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«Obama is under siege by« Official scandals »

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After 4 months since the start of his second term in the White House, facing U.S. President Barack Obama's fierce attack on the deterioration of the performance level of his administration, after a series of scandals revealed the details of the accounts of confused and questioning the Obama administration's ability to steer the authority or the provisions of the reins.
During one week, and faced the White House, the worst wave of scandals since the beginning of Obama's presidency before the 4 years include modified his story about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, espionage and U.S. Department of Justice, data phones reporters agency «Associated Press» in a confidential manner, in addition to the practices of device Taxes politically biased and targeting some federal employees of the IRS, along with high rates of sexual scandals within the ranks of the U.S. military.
According to the views of some experts and analysts, holding some comparisons between the scandals of Obama's current scandal «Watergate», which prompted the U.S. President the late Richard Nixon to get out of the White House, resigned in 1974, 3 years before the end of his second term, the result proved his involvement in a spy scandal elements of the Republican Party on the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington, in what is known scandal 'Watergate', which prompted some experts to predict the end of the current issues questioning the validity of Obama for president.
Some analysts said that the problems that exploded in the face of Obama recently added to the list of problems faced by the new administration, such as reducing the overall budget and amending the health care system.
Current scene reveals confusion real and floundering in the accounts of the U.S. President or the approach of the administration in dealing with such sensitive matters, at the time in which he defended Obama's handling of his government with the issue of spying on journalists agency «Associated Press», and refused to apologize, claiming that these leaks press releases and the confiscation of records phone calls came in order to prevent leaks linked issues national security, sought the U.S. administration to revive the draft media law, sponsored by Democratic Senator Charles Schumer would be given journalists who refuse to disclose confidential sources, legal protection, but in the case of compromising security National country.
The IRS scandal, has turned out to be targeted right-wing organizations opposed to Obama, more scrutiny in the examination of records, but those organizations, were among those requesting tax exemption.
While the faces Obama counts of amending his novel about the attack Benghazi and to cover up the details of the attack, especially after reports revealed memos about the incident was re-edited to delete the warning from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency «CIA» of the threat posed by Al Qaeda, revealed the White House and a 100-page of e-mail messages and notes relating to the administration of President Obama's response to the attack on the diplomatic embassy in Benghazi in Libya.
After the attack political increasingly been disqualification Generale unit U.S. Army Brian Roberts, on the grounds of being accused of exercise assaults and sexual relations bad, in command of the military base at Fort «Jackson» in South Carolina, which leads the two-thirds of women's military service in the army, and the longer those are The fourth case, respectively, in the ranks of the U.S. military.
With congressional elections looming in 2014, the occurrence of any political damage will extend its effects for a long time, and could harm Democrats' efforts to retain control of the Senate and regain the majority in the House of Representatives.
He said the American writer Michael Gerson newspaper The Washington Post 'The American' thread that combines all three cases, if there is a thread including collector, is blatant government intervention, adding that it is impossible to predict what will end to any of them.
The American writer David Ignatius, he saw that what is happening is not caused by a conspiracy planned against conservatives, journalists or others, but is caused by the administration, which is deteriorating performed consistently to the point of paralysis and disability, explaining that what should scare people is not the power of the federal government and تضخمها, but its deficit.

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