Friday, August 9, 2013

CENT WHEN DOES OBAMA get to pick who would be the presidency of the Central Bank

Obama: Declaration of the name of the candidate for the presidency of the "Fed" in the fall

Seventh Day - 25 minutes ago
President Barack Obama said on Friday that Lawrence Summers and Janet Yellen both a high degree of efficiency of the Presidency of the Council of the Federal Reserve (Fed), but said he was considering other names for this position extreme importance. Obama told a press conference "Frankly, I think that Larry Summers and Janet Yellen candidates on a high degree of efficiency, there are other candidates on the high degree of efficiency also," he said, adding that the decision will be made in the autumn of this year. U.S. President said, that the selection of a candidate for the presidency of the Central Bank is certainly one of the most important economic decisions for the rest of ...

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