated Press that the ministry provides organizations «lay hands on the phone records to media organizations in certain circumstances only. Due to the nature of the criminal investigation on secret information, the procedure of placing the hand over records select a reasonable period of time (two months) and did not include the content of communications.
Word Gary Pruitt Chairman of the Board of Directors Associated Press that «action contacts included more than a hundred journalists ', asking,' How can this be considered small-scale investigation?».
And saw Democratic Senator Harry Reid to conduct administration «does not accept the apology, can not be justified, while condemning the head of the Reporters Without Borders» Christophe Dollwar, b «flagrant violation of constitutional guarantees.
Union considered the American Civil Liberties measures and the Ministry of Justice as' an attack on freedom of the press, which is supposed to inform the public on the facts away from the risk of exposure to control unjustified.
He said White House spokesman Jay Carney, President Obama «resolutely refuses to obstruction of the press, but he pointed out that« must avoid leakage of confidential information may threaten our national security, calling for «find a point of balance.
The Obama administration has been active in the pursuit of leaks relating to confidential files, according to the Society of «Pro Boblica the» that the administration filed six lawsuits on the basis of the law on espionage, which dates back to the First World War, making it transcends any other presidency.
In this context, the rule in January (January) last year on a former client «CIA» John Kyriakou was sentenced to two and a half years, on charges revealed the name of an undercover agent participated in the sensitive interrogations of detainees suspected of being members of al-Qaeda.
In June next, will begin the trial of the soldier Bradley Manning, who faces life in prison for leaking tens of thousands of secret documents to the WikiLeaks site.

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