Monday, August 12, 2013

Leaked Memo: FEMA camps set to open in 2014

Leaked Memo: FEMA camps set to open in 2014

By Mike Ross

At least three FEMA camps in undisclosed locations, including one believed to be in Montana at the former site of a teenage boot-camp reform school, are set to open early next year, according to a memo leaked from the Department of Homeland Security. It is believed that anti-government activists who are believed to be a danger to society and classified by the federal government as psychologically unstable will be detained and transported to the camps without due process. The memo cited detainment of citizens like Brandon Raub last summer as establishing the authority to detain those who are perceived to be threats to the government and to sent them to these camps for evaluation and treatment.
Citizens who are deemed to be enemy combatants will be detained and sent to the camps, where allegedly they may be tried before special tribunals and in some instances could get sanctions up to and including the death penalty. Sources have claimed some of those 30,000 guillotines purchased by the federal government will be used at the FEMA camps for those detainees sentenced to the death penalty. A comment in one member defended the use of guillotines, noting it is “immediate and painless death and far more humane than death by a drone strike.”
Civil libertarians fear the Obama Administration will send political opponents, such as those who are against ObamaCare, to the camps, and note the “coincidence” that the camps open the same year as ObamaCare is fully implemented. One activist said, “Obama's giving you the choice of either taking the needle or taking the guillotine.”
Reportedly, Barack Obama had a dream about doing all these things, and then Michelle woke him up and said, Barack its time to get up your fruit salad for breakfast you have a lot of work to do today Mr. President, you have to give your “pretty good” speech today about creating jobs. Barack said, Michelle let me tell you about the crazy dream I had last night about opening those FEMA camps and sending all those right wing wackos, who hate us, away to have their heads checked...
Someone responded to one of these article on Gonzo Globe, and disbelieved it was satire, saying “they must publish these articles sometimes as satire, even though they're true, to prevent themselves from being sent to FEMA camps.” Are people that afraid of the government these days? If it's justified fear we have a problem, if it's unjustified fear than some of us have a problem.

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