Saturday, July 27, 2013


Signed «11» September in Benghazi

Originated Halabi
Often stopped at the statements of Muhammad Maqrif National Congress leader General al-Libi, the man wondered about the mystery carry out the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and killed the U.S. ambassador and three others, the anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York and adopted by al-Qaeda, while the film was bad, which offended the Prophet Muhammad Muhammad peace be upon him and Islam, was to have been produced by accident six months ago, so why the reaction was now and not before?!

This is not a straw to the idea of ​​'conspiracy', but statements Maqrif open the door wide to think of 'conspiracy', but what is the purpose and why at this particular time?!

There are a lot of mines in the way of all of the writes, or make a opinion on this sensitive issue so that it can not be anyone but to condemn everything that word means condemnation of the meaning of the stop behind the production of the film bad «abuser», and anyone who attended him, what of intent behind such acts is responsible, but the bombing of the spirit of hatred between the peoples of the earth and nations and to follow their religion, but perhaps the incident film suitable for the launch of an invitation to all international bodies, including the Security Council to adopt a resolution global prevent exposure in any way to any of the holy sites to follow religions all , the same invitation that must be fired in every state in parts of the ground to enact strict laws to prevent such abuses, which proved as deepening the band between peoples, and legged hatred in the hearts of the people.

No one can blame the Muslims who are endowed to defend their messenger Quran and religion religion in parts of the world, but now, it is time deliberation and reflection and insight into the course of events, all the evidence proved that the United States, which targeted after the story of the film, did not provide any official support for production, not to mention that its leaders from President Barack Obama, have all kinds of apology, and to return to the statements Maqrif, the world, and in every 11 September of each year, especially in the United States itself, يرقبون what will be and how it can to al-Qaeda that restores memory to «Battle of Manhattan», in a time when the Arab nation and the Islamic political changes are structural, such as those witnessed by the countries of the Arab Spring from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya and Yemen, and now Syria, perhaps it was «wrench» America where more influential, especially that Washington has provided political and military support also for change in these countries, which make peoples' relationship and the new rulers - even from the Muslim Brotherhood - in Washington are a kind of «Alliance», and perhaps the channel that he wants Maqrif to pass them his information that is required is hitting America's relationship peoples of Arab and Muslim Brotherhood who harvested victories revolutions supported by Washington and the West.

What he wanted Maqrif saying is that there is a close relationship between the «signed Benghazi» and the anniversary of «Battle of Manhattan» in terms of plans and implemented, with the assurance that «revenge» of the film's producer abuser, and no one else, do not blame it, not talk.

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