Monday, August 12, 2013

John McCain becomes Muslim, joins the Muslim Brotherhood

John McCain becomes Muslim, joins the Muslim Brotherhood

By Mike Ross

John McCain announced today at noon in a Washington D.C. press conference that he has converted to Islam and has joined the United States chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also challenged President Barack Obama to re-affirm his Muslim faith and follow his lead.
“Islam is the religion of peace, and the Muslim Brotherhood represents the faith very well,” McCain said, “and I challenge Barack Obama to also re-affirm his Muslim faith.” McCain pointed out that Obama grew up as a Muslim the first 11 years of his life, most of which he lived in Indonesia, and that the Muslim faith requires those who grew up as Muslims, as Obama did, to re-affirmed their Muslim faith and reconnect with the religion.
Congressman Keith Ellision (D-MN) and one of the few Muslims serving in Congress, welcomed McCain's announcement, and also said McCain is welcome to announce he will switch to the Democratic Party too.
Other Republicans in Washington D.C. refused to comments on McCain's announcement, and some refused to believe it. Senator Rand Paul asked, “is that another one of the parody stories from”
Once again, Senator Rand Paul would be correct.

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