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Spanish newspaper: weak position of "Marina" due to the drop in the U.S. administration support for the Muslim Brotherhood .. Obama feared that appear adversely country to democracy .. And the decline of U.S. President for his proof of the success of the revolution June

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 19:59
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The newspaper "El Pais" Spanish that U.S. President Barack Obama returned in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi after criticism and attack on them from all the media, where saw the United States that it will lose a large part and whatever from Egypt are revolutionaries Egyptians who waved banners Photos Obama strikeout type them in red during their careers.

The "newspaper" that the U.S. administration at the beginning it was a support group and the President, because they maintain Israel's security and the security of Washington, but after deciding Egyptians end of that system, the resolution of the Muslim Brotherhood saw Obama it better back in his decision, and phoned to Anchorage asking him to respond to the demands of the demonstrators, fearing the image of the United States of America that show the opposite of democracy and respond to the demands of the people or they show Kdaama of the terrorists, and that this is a clear indication of the weakness of the president and the strength of the demonstrators.

She explained, "the newspaper" that the U.S. administration came under widespread criticism from foreign media and local support for the Muslim Brotherhood, although the political landscape as a whole confirms that they are losing, and that the desire of the Egyptian people in restoring the power of this group, and Marina, who lost his legitimacy, and the decline Obama's position Guide to the success of the revolution of June.

With reference to the back a little bit, she said, "El Pais" that Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism, adding that before he comes Anchorage to power, Obama said that the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, but today Vered continuance in power and supported significantly, noting that two weeks ago confirmed Ambassador American in Egypt to Patterson in a speech that there are deep doubts about the idea of ​​the protests, they see that Egypt needs stability to revitalize economic life, stressing that there will be another list of martyrs added to the list of martyrs of January.

The newspaper pointed out that millions of Egyptians demanding the departure of President Marina was a scene Tahrir Square, such as the January revolution 2011, and proved to the Egyptians that they are tired of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and promises of Anchorage, which did not achieve any of them, but it proved that the interests of the United States in the continued rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and supposed to meet the Anchorage request of the people and step down as met Mubarak asked the people and stepped down in January revolution 2011, pointing out that the Egyptians used to have high hopes and considered that Marina traitor to the revolution and the Egyptians, noting that the demonstrations yesterday enjoys the support of the majority of the Egyptian people any more than supporters of the revolution of January 2011.

She added that the popular rebellion confirmed that it has succeeded in getting 22 million signatures demanding Marsa go, and so according to the newspaper, Marsa lost its legitimacy, especially after the Egyptian people suffering from poor economic situation and the high unemployment rate and lack of gasoline.

The newspaper said that does not mean that the Marsa democratically elected president that سيصمت people in front of him, but in the event of failure, such as Marsa graduated demonstrations against him, and this happens in other democratic countries.

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