WASHINGTON - AFP - under John Brennan, who was appointed by U.S. President to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) yesterday to hold accountable the U.S. Senate, which may cancel his appointment due to the controversy over campaign drones that were engineers.
In timing a coincidence or a deliberate maneuver conducted the hearing to Brennan in the Senate two days after the leaking of a confidential document belonging to the Ministry of Justice to justify lethal attacks against American abroad even targeted U.S. citizens.
When Obama's announcement a month before his choice, John Brennan «tireless» urged the Senate to approve the appointment «as soon as possible, at the head of the CIA window a central position in the field of national security.
But he took office installed on Brennan to win Senate Republican votes in the upper chamber, where does not have a Democratic president's allies of the majority needed to avoid obstruction of their opponents.
And participates John Brennan 57-year-old, including 25 in the CIA in the fight against al-Qaeda since the September 11, 2001 attacks. It works closely with Obama four years ago and was present at his side in the basement of the White House on an American commando squad killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
He was one of the experts' most efficient and respected in the field of intelligence and national security, it said Obama, who has already appointed a close adviser in the fight against terrorism.
Highlights of the most important projects in this position strikes program of unmanned aircraft, which was launched in 2004 during the presidency of George W. Bush, but often intensify during Obama's mandate.
And Brennan format «to the list of individuals targeted with death» belonging to al-Qaeda and oversaw the blows of drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.
When Brennan ran CIA activities in Saudi Arabia played a pivotal role in the negotiations with Riyadh in order to set up a secret base in the country to launch drone U.S. to fight al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a branch of the organization in Yemen.
This rule was used most notably in an attack in September 2011, which killed radical Imam Anwar al-Awlaki accused the U.S. to assume leadership tasks at the base along with other U.S. citizens.
While condemning the human rights organizations constantly this secret war committee will Senate Intelligence consideration by detail.
After a lengthy U.S. government refused to disclose any document administration official said Wednesday night that Obama will brief lawmakers on the secret documents.
The official said «Today, under the President's ongoing commitment to consult Congress in matters of national security, the President ordered the Ministry of Justice to provide the intelligence committees in Congress confidential documents belonging to the Office of Legal consulting closely related subject and the Ministry of Justice.
Warned a number of senators that they will use to install the appointment of Brennan and leverage to force the administration to share more information about the legal and constitutional justifications for the U.S. government killed its citizens.
He warned director of Amnesty International Zeke Johnson of it on the Intelligence Committee in the Senate to get accurate answers from John Brennan about the extent of his involvement in the torture and detention policies for Guantanamo open and bloody attacks from John trials.
In 2009 led his statements about the use of torture in the course of George W. Bush while he was involved in the interrogation program tightened to refrain from assigning the management of the CIA.
In case of obtaining the consent of the Senate will succeed Brennan, former General David Petraeus, who was forced to resign in November after the disclosure of his relationship outside his marriage with a writer of his autobiography.

Log two fighter روسيتين planes Japanese airspace

Capitals - and agencies - the Ministry of Defense announced entering Japanese fighter planes روسيتين Japanese airspace yesterday, saying it immediately sent four aircraft of the Japanese Air Force to ملاقاتها, Russia has denied that its fighter aircraft penetrated the Japanese airspace.
And entered aircraft Alrusitan the S model. U -27 for a few seconds to the Japanese airspace off the coast of the southern island of Hokkaido, in the process is the first of its kind in five years.
Encountered and the Japanese Foreign Ministry official protest to Russia.
The incident occurred a remote announcement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seeking to reach a «solution satisfactory to both parties to a dispute between the two countries on the southern Kuril Islands claimed by Tokyo and call them« Lands north.
Abe said in Tokyo in front of about two thousand people from the former residents of these islands and their families' resolutions remains unchanged is to do everything in my power to sign a peace treaty with Russia after the dissolution of this issue ».
The disputed Tokyo and Moscow four islands in the southern Kuril archipelago, which Japan calls the label «Lands north and annexed by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II. This dispute hinders peace deal.
In November 2010 the effects of Dmitry Medvedev, who was then president of Russia angered Japan after it has become the first Russian president, who is visiting the archipelago.
He described the then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan this visit as «unforgivable abuse.
In late December last Abe agreed far as prime minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin to revive negotiations for a peace agreement.
In a telephone interview, and Abe also agreed to visit Russia in 2013.