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View Full Version: a special file: scandals and crimes of terrorist armed opposition in Syria (renewed)

View Full Version: a special file: scandals and crimes of terrorist armed opposition in Syria (renewed)

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Proof of Syria's Assad
11-12-2012, 07:56 PM
Identification card Colonel Qassem Saad Eddin, as defined by his comrades: He was making fun of the ears

Colonel Saad Eddin mouse Qasim was born in the city of Rastan, in 1966, married the daughter of his uncle, the father of eight children, five girls and three boys. There is no one of his sons educated, so their father in the dependent careers in life, and this is the most male children working in auto mechanics, كهربتها and repair .. His eldest daughter, married to a cousin of her father, a car mechanic.

Talking about his comrades in the service of science than Alzerafah, what do they say it?

Says his colleague Colonel (m. D): The Qassim Saad Eddin was serving us officer pilot in Nasiriyah in Rural Damascus, and was famous stolen for diesel and gasoline at the sight all officers and members was not one dared questioned because of his defense minister, former Mustafa Talas!
He adds (m. D): "It was Qasim known Pthtkh the and neglect of his family and members of his family, it seems to me is not his responsibility,

A volunteer individuals in the unit in which he served Saad Eddin told us by saying: "It was always with Colonel mouse Qasim four pawns Mvrgin to his (?!), And during the official working hours, wearing white robes and smoking a waterpipe!."

According to information "Phoenix" confirmed by Saad Eddin colleagues, he was riding a car Osuzu of pocket black Mvima, written on them from behind the phrase "Syria's Assad".

Like بسعد religion that the "how" (broken Kef and soothing ta) and likes "Alverwhh" and "rugs", he is not religious, and drink alcohol without reservation, and what distinguishes him from his mouse Riad Al-Assaad that the latter is a hypocrite in his claim religiosity and show chastity, what remains many of his colleagues joke how he performed Baltsals on the windows of neighbors in the housing officers near the village of Nasiriyah, this act outrageous was Yazdrah Saad Eddin and condemned, but all this did not prevent him to go most of his pension on Alnoraat in canteens Abu Qubeis and some prostitutes in شطحة both in the jungle Hama !

Provided (i. O) Ivhlk of when you reveal: Thtkh was troublesome is making fun of the ears that's what did not kiss him! Whenever he heard the ears of the speakers was a mockery of him and zooming way Nzkh, "adds submitted (i. Q):" I'm not religious but I never thought that أسخر of ears or أهزأ him, God forbid, although some loudspeakers in mosques and mosques.
Ridicule Saad Eddin adhan remember Syrians cursing Burhan Ghalioun first president of the Council of Brothers Istanbul to Mr. Prophet one day in the summer of 1966 was a milestone, then at a school in Homs was dismissed and punished on the back of that incident, and remember some of those who were يجالسون Antichrist Kilo of ears when he hears a يحيك sedition and backbite his friends in a cafe kindergarten Damascus (refrain "Phoenix" for Male insult uttered by Michel Kilo, when he heard the voice of the ears, as mentioned by our colleague, editor, out of respect for the ears and feelings of readers), however, does not find a quack Michel Kilo embarrassment from bidding on Islam Muslims across some Wahhabi satellite TV! To say that the common denominator among those kilo satellite - excluding interest - is hypocrisy and lying to the Muslims.

Saad Eddin established a relationship with the wife of a martyr Jaramana residents of the pilot, and after a while of time know her sister and wanted to marry her, came from her family for this purpose, parents فرفضه and drove him expelled evil, especially after the knowledge of his relationship with her widowed sister. Did not know Saad Eddin despair, particularly that his relationship with non-existent his first wife (his son, uncle and mother Sons), quickly established a relationship with an alternative with school teacher from Tel Mnyn did not abide it for so long that he married her, said that Rizk, including Bold, but did not confirm one that was يهمله It also neglected his children from his first wife or not.

The early summer of 2011 on the occasion of mourning one of his relatives Balrstn which had been known terrorism newly Sntmak, and in the tent cursing the state and allegedly threatened that he had a fifty thousand insurgents in Homs and its countryside, at the cursing of the state, a son and functionally, on the basis of his remarks existence fifty thousand armed mortgage reference and threatened the state of their own! A statement that contrasts with his status as an officer in the Syrian Arab Army, and the threat of being tried him to death! Was stopped for a short time in the Air Force Intelligence, to be launched some Hmerha released and returned to his job at the airport in Nasiriyah. Prison was once again before or after the incident Rastan on charges of violating public morality.

After leaving the "arrest" in the Air Force Intelligence and returning to his unit Nasiriyah, security remained a reservation walked it, was transferred on impact to conscience Airport, and there take a vacation and then is no longer beyond, that has become one of the "stars" of the satellite channels Al-Saud.

His problems with his first wife, chronicled a shadow over his relationship with his uncle's family, who gave their daughter a house in Rastan seized by the husband (formal) Kassem, what caused a sharp contrast between him and his cousin, his wife's brother (which is at the same time his cousin, naturally) .. There are reports that sources had put his hand on his grandfather's house and did Balrstn well as having defrauded the rest of the heirs.

Colonel wounded gunshot Afb army ambush him after his release from Hama, and the most common time that he died, but he did not die, He now resides in a high school Industrial Balrstn, and no one knows where it will be tomorrow ..
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-12-2012, 08:02 PM
A new batch of Palestinian fighters to Syria

The newspaper "news" that a new batch of Palestinian fighters came out of the camps in Beirut to Syria, they have contacted their families after they arrived in the Turkish territory, according to the newspaper.
It should be noted that the number of those who came out of the Burj Barajneh camp reached 12 fighters.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-12-2012, 08:05 PM
Comment on the latest news

Less Mayocef him that human tragedy right now to kill us we Syrian Arab Muslims and Jihad is entering its paradise while their land is occupied for more than 60 years by the point people at all without controversy in this did not intervene for her finger did not take them diet to fight the Israeli and kill a murderer grandparents in While we are their supporters has become their diet to kill us

Is there one wants to argue that we are not at the time of the Antichrist and those recruited?!!!
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-12-2012, 08:45 PM
Terrorists assassinated the director of the industrial city Organization chart

In the context of targeting of cadres and national expertise and competencies armed terrorist group assassinated today Khalid Saad Azzedine Director Organization chart industrial city in the province of Homs and engineer Joseph Talas and their driver. SANA reported that terrorists Trsdoa the engineer Izz al-Din and his and opened fire on them near a fuel station Kadesh, which led to the martyrdom on the spot.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-13-2012, 07:24 PM
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch call for the Syrian opposition to stop violations of its gunmen

Demanded all of my organization Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on Tuesday Alhakoukatin "coalition of the Syrian opposition" to work to stop the "abuses" committed by some of its fighters, and as a top priority.

According to Human Rights Watch, the New York-based, it should be on the front of the new Syrian opposition "to send a clear message to opposition fighters that they must abide by the laws of war and international law of human rights, to hold accountable those responsible for violations."

She said in a statement that "States financed opposition groups or provide them with weapons to send a strong message to the opposition that it expects them to comply fully committed to comply with international human rights and international humanitarian law."

The Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization "must be terminated violations of the elements of the armed opposition of the priorities of the new coalition, and must undertake coalition publicly protection of international standards and review of the armed groups of any violations by the granting of arms. And hold accountable the perpetrators of the violations."

And documented by Human Rights Watch and more than 12 executions "extrajudicial and summary executions without due process of law sound at the hands of opposition fighters, as well as acts of torture and ill-treatment in detention facilities run by the opposition," according to the statement.

The human rights organization stressed the need for "treatment of all detainees by the Free Syrian Army and other opposition forces - including members of the Syrian security forces and Shabiha - are treated humanely in accordance with international humanitarian law and human rights standards."

In turn, stressed Amnesty International, in London, the need for the new composition "to monitor and prevent violations practiced by some opposition groups in violation of human rights."

The organization demanded in a separate statement, the opposition "develop mechanisms to monitor the method of disposal of the armed opposition groups to avoid any prosecution of war crimes and violations."

She added: "combatants on all sides know they can not impunity under the pretext of compliance orders and account Sitalhm on their actions."

Has announced the formation of the coalition on Sunday after a meeting of the Parties to the Syrian opposition in the Qatari capital, Doha, after international pressure brought to bear on the two communities.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-13-2012, 07:30 PM
2.5 million Syrians are displaced within Syria due to the entry of the army free their areas

Said Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) الثلاثاء November 13, citing Syrian Arab Red Crescent in the press briefing that the number of displaced Syrians inside reached 2.5 million people, equivalent to Dgv figure who was known in the past, which is 1.2 million people.

Fleming said: "According to estimates by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent total number of displaced people inside 2.5 Syrian people." At the same time, Fleming pointed out that it is difficult to count the exact real number of internally displaced people, since only 5% of Syrians who left their homes to live in public buildings, while 95% of people living with relatives, and in the installations of the Syrian state.

The United Nations had reported earlier that a similar number (2.5 million people) in Syria in need of assistance, that this figure could rise by the end of the year to 4 million people in the case if it continues the development of the situation in accordance with the current scenario.

This, and the data issued today by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the number of Syrian refugees who have found shelter in neighboring countries - Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq - has reached 407 thousand people.

The population of Syria before the outbreak of the crisis in the country amounted to 20.0008 million thousand people, note that most of the displaced from border areas have been displaced inside Syria, where hundreds of thousands of residents of Daraa now reside in Alsodia and Damascus, as well as hundreds of thousands of people of Homs and Idlib in Tartous Aleppo, Latakia, which was stable for displaced people of Idlib, a lot of children displaced from areas of armed gangs spread to other areas, and others have moved to tenderness
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-14-2012, 02:00 AM
Free Army gangs burned dozens of bodies of fighters from the Afghans, Moroccans and Libyans within the hospital

Terrorists of the guerrilla army free to burn the bodies of their dead and Moroccan nationalities Afghani Yibah, and after assembled in the center of obstetrics in the last natural Street, April 7 in الديابية area in Rural Damascus and then set fire to the status of Obstetrics and dozens of bodies that have been developed inside.

And mentions that it is not the first time that the army free gangs burned the bodies of foreign fighters, in an attempt to hide the effects of external interference, note that the Australian newspaper previously talked about the killing of more than 35 thousand non-Syrian fighters in the ranks of the army free gangs.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-14-2012, 02:02 AM
Secrets of the final hours of the Doha meeting ... Qatar house arrest imposed on dissidents

Sources Syrian opposition participated in the Doha meeting information that talked about the pressure diagonal Morse on Syrian dissidents in the Doha meeting to sign the coalition the new exhibition, as an alternative to the Syrian National Council, which is described by some sources that the implementation of the transliteration of the agenda of the U.S., which called on the lips of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to rewrite a new framework for the Syrian opposition after the failure of the experience of the National Council, and this is translated at the beginning of meetings of the Doha threat that the President of the government of Qatar, Hamad Bin Jassim opponents gathered and went to them, saying, "Either تتفقوا among yourselves or Tqlkm plane to Damascus immediately."
In this context, informed sources revealed in the Syrian opposition "unveil the secrets of the final hours of negotiations and discussions marathon that took place between أقطابها in Doha, before reaching the signing of the agreement on the formation of body politician her uniform, under the name of" National Coalition for the strong revolution and the Syrian opposition, " noting that "the imposition of what it's like house arrest the leaders of the opposition, where conference organizers told them Qataris: will not you leave before you sign, was exerting tremendous pressure, even opponents succeeded in the end to reach the signing of the agreement."
She pointed out that "discussions continued on the evening of Saturday inside the hall closed, even before dawn on Sunday," pointing out that "the representatives of the United States and European countries supporting the United Arab Emirates, as well as the country, of course, they were watching the meetings in Doha, close-up, until it was signing of the agreement on Sunday evening. "
She sources the Syrian opposition for "the cause of the absence of a representative of Egypt to follow the meetings," asserting that "there is a state of uncertainty as to whether the Western powers in support of the agreement will fulfill their promises to provide weapons quality sophisticated FSA exhibitions to meet the regular forces, especially that there are no guarantees conclusive confirms this happens. "
The sources revealed that "one of the main points of contention witnessed meetings between the National Council headed by George Sabra and the initiative headed by Riad Seif, is the question of arming the Syrian opposition, which insisted the National Council on the existence of specific guarantees in the case of joining the agreement, to get the army free on sophisticated weapons from the West, especially that the Council has already received many promises that Western countries, but they have not been implemented. "
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-14-2012, 01:51 PM
Secrets terrorist bombing in the yard of the bride mountain in Mezze 86

We'll show you some secrets Square bombing bride mount بالمزة mount 86: the bombing did not have one person doing but they were several people in the reconstruction can not doubt them that they are terrorists bombing
One of the terrorists a 16-year-old
And the other 21 years
And the third, who has been captured a 35-year-old and his 3 Iraqi women sex
The two terrorists who actually did the bombing were important close to the blasting area
They blast but not رشدهما these things did not know that the fragments will reach them
Blew up the car remotely and specifically at one of the sub-Aldkhlat hidden overlooking the arena of the hospital Asadi
Car bomb was detonated but shrapnel struck a terrorist 16 years
But the other terrorist was immediately drag it to the car
Encamped on the park, which is located near the hospital Asadi and passed on the street in front of the tower followed by the next French garden hand
One of the elements located there escorts stopped traffic and was able to distinguish the blood that fills the body of the terrorist was small despite large speed that was driving by the other terrorist who did not stop with other cars
News patrols keeping forces to the system through several seconds the closure of the road and the arrest of both terrorists to be interrogated to the Political Security Branch
After several minutes of this episode, and while most people were too busy to go to the site of the blast infiltration 3 snipers terrorists on the roofs of buildings in sorties (as you like) and they try to hunt for cars passers and they were trying to hunt for luxury cars for the attempted assassination of one of the officials Lolo (Chlev)
Been cut all the roads by the existing security elements and the elements of the fight against terrorism immediately and within a matter of minutes the arrest of the three terrorists snipers
Most of all we must not rush immediately to the scene of the blasts when it falls bombing is not a real event, but after the bombing (snipers) is the most prominent event even managed to control the infiltration of terrorism streets quickly to Mezze
Thus infiltrate terrorists
The third terrorist who has been captured while ago on the grounds that the perpetrators of the bombing has been supervisor of years it has been shed to catch him after terrorists recognition الذان been arrested them before

Mezze mnn News Network
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-18-2012, 10:11 AM
Terrorist bombing hits the Mezze district of Damascus

A huge explosion in the Mezze district, and heard across the Syrian capital of Damascus, and found that the bombing is a bomb was planted near the car park Avant-garde in the area of ​​Mezze in Damascus resulted in material damage to the place, and the burning of more than a dozen cars of place, and has rushed Fire trucks to the scene of the explosion, ambulances and imposed a device competent gasket in place.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 07:50 PM
Erdogan ignores Strip and seeks to overthrow the 'stages'

Warned a member of parliament Abdul Wahid Razzouk during yesterday's meeting that the fall of the city «stages» Idleb which he described as «Strip II» means the establishment of a buffer zone, stressing that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to pay 186 million U.S. dollars for the Front victory against the occupation Castle stages, taking on the competent authorities what Ptgosairha described in saving the 'stages' of 'terrorists' crimes, and lifting the siege imposed on it months ago, warning of a humanitarian disaster threatens the city where he reached the living conditions unbearable limit.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 07:51 PM
Idlib: terrorists dawn today two explosive devices on Idlib Almsthomh road busy with traffic and cars without Tesfra about casualties or injuries.
And maintaining source said that the terrorist act resulted in the occurrence of material damage in two cars during مرورهما and material damage in place.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 07:52 PM
Damascus: mortar shells fell on Mezze one area fell to the Regional Center for Early Childhood Development and the other did not explode Galaa garden exploded without damage
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 07:53 PM
Terrorists blow up a bomb in front of the Central Bank of Hasakah result in the death of a child and her mother injured
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 08:23 PM
Terrorists assassinated Director for the Nabek and four police officers on their way to work

In a targeted framework for national cadres and competencies terrorists assassinated morning Director Nabek Zone Brigadier Abdullah الدرعاوي, and four policemen were with him during his way from his home to his office in the city.

According to a police source in the leadership of Damascus that armed terrorist group ambushed an armed Dean and his companions within the city Nabek and shot them directly led to the martyrdom on the spot.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 09:14 PM
Free Army executed media activists criticized the mistakes of the revolution

Confirmed the news spread in Aleppo, a militia army free days before the execution of one of the first media activists in the city after a secret trial (fatwa) obtained one of its leaders.

A source in the buffy Armor Brigade, Muhammad Khalid was executed by firing squad, several of the legitimacy of the trial, because it offended the triumphant march of our revolution, and the acts of banditry and looting and theft. "
He explained sources "Zaman, chaos and laxity due of abusive المندسة elements at the heart of our revolution is over, we will hit with an iron fist all those who contributed to distorting the revolution of the system service Asadi Magi Alravdi Communist crusader," as he put it.
And about that the death penalty is too severe for the offense of theft, the source said: "We can not cut the hands of thieves at this stage, and the penalty bullied thieves and robbers, in the case of Mohammad Al-Khalid accompany offense of theft with the abuse of the revolution and abuse of the revolution more dangerous than theft and looting, punishable by death . "
For his part, an activist close to the immortal who asked not to be named, Arabic Press, "The martyr Mohammad Al-Khalid did not steal did not spoil these fabrications named Ahmed Shamma battalion commander tiger in the banner shield the north, has been a martyr immortal tongue lashing on the errors committed in the name of the revolution and has repeatedly accused Ahmed Shamma that steals and abuses of the revolution, so he tattooed Baklth after buying edema a prosecutor chiefdom فأفتى him to kill martyr. "
activist associated with the relationship of friendship with the immortal for many years emphasized that "the immortal brave who said no to the system time Ahmed was tattooed provides information for the security of all people. "
and Mohammad Al-Khalid is the Islamic activist was frequented for many years to collector العادلية in Aleppo, and took the camera demonstrations and participated in the first demonstration in the neighborhood of iron door with the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested and released after writing vowed after the breach of the law.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-19-2012, 09:33 PM
Turkish media reveals massacre major committed by gangs of "Free Army" in the town "Ras al-Ain," the Syrian criminals and their associates from guerrilla army free they make with the Turkish intelligence to the abduction of seventy military and police officers and civilian staff, and kill them collectively on the tenth of this month revealed the Turkish media day for the massacre major executed militants gangs "Free Army" in the town "Ras al-Ain," the Syrian province of Hasaka on the tenth of the month. was "Free Army" according to media sources and intelligence Turkish, lured interference Turkey in Ras al-Ain on the tenth of this month, where nearly three Thousands of armed gangs "Free Army" attack on the headquarters of the police and security political and government departments other civilian and the abduction of more than seventy policeman and an element of keeping the system, as well as civilian staff, before being taken to a building and then shoot them and kill them all, and then take them to A mass grave has been prepared for them by bulldozer quickly while the Turkish flag was fluttering their closeness. newspaper "Hurriyet" published on its Turkish a Mojtzea strip depicts the latter part of the massacre, any transfer bodies المغدورين and buried. And appears in the tape a dogs criminals claiming that these "soldiers of Assad who were killed in Ras al-Ain," as if they were killed in clashes battleship! However, when you search, we discover that the channel "Star TV" Turkish private and the opposition was the first to broadcast the tape in full, show where the process since its inception, when gunmen raided the official premises and the abduction of المغدورين Guelleh and insidious, before bring them to one of the buildings blindfolded with their hands behind their heads, and then shoot them collectively inside the building, before being transported in a car truck مكدسين over each other to the mass grave, which was The bulldozer drilled them. except that the channel, and as we know, the tape delete their location after it received a warning and a threat of gangs "Free Army" and the Muslim Brotherhood and other destinations in the Syrian opposition, what actually paid to delete their location!

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-20-2012, 04:38 PM
Killing 3 people and injuring 6 others detonated an explosive device بميكروباص Bakdsaa terrorists are targeting the area Mezze 4-mortar blew terrorists bomb بميكروباص passengers on line analgesic Republican Guard in Qudsaya Rural Damascus which led to the death of three people and wounding six others have also been targeted by terrorists this morning neighborhoods in the area of Mezze in Damascus mortar, which led to serious material damage in the place without casualties or injuries among citizens. where he was terrorists four mortar shells landed near the Arab Cultural Center بالمزة and the Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care and Farabi Street and Park Galaa what led to the occurrence of damage in places where they fell.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:08 PM
9 martyrs in Aleppo massacre committed a terrorist group yesterday, the right two families Mkontin the massacre of 9 people in the Marjah district of Aleppo and has filmed for broadcast on channel partner in the crime of shedding blood to accuse the Syrian army. An official source that members of the terrorist group led by terrorist Solomon Hamdeya nicknamed "Abu Sheikh assassin" stormed the house of Abdul Rahman Aljalilati and opened fire on him and his entire family consisting of two sons and a wife. source added that the terrorists stormed also the home of Abdul Majid Aljalilati They بتصفيته with his children and his wife and three residents of the neighborhood reported that the terrorists have filmed the massacre and the effects of vandalism that his successors behind in the houses to be sent on what seems to channel partners in the crime of shedding blood to accuse the Syrian army.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:19 PM
Al-Akhbar Lebanese: a group of Fatah al-Islam, a branch of al-Qaeda in Lebanon returned to him after his participation in the fighting in Syria. newspaper said he returned from Syria, "some of the Palestinian fighters who came out of Beirut camps to fight alongside the Syrian opposition." Some of them said that the reason for their return is linked being subjected to fire them from their colleagues in groups the Syrian armed ديرالزور. Street Cinema Fouad competent authorities eliminate armed terrorist group has taken the basement furnace contrast for Shining Ebadi shops based in and kill and infect Addkber them

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:27 PM
Urgent Damascus envoy: Finding headquarters to Muslkhh gangs dedicated to torture Moatnsn of an abandoned building near the Town Center building on the highway to Damascus - Daraa
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:30 PM
Source field in stages for TV News: 150 wounded in the neighborhood of Tarma since the beginning of the siege of the neighborhood, and until Wednesday, except those who were slightly injured and تماثلوا to healing
Source: Most of the wounded were in serious condition and need for surgery as a result of their injuries by shrapnel in the limbs, and some of them wounded Lead bullets are not taken out as a result of the lack of medication and therapy tools Source: Insurgents rejected injured output of civilians, and threatened to capture all of the out of the neighborhood before the surrender of everyone
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:31 PM
Al-Akhbar Lebanese: a group of Fatah al-Islam, a branch of al-Qaeda in Lebanon returned to him after his participation in the fighting in Syria. newspaper said he returned from Syria, "some of the Palestinian fighters who came out of Beirut camps to fight alongside the Syrian opposition." Some of them said that the reason for their return is linked being subjected to fire them from their colleagues in the Syrian armed groups

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-21-2012, 04:38 PM
Lebanese army to stop the most prominent accused of facilitating the entry of terrorists into Syria confirmed the newspaper "Republic", citing senior security sources said that the Intelligence Directorate in the Lebanese army was able to arrest Khalil Ahmad Alpopo, a native of Sidon, on charges of belonging to the organization of the "Fatah al-Islam", has already been Stop Alpopo in 2006 on charges of terrorism and the attack on the Lebanese army barracks Fakhr al-Din, and jailed for five years before being released. shows that Alpopo the relationship as "Abu Obeida" and "Abu palaces", who was killed in Syria, also helped "Abu Shoaib" Algerian (Faisal mental) to escape from Roumieh prison finally enter Syria to join the battalion "Farouk" to train and fight in Syria. And Aotmr Alpopo directly from Osama Shehabi who was appointed by the organization, "Fatah al-Islam" to succeed Amira Previous Abdul Rahman Awad after he was killed by army intelligence in an ambush in Chtaura last year, followed by the death of one of the leaders of "Jund al-Sham" inside the camp, Abu Ramiz السحمراني. " sources confirmed that the confessions Alpopo showed that Shihabi is who masterminded and oversaw the attempted assassination of the commander of the armed struggle Palestinian Colonel Mahmoud Issa, nicknamed "اللينو", and the battles that took place between the fighters of the "open" and the foci and the remnants of "Jund al-Sham" and "Fatah al-Islam" because it and its components متضررون of reconciliation between the "open "and" Hamas "in Cairo, and improve the relationship between the Lebanese state and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, has already Shihabi was appointed Alpopo responsible for the" mujahideen "for smuggled from Lebanon to Syria. revealed information that the Directorate of Intelligence has named Ali emigrated nicknamed "Abu Jaafar" on charges of belonging to "Fatah al-Islam", and highlighted the tasks entrusted to him to facilitate the passage of Islamists to inside Syria, which is easy in this context, the passage of a certain Isaac Ibrahim Muhammad, Norwegian nationality and Iraqi assets, a brother Mohiuddin Mohammed associated with "Al Qaeda" in the Arabian Peninsula .

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-22-2012, 04:11 PM
Edit 7 civilians were abducted by armed groups since a month and a half and they (the child benefit-Abdul Mohammed masculine - Farhan Hassan hilarious - Thaer Attia Mohaimeed - Mahmoud Omar Ahmad - Ammar Mohammed Salem Age - Mohamed Atallah immortal - Turkish Ahmad Khuzam)
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-22-2012, 04:15 PM
Found competent authorities yesterday morning, on the Third Decade of the woman she was assassinated, throwing her body on March 8 Street near the hospital in kind, and there is a particular bullet left
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-22-2012, 04:16 PM
A source at the police headquarters for «home» Gunmen Bmsdsin warheads were dressed in civilian clothes negatively citizen of his car in the neighborhood «South barracks» where he lives, adding that a group of four masked gunmen kidnapped a citizen of another سلبته his own car near the factory tires on the main road Hama peaceful. It also robbed two militant groups closed car belonging to a company Alhokayeva for the footwear industry, on the junction village Suedh Bank, and other citizen happiest rare near agricultural land west of Bseren village
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-22-2012, 04:19 PM
Bassam Judge: $ 60 billion for the reconstruction of Syria after the overthrow of the regime and the state and the people and the nation ..
Thus says the "Partnership Conference to invest in Syria's future," which was held in Dubai on Wednesday .. Do you know now why, since the beginning of terrorism in Syria, aimed at all what he can of infrastructure?! Did you know now why corrupt dirty and criminals Atzmon as "businessmen" Kfras Talas (for example but not limited to) was found adhering to the "Syrian Revolution decadent" new hope in more corruption and looting?! Do I knew now why do what you do hyenas Alakhunjah and Wahhabism الصهيونيتين, and both are driven by "businessmen" Atjaron this world and the other, the Earth and Heaven

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-22-2012, 04:51 PM
Jordanian terrorist killed in الديابية clashed units of our armed forces with a terrorist group was terrorizing citizens and infringe on their property in the town الديابية, Rural Damascus. An official source said that the clash resulted in the deaths of a number of mercenary terrorists, including non-Syrian nationalities. The official source added that he knew of the terrorists killed Muhammad Fahid called Ahmed, a Jordanian national, known as Abu Ali.

11-22-2012, 10:11 PM
Damascus, killing one person and wounding others opened fire on the edge of a passenger .. terrorists blow up an explosive device in housing Barzeh cited person and others injured on Thursday opened fire on a passenger bus in the Syrian capital Damascus. said a local source in Damascus told United Press International, said that an armed group fired fire on a passenger bus in the area of garages Abbasids at the end of Highway infection in the capital, Damascus. stated that people were killed inside the bus were injured a number of other passengers. terrorists blow up an explosive device in housing Barzeh and blew terrorists bomb planted inside a private car near the lounge PE consumer housing Barzeh, injuring the driver seriously injured and material damage in the place. reported SANA delegate to the place that led to the bombing and material damage in the based Consumer hall and damaged cars in place.


(Thursday 2012/11/22 SyriaNow),
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-23-2012, 08:56 AM
The assassination of journalist Basel Tawfiq Yousef neighborhood solidarity and 3 mortar shells fall in the area of mezze morning, the armed group killed journalist at the Public Authority for Radio and Television Syrian Basel Tawfiq Yousef. The news agency SANA said in the context of targeting the National Information, assassinated by an armed terrorist group fellow at the Public Authority for Radio and Television journalist and human rights Basel Tawfiq Yousef in the neighborhood of solidarity in Damascus. On the other hand targeted by terrorists this morning, three mortar shells at the Mezze, injuring an elderly woman injured and material damage in one of the apartments. , one of the shells fell on a residential building next to Akram Mosque on the highway Mezze and led to a woman injured in addition to considerable material damage as a result of a fire in the house. The shell landed another residential house in the area / meze villas east / and caused material damage in the building. as a shell hit school, "Abdul Rahman Ambassrgelana" for basic education in Mezze without expectation victims or injuries where limited to materialism. called on the Minister of Education, Dr Hezwan geese family education in the school during his inspection place the fall of the shell to the need to reassure students and their families. pointed minister geese that "these terrorist acts aimed at destabilizing the security of citizens and scare them to prevent them from sending their children to school," stressing that "these criminal acts will not deter based on the educational process for follow-up the performance of their functions and duties to ensure the continuation of the educational process in all the provinces. "

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-23-2012, 08:57 AM
Terrorists blow up an explosive device in Barzeh housing and terrorists detonated an explosive device planted inside a private car near the General Organization for Consumer lounge in Barzeh what housing has led to the driver seriously injured and material damage in place.
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-23-2012, 01:43 PM
Reporter "Sama" in Deir ez-Zor: Two groups are terrorists Tertakban terrible crime against four citizens and تقومان photographed their bodies to be sent to the stations tendentious to accuse the army to kill the terrorist group named "كتبية raid" and the terrorist group named "battalion Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib" ارتكبتا crime against the citizens of the four because they refused to Post terrorists acts of murder and sabotage, intimidation

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-23-2012, 01:45 PM
News correspondent in Idlib: competent authorities thwarted attempt to blow up a car bomb in the city of Idlib near Jericho roundabout and arrest the suicide bomber
11-24-2012, 01:51 AM
The terrorists assassinated media Basil Joseph 23/11/2012 player_embedded & v = Unkc0Wm34Ks the

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-24-2012, 01:09 PM
Terrorists affiliated to al-Qaeda assassinate the citizen "Ali Turki behind" in Ahoiqh area bridge Durra in Deir al-Zour
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-24-2012, 08:04 PM
Idlib: targeted terrorists today fire their weapons citizens and traders in the vegetable market in the city of Jericho Brive Idlib what led to the death of a woman and wounded her son injured.
According to a source in the county that terrorists belonging to al-Qaeda fired randomly inside the vegetable market which is witnessing the busiest remarkable traders and farmers what , killing a mother and injuring her son was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital city for treatment. assured the people that this terrorist act intended to terrorize the residents, farmers, and the pressure on them to force them to leave their fields and their crops and depriving them of the main source of livelihood for their families.
mohammad dawood
11-24-2012, 08:09 PM
To malignant Erdogan say the game is over, and Syria Assad triumphed, and the time came Account
Proof of Syria's Assad
11-24-2012, 08:10 PM
Death of a spy Tunisian citizenship in Syria killed spy Tunisian named Aida bin Omar in Raqqa a spy working for Saudi intelligence, and has large movements Wahhabism. has been known Aida recently where began to appear accompanied by armed gangs and al-Qaeda films YouTube and toured with them in Aleppo and its countryside and countryside of Idlib . residents of the Ariana was since in Yemen and met the son of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ohmth as president of press global and extracted imminent monetary value of 100 thousand dollars on the back of an interview with his father and when he began to doubt the smuggled from Yemen. married to a rebel NATO Libyans, a businessman from Misrata, then went to Turkey and divorced from a man Libyan businessman and married activist brothers and became well-known among Arab intelligence networks Islamic in the region as a press briefing, and began to escort terrorists into Syria, affiliated to the so-called "Free Army", but Soon they were killed by members of the "jihad" extremist was seeking to extend its control over the cities instead of the gangs of "free" that has been filtered since a few days after the discovery of her.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-25-2012, 06:50 PM
National Exhibition wrote Bassam judge the, you know, this traitor? It Suhair Atassi .. and this Picture Special Provaylha .. It prove all Cefaqtha the usual cheating explicit and public, and participation in armed terrorism operation inside Syrian territory .. but she, and her colleagues from قضماني to Falihan

..More dangerous than the armed terrorists and more terrorism and Ahra and betrayal. They carry weapons here, which is gathering money and weapons, hyenas, conspire with French intelligence, Turkish, American and Zionist ..
they kill people shot dead, a kill and tons betraying and secured Msltzmat terrorize and bring more mutants killers to Syria and work day and night to ensure the overthrow of Syria and occupied by troops NATO under the name of "overthrow the regime" .. Will come out of Ejor as in the "freedom of opinion?" If you, it's freedom of opinion to say: champion of putting in her head, and their heads, bullets rid the earth of Ajriham and betrayal .. victory to Syria, and death to terrorists traitors.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-25-2012, 07:28 PM
More than a million pieces of weapons entered Lebanon was sold to terrorists in Syria, confirmed the newspaper "home" Lebanese, quoting security sources, especially as those responsible for the port of Tripoli paid with $ 50 thousand dollars for each container weapon on the basis of not being inspected or open container. achieves arms dealers in Lebanon and wealth weapon comes from Ukraine and Libya, and the container is loaded into trucks Lebanese, where you go to the Mafia to carry arms dealers for marketing in all of Lebanon. They are making a very large profit. Valmsds which the price was $ 1000, are now sell $ 3 thousand, and a piece of Kalashnikovs are now selling them b $ 2000. The price of a million rounds of shots Kalashnikov is one hundred thousand dollars. The launcher "R. B. G" price of $ 1500 after it was priced at $ 500. arms and pass easily through the vessels reach the port of Tripoli, Beirut and Sidon. According to statistics observers, it was introduced more than a million and a half million pieces of weapons to Lebanon, has been sold to the armed Syrians in Syria, who are in need of 300 thousand pieces of weapons, and to about 4 million rounds of rifle at the moment and are speeding.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-25-2012, 07:30 PM
"Future Movement" pays a monthly stipend to the families of terrorists who are fighting in Syria indicated media sources to destinations fundamentalist Salafi Lebanese admitted into about five hundred armed from northern Lebanon to Syria, and that this number is one of the batches several intervention to participate in the implementation of the operations of armed terrorist them to by armed terrorist groups. newspaper, "home" for a future stream funding those militants who was arrested ten of them and was in possession of each and every one of them $ 500 confirmed that there is somebody pay a monthly stipend for their families in Lebanon during the fighting in Syria. She said: The number of people who entered from northern Lebanon to Homs, Hama and Aleppo reached four thousand armed, who are described as Salafists and fundamentalists on the basis of the establishment of an Islamic emirate along the lines of the emirate, which established in Iraq, the leader of al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The newspaper added: officials Salafis confirmed that Alkhmsmih fighters who entered Syria recently to make up the sixth installment Selhgaha other payments to intervention across the border with Lebanon.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-25-2012, 09:41 PM
Free Army take revenge on the perpetrators of the bombing of Tel Aviv Guerilla confirmed leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Anwar Raja, said after the strike painful sent by the battalion Martyr Jihad Jibril, a subsidiary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in the "Tel Aviv", attacked the terrorist groups of guerrilla army free, This morning, camp basil in Damascus, which is a camp, "General Command" scattered in the countryside of Damascus, and so at the behest of the Mossad. added Raja told a television, that "the terrorist group armed still continue to attack and siege of the camp and try to break into, and in the context of targeting Open to NATO resistance and a clear expression of command operations issued by the intelligence services, "Israel" in retaliation for the Popular Front due to its distinctive in preventing implicate the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria in the current crisis, after enabling the front of the neutralization of the camps across the People's Committees located where private Yarmouk camp " . stressed Raja, that "enables the Popular Front of direct blow to the Zionist enemy in the" Tel Aviv "through the process carried out by a كتائبه led him to such an act by paying these armed terrorist groups to carry out their plans to attack camps front." he said, "could not the Zionist enemy from a direct response on the front of this and considering that he has cooks and tools ready for you on his behalf, he took refuge in the early morning of this day to the attack on the camp basil content in the East Gouta of Damascus, note that the camp last out for more than 30 years, Thousands of guerrillas and members of the youth of Palestinians who have carried out a special quality, a process aircraft legitimacy during the first Palestinian uprising in 1987. " He Raja, that "targeting camps Front hurt in the context of targeting the overall axis of resistance and the role of Syria resistor in order to push it to cut ties or to turn back to the resistance factions, "noting that" the front divided camps in the countryside of Damascus in the heart of the mountains as well as tunnels located in the heart of the mountains has already been to the Zionist enemy to target those sites, as happened in the aggression against Ein Saheb site. "

11-25-2012, 10:43 PM
Death of the terrorist Abdul-Malik statistical elements of al-Qaeda .. Saudi nationality Idlib - killing the terrorist Abdul-Malik statistical elements of al-Qaeda in the city of Idlib, a Saudi citizenship moved from Afghanistan to Syria to fight for the so-called B Free Army against the people and the Syrian Arab Army. http: / / (Sunday 2012/11/25 SyriaNow) New

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-27-2012, 07:24 PM
Parliamentary Yemen: Al-Qaeda in Yemen fighting Syria confirmed Ahmed Saif Hashed member of the Yemeni Parliament that elements of al-Qaeda in Yemen have traveled to Syria to fight alongside the armed groups and some clerics sent some young Yemeni there for ten thousand dollars for each one . told a rally: "A number quite a few belonging to the base in Abyan had gone to fight in Syria, based on an agreement between the Yemeni authorities and al-Qaeda Lakettterc base of the Army and the People's Committees areas controlled by the Zanzibar and Jaar and Shakra and other areas in Abyan province against the deportation of many elements to fight in Syria with the so-called (Free Army). " and pointed out the Parliamentary Yemen that what confirms go Yemenis to Syria to fight with the armed terrorist groups killed and captured and wounded a number of them out there. added: It is common that many have gone to fight in Syria, and was behind deported elders, clerics and influential and that the number who have gone on quite a few and there received a carry-on per capita five thousand dollars and sometimes ten thousand

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-27-2012, 08:09 PM
Terrorist group headed by Khaldah Lebanese to fight in Syria, confirmed the newspaper "News" Lebanese that a fighter Khaldah left Lebanon to Syria to fight alongside the armed terrorist groups. , the newspaper said he left two weeks ago, a group of four individuals are Palestinians and Lebanese from the area of Huldah, the head (h. g) to join the ranks of the Syrian armed opposition. And the people of one of the two young men were found on the commandment of their son and personal collection of photos to be published in the event of his death in the ongoing clashes in Syria!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
11-27-2012, 08:10 PM
A list of 18 nationalities participated in the fighting against the Syrian newspaper homeland Syria a list of the names of 142 militants of the so-called Free Syrian Army, have been killed in Syria over the past months belong to 18 countries, including 47 Saudis and 6 Qataris and 5 Turks, adding that the list does not include the names of foreign fighters who are burning their bodies by insurgents. The newspaper reported that these regulations are regulations made ​​by the Syrian mission, UN Security Council last month, and stresses the affiliation of the gunmen to 18 countries, including 47 Saudis and 24 Libya, 10 Tunisians, in addition to the 9 Egyptians and 6 Qataris and 5 for the Lebanese. also includes Regulation 11 Afghans and 5 Turks and 3 Chechens and Azerbaijanis and Chadian one. According to the regulation, the majority of these militants were killed in the provinces of Aleppo and its countryside, Homs, Idlib and Deir al-Zour and Hasakah. and the majority of those killed were liquidated during the past month and the first half of the month

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-01-2012, 08:42 PM
About expose the alliance and Washington and "down" to sabotage the countries in the region, including Syria Khabrat and armies of America plans to wreak havoc and chaos throughout the world under the banner of the fight against terrorism through the publication of al-Qaeda and then chased and taken an excuse for military intervention affairs of countries have started the United States to talk about the possibility of declare an end to the war on al-Qaeda. quoted "AFP" for J. Johnson, General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Defense as saying that the United States prepare for the time will not be in it at war with al-Qaeda launched by former President George Bush and ending with the federal authorities granted after 11 attacks September 2001. According to specialists affairs strategic, the United States paved the way for the withdrawal from the war against al-Qaeda politically by calling for a dialogue with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the approach of political Islam in the Arab region and polishing his image also attended this for the withdrawal of intelligence and security by saying they had killed the organization's leader, Osama bin Laden, asserting that the withdrawal in these circumstances where a surge in activity regulation indicate that Washington's goal was never eliminate it, but its publication to be a factor of sabotage and destruction in countries where The argument is ready to enter the U.S. at any time. Going back to Johnson, he said in a speech in Oxford Britain published the Pentagon guaranteed that with the entry of the conflict with al-Qaeda its second century we also have to wonder how it will end this conflict and I think that in the current situation we'll get to the point of minutes is then the leaders and cadres of al-Qaeda killed or captured and can not then attempt to launch or launch a major attack on the United States and the organization has been destroyed already. In an attempt to leave the door open to new interventions or other wars Johnson said we have to be able to say to ourselves that our efforts should not be linked to the armed conflict with al-Qaeda and the forces associated with them and, instead, the government will continue the fight against terrorism against the members will be from al Qaeda remnants or part of the groups is linked to al Qaeda a greater responsibility lies on the police and intelligence services. , the United States used the slogan of the war on al-Qaeda to justify intelligence operations or military movements mono in the world against Iraq, Afghanistan and attacks by drones in Pakistan and Yemen. Observers that these statements represent a declaration to accomplish what was planned a long time ago by helping to create al-Qaeda and other Titles that I found the beginning of a fight presence USSR in Afghanistan and then taken as a pretext to wage wars and the destruction of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and sow chaos and devastation in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and access to Syria. Observers believe that the modern American about the possibility of the declared end of the war on al Qaeda in time following which this regulation terrorist operations in several countries, including Syria currently refers to the exposure of American schemes that have contributed to find it and amplify the role and portrayed as an enemy unite the American people and therefore do not need this advertising and waiting for a new ad for the implementation of other schemes. and follow observers These statements also represent the beginning of a new phase in the list on the search for a new enemy and under the slogan of a new in order to pursue U.S. permanent implementation of existing schemes to plunder the riches of the world and its bounty and harnessed to serve U.S. interests.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-01-2012, 08:46 PM
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt أنشؤوا militias were sent to Libya and Syria and is preparing to face opponents of Morsi predicted Tharwat Kherbawi leader of the Muslim Brotherhood dissident Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to resort group to use their militias armed against their opponents in the case of the revolution toppled dictator Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic during the coming period, he said . revealed Kherbawi that the group has at least ten thousand, and not more than one hundred thousand young brothers were trained militarily to the martial arts, fighting and weapons in camps belonging to the group, stressing that these militias belonging to so-called regulatory PIN headed and supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat deputy leader and calculated on the so-called "stream of hawks" or "conservatives" within the group. pointed Kherbawi that the secret organization of the group had been dissolved in the reign of Omar Tlemceni guide the third, and then returned again in the era of Mustafa famous mentor fifth of the group, pointing out that the number of armed militias revealed by the leaders of the guidance office themselves when they claimed Mohammed Mahdi Akef, leader the past that the group has ten thousand young trained military can be sent to Lebanon, during the Israeli war with Hezbollah in 2006, pointing out that Dr. Essam el-Erian adviser to President for Foreign Affairs had also stated that the group has ten thousand brothers trained militarily and could reach the number to one hundred thousand during the coming period. blew Kherbawi surprise by saying that the group sent its militias armed young Brotherhood to Libya during the overthrow of Gaddafi, as it sent armed militias to Syria to fight there, pointing out that there are a number of militias Brotherhood killed in Syria after joining the ranks of the "Free Army." predicted Kherbawi be the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi of the presidency and end the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that even if it is exceeded the current crisis and the political struggle between the forces of civil Almatsamh the field and the group ; because of the recent constitutional declaration issued by Morsi, citing that many of the crises will occur between the Egyptian people and the Brotherhood during the coming period; due to that the group does not see the needs of the citizens, but they only see their needs and priorities progress on the priorities of the country!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:39 AM
Ahmed Al-Assad sends fighters to Syria to cooperate with Ahmed captive missed the name Ahmad Assaad much of the Lebanese arena, having known Bmhacksth and hostility openly to Hezbollah and the Amal movement, and Syria and Iran, no one hears a lot about the current Assadi in the south, the president of the current busy with other things, Unfortunately look this time it security and military, through the formation of a military wing in collaboration with Sheikh Ahmed captive in the south, so shall the happiest of funding and the Prisoner training through terrorist elements belonging to him, in one of the areas of the south, has been clearly evident emergence of militia captured armed during the recent events in Sidon, and it seems that the first objective of this wing is to support the insurgents in Syria against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, and then engage in a military confrontation supposedly with Hezbollah and the Amal movement, so see the happiest that this wing strengthens his power among Shiites, whilst captive In the happiest as sources say the "news Press" that "an important ally as possible to give material support to large to meet the project Hezbollah in Lebanon." seems to be the flagship of the happiest prisoner, is sending fighters trained and equipped to Syria, so got information that the cell Khaldah composed of 9 fighters went to Syria illusion of preparation and training captive, which is not directly on the subject so as not to be raised doubts about it, but commissioned a Palestinian nationality named Abu Hilal al-Habashi, the military wing of Sheikh captive with regard to the Syrian issue, and hand the Syrian file management battle Alosaria against President Bashar al-Assad. According to sources, "the news Press" that "the Abyssinian has persuaded 9 young Palestinians, Syrians sit down with the prisoner, who persuaded his own way and through some of the money to form a military cell, to go to Syria and fight the Syrian army, already approved these young men after sitting with captive to undergo military training in the harsh Sidon, where they were given religious instruction and training on the use of machine guns and rocket-t b c. After undergoing these courses, contact captive Balasaad where told him about the readiness of 9 young men to go to Syria and an amount of $ 4,000 for every man, but Assad objected to it, and considered that the amount is too large, did not agree to give him more than $ 2000, then bowed captive for it and vowed that pays the rest of the money out of your pocket, and was renting an apartment in Khaldeh for equipping young people and retired before going to Syria, and after that, he came Habashi, who took over all stages of training and equipment to secure the transfer of these fighters to Syria across the northern border after being coordinated with Abu Bilal in northern Lebanon order to smuggle fighters and weapons had been received prisoner from Qatar and vowed to send him to Syria. drew information that "has captured a lot of fighters who are equipped, in order to go to fight in Syria," noting that "there is a part of the fighters preparing for a war streets, from in order to be fought in Lebanon with Hezbollah and the Amal movement, and this is what is being explained through training courses and lessons given by the prisoner of its affiliates fighters, where bring them to fight Hezbollah and the Amal movement.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:48 AM
A list of 142 terrorist Arab and foreigner killed in Syria, mostly Saudis provided the Syrian mission to the United Nations a list to the Security Council last month containing the names of 142 terrorist Arabs and foreigners have been killed in Syria over the past months belonging to 18 countries around a third of Saudi Arabia (47) and 24 for Libya and 10 Tunisians 9 Egyptian and Qatari 6 and 5 for the Lebanese. Among the foreign terrorists 11 Afghan and Turkish 5 and 3 Chechens and one each from Azerbaijan and Chad. According to the regulation, the majority of these terrorists were killed in the provinces of Aleppo and its countryside, Homs, Idlib and Deir al-Zour and Hasakah. most of those killed were liquidated during the past month and the first half of the month. Often the terrorists of jihadists belonging to al-Qaeda or join him after their arrival in Syria, and the likely source to be entered Syrian territory of the Turkish gate or a few of them from northern Lebanon. The following table names, nationalities and ages and kill all of them: 1 - Muzahim Abdul Rahman Alaaithama, of during the attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012 2 Azerbaijani special Carly 40-year-old target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب Jordanian 10/17/2012 3 Satam Tarawneh targeting terrorist group at Askar judge Roundabout Aleppo 21/09/2012 4 Jordanian Abdullah Makki with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012 5 Abu Abdullah, Afghan / 37 / year with the terrorists were killed in Azza circuit in Aleppo / 11 9/2012 6 Afghan Abu Ayyub al-Aridi / 61 / year with the terrorists were killed in Azza circuit in Aleppo 11/09/2012 Afghans Abu Qatada 7/45 years old / - sniper killed in Alabzaimo the result of clashes with the army 09/14/2012 8 Afghan Nasser Saif Religion / / 41 year was killed during the attack on the missile battalion in Aleppo 30/9/2012 9 Afghan Aslan Mshiv the Izz Islam targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 09/19/2012 10 Afghans Mschiv the Chechen targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 09/19/2012 11 Afghan Saifuddin Shakir 43-year-old nicknamed drills targeting a gathering of terrorists in the countryside of the western Simon 10/14/2012 12 Afghan victor in God a 46-year-old nicknamed al-Faqih target for terrorists gathered in Reef الأتارب and Simon Reeve 10/22/2012 13 Afghan Noureddine 47-year-old nicknamed Abu Hamza was killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb 10/27/2012 14 Afghan Osman Mirza during clash Bsracb the 10/23/2012 15 Afghan Azure Din Murad during clash Bsracb the 10/23/2012 16 Turkish Quchar the target terrorist group in the village of Bashqatin Aleppo 21/09/2012 17 Turkish Qasim Guendzdar with terrorists were killed in the Khalidiya neighborhood of Homs 11/16/2012 18 Turkish nihat sagdic the Laboratory during the attack on oil Bsracb the Turkish 10/11/2012 19 m ollaz kuvdish during the attack on the Oil Laboratory Bsracb 10/11/2012 20 Turkish kalbimd dovca the Laboratory during the attack on the oil Bsracb 10/11/2012 21 Chadians Saleh Abdel neighborhood with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012 22 Tunisian Marzouq God / / 41 years old was killed along with terrorists in Azza circuit in Aleppo 11/09/2012 23 Tunisian Nasser Abdullah Abu al-Walid 'base' was killed while driving a stolen tank in front of the artillery battalion in Aleppo 11/09/2012 24 aka Sheikh Tunisian revolutionaries / 47 years old / 'base' with the terrorists were killed as a result of clashes with the army in the countryside الأتارب 22/09/2012 25 bar Tunisian Walid Hassan was killed along with terrorists in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012 26 Jadallah Tunisian Mohammed was killed along with terrorists in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012 27 Tunisian Saud Qrashi of the target terrorists in Aleppo car 29/08/2012 28 Tunisian Badawi Bakar targeting terrorists car Aleppo 08/29/2012 29 Tunisian Sari البرديني targeting terrorists car Aleppo 29/08/2012 30 Tunisian Tunisian Jalal with terrorists were killed in Deir al-Zour 09/14/2012 31 Tunisian Hadi bin Bashir Al Qadiri, born 1984, was killed in the town of Bdama bridge vacancy 28/2/2012 32 Algerian Abdul Qadir Kashkool killed with terrorists in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:49 AM
33 Saudi Hassan Shammari targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 19/09/2012
34 Saudi Khaled al-Zahrani targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 19/09/2012
35 Saudi Abdul Aziz Suleiman / 41 years old / targeting a terrorist group in the village Kvrnaha Aleppo 24/09/2012
36 Saudi Fayyad Abdul Aziz Abdullah clashes with army troops in Khan honey Aleppo 27/09/2012
37 Saudi titled Harthy Walker targeting of terrorists in Aleppo 4/10/2012
38 Saudi Abdul Karim Al-Zaid targeting a gathering of terrorists in the countryside Aleppo 4/10/2012
39 western Saudi Abdul Aziz Hamid Anzi targeting a gathering of terrorists Balotarb of Aleppo 10/08/2012
40 Saudi behind flint son Saif Aldin target for terrorists in the western countryside Simon 09/10/2012
41 Saudi Abdallah Alrthian / 41 years / target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10.10.2012
42 Saudi Safwaan Abdel God Barhoumi target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10/11/2012
43 Saudi Abdul Aziz Naev / 29 years old / target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 12/10 2012 /
44 Saudi Khalil Abdel Aziz 32-year-old nicknamed Abu Jawad target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10/13/2012
45 Saudi صطوف the Courier 38 years old nicknamed Abu Aisha target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10/14/2012
46 Saudi Nasser Abdullah Aziz frame target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/16/2012
47 Olayan Saudi Hammoud 41-year-old nicknamed Abu Salma target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/18/2012
48 Saudi Abdel Wahed al-Najafi, a 45-year-old nicknamed Sheikh targeting rebels a gathering of terrorists in the countryside of the western Simon and الأتارب 10/18/2012
49 Saudi Isa al-Fayad Abu Abed a 38-year-old target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/18/2012
50 Saudi Abdul Aziz tired 40-year-old nicknamed Abu Hamza targeting a gathering of terrorists in the countryside Simon West and الأتارب, 10/23/2012
51 Saudi Talal vacuum of a 43-year-old nicknamed commander killed during the Eid al-Adha truce violation 10.26.2012
52 Saudi Mohamed Salem 38-year-old nicknamed Abu-old was killed in the western countryside of Aleppo 02/11/2012
53 Saudi Ayub Abdul Aziz Muti 38-year-old was killed in the western countryside of Aleppo 3/11/2012
54 Saudi Abd al-Razzaq al-Qasim immortal / 37 years old / Base was killed along with a number of terrorists in honey Khan Aleppo
Saudi 7/11/2012 55 Fayez skylights Ramalli the (base) killed along with a number of terrorists in Aleppo 11/10/2012
56 Saudi Suleiman Abu Talal was killed with a number of terrorists in the countryside of Aleppo 11/12/2012
57 Saudi Yusuf Mohamed Ali Salimi with seven terrorists were killed Arabs in Kafr Aha, including Saudi (Abu Ali Alkhozami, ) 11.09.2012
58 Saudi age Jaddou the slaves with the terrorists were killed in Bab Hood in Homs 14/11/2012
59 Saudi Mohammed Khaled Al Dosari with terrorists were killed in the Khalidiya neighborhood of Homs 11/16/2012
60 Saudi Abdul Qadir الجسري killed with terrorists in the neighborhood Khalidiya in Homs 11/16/2012
61 Saudi Mohamed Awad Al-Khalidi was killed along with terrorists in the Khalidiya neighborhood of Homs 11/16/2012
62 Saudi Werdan the Alhaala with terrorists were killed in the Khalidiya neighborhood of Homs 11/16/2012
63 Saudi Khalif Ahmed al-Khalidi was killed along with terrorists in the neighborhood Khalidiya in Homs 11/16/2012
64 Saudi Mohammed Khaled Alrola killed with terrorists workshop in the neighborhood of Homs 11/17/2012
65 Saudi Abdul Bari Ajman with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11.17.2012
66 Saudi Khalid Bakar relocation with terrorists killed in Workshop neighborhood in Homs 11/17/2012
67 Saudi Hamad Yousef Al-Abood with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 17.11.2012
68 Saudi Suhaib Garah with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11.17.2012
69 Saudi owner talk with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood Workshop in Homs 11/17/2012
70 Saudi Zafer Ladjimi the killing with terrorists in Deir al-Zour 13/09/2012
71 Saudi Abraham Bakhtian the Arar was killed along with terrorists ببصرى the Sham 25/07/2012
72 Saudi Humaid Al Anzi during the attack on the plant oil Bsracb the 11/10 / 2012
73 Saudi Mohamed Salem Al Harbi during his attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012
74 Saudi Abdullah Al-Dosari during the attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012
75 Saudi Khalid Hamad Nasser during the attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012
76 Saudi Amer outsider Aljhen during the attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012
77 Saudi Abdul-Jabbar wounds during the attack on the oil plant Bsracb 10/11/2012
78 Saudi Fahd Zubayana during a clash in Idleb Mahmpel of 16.11.2012
79 Saudi Sheikh Abu Maaz with terrorists killed the behavior of school in Tel white 10/11/2012 80 Sudanese Abdul Rahman Ibrahim 'base' with the terrorists were killed in Azza circuit in Aleppo 11/09/2012 81 Sudanese Abu Sharhabeel killed with a number of terrorists in the Marjah district of Aleppo, 15/11 / 2012 82 Chechen Islamov a 43-year-old was killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb the Chechen 10/27/2012 83 Abu Bara during the Chechen clash Bsracb the 10/25/2012 84-Ihsan killed Chechen terrorist training center in Deir al-Zour 2/9/2012 85 Iraqi Mahmoud Talal Cheetah / 37 years old / target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10/09/2012 86 Iraqi Kurdish Ismail 35-year-old was killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb 10/27/2012 87 Iraqis aka Abu Jafar 40-year-old Iraqi was killed while targeting a convoy of terrorists in the village of Great Orme 10/31/2012 88 Iraqi Abdul Rahman foundries 32-year-old was killed in the western countryside of Aleppo 3/11/2012 89 Adham Iraqi the destruction of a car loaded with Iraqi weapons and ammunition in Abu Kamal 09/22/2012

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:51 AM
90 Abu Qatada Iraqi «Mufti terrorists» with terrorists killed the behavior of school in Tel white 10/11/2012
91 Palestinian Mahmoud Ahmed satiety with terrorists were killed in Bab Hood Homs 6/7/2012
92 Syrian Palestinian Mohamed Suleiman Ibn Sana vegetables and killed during the attack on the hand and Khanasser station Ambassador 2/4/2012 Aleppo the
93 diagonal Saber Hajim Verdun targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 09/19/2012
94 diagonal Sufian Faisal Al-Zubaidi target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10.10.2012
95 Qatari Hamad Abdul Aziz, a 45-year-old nicknamed Palmkhaddrm the target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/15/2012
96 diagonal Riad Sulaiman Naev a 36-year-old target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/18/2012
97 diagonal Abu Daoud, a 42-year-old country nicknamed Farouk target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/20/2012
98 diagonal become the torch 36-year-old target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/23/2012
99 Kuwaiti Abdullah Abdul Sattar 41-year-old nicknamed Baekad the killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb 10/30/2012
100 Kuwaiti Salem Anzi targeting terrorists in Aleppo car 29/08/2012
101 Lebanese Walid Ramzi was killed along with Kurdish terrorists in Nizari village in Homs 6/7/2012
102 Lebanese Salah Matar with terrorists were killed in the village of Josiah in Homs 22/8 / 2012
103 Lebanese Hammoud Amon with terrorists were killed in the village of Josiah Homs 22/08/2012
104 to Osama Lebanese Amun with terrorists were killed in the village of Josiah Homs 08/22/2012
105 Lebanese Khaled esber (Abu death) was killed along with terrorists in city of Homs Fort 14 / 10/2012
106 Libby Safwan Abdullah Aallana, the old 40 / / year with the terrorists were killed in the jungles Kafr كرمين and buried in Anjarh of Aleppo 6/8/2012
107 Libyan Abu Khaled / 37 years old / 'base' was killed while he was stolen within a tank in front of Artillery Battalion in Aleppo 11/09/2012
108 Libyan Abu Khalil / 43 year / surnamed veteran killed with terrorists as a result of clashes with the army in الأتارب 09/16/2012
109 Libyan Hussein Mohamed Saber and his mother Leila, born 1976. With terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Seif El Dawla in Aleppo 20/08/2012
110 Libyan Abu al-Qasim killed during clashes in the village of Bashqatin Aleppo 28/08/2012
111 Libyan Abu Hamza al-Libi / 51 years old / target of a terrorist group in the village of Bashqatin Aleppo 20/09/2012
112 to Libby Abu Caesar / 28 years old / targeting pool for terrorists Balotarb of Aleppo 10/08/2012
113 to Libby Ziad Musrati, the 42-year-old nicknamed Abu al-Qasim targeting a gathering of terrorists in the countryside of the western Simon and الأتارب 10/18/2012
114 Libby Eklh the Al Qasimi, a 43-year-old targeted a gathering of terrorists in the countryside of the western Simon and الأتارب 10/25/2012
115 Libyan Moataz Bellah 25-year-old nicknamed Abu Ali was killed in the western countryside of Aleppo 6/11/2012
116 Libyan Awad crappie / 26 years old / Base was killed along with a number of terrorists in the countryside of Aleppo, 8/11 / 2012
117 Libby Abu Hudhaifah killed with a number of terrorists in the Marjah district of Aleppo 11/15/2012
118 Libyan Mohammad Al-Zayani with terrorists were killed in Bab Hood in Homs 14/11/2012
119 Libyan favor Mohammed الحاسي killed with terrorists in Bab Hood Homs 14 / 11/2012
120 Libby Saleh al-Sanusi with terrorists were killed in Bab Hood in Homs 14/11/2012
121 Libby key Sanusi with terrorists were killed in the Khalidiya neighborhood of Homs 11/16/2012
122 Libyan favor Barasi with terrorists were killed in the Khalidiya neighborhood in Homs 16/11 / 2012
123 Libby Awad Saleh al-Sanusi with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012
124 Libyan hilarious Sanusi with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012
125 Libyan Qais Wardani with terrorists were killed in the neighborhood of Homs workshop 11/17/2012
126 Libby Osman Altbai killed a terrorist training center in Deir al-Zour 2/9/2012
127 Libyan Ali Aujali nicknamed Abu Nasser was killed along with terrorists Idleb 30/08/2012
128 Libyan Siraj killed a terrorist training center in Deir al-Zour 2/9/2012
129 Libyan Sheikh Mehdi: titled Abu Salma kill with terrorists as a result of the destruction of a mechanism designed to detonate in Husseiniya School in Deir al-Zour 09/17/2012
130 Egyptian nicknamed Abu Imad 'base' with the terrorists were killed in Azza circuit in Aleppo 11/09/2012
131 Egyptian Abu Abbas Giza targeting terrorist group in domes mountain Aleppo 19/09/2012
132 Egyptian Riad Al Sarhan about 40-year-old nicknamed Tiger target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 10/13/2012
133 Egyptian Ezzedine Egyptian 37-year-old nicknamed Abu star target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon 13 / 10/2012
134 Egyptian Abdel Bari Asamad, a 38-year-old nicknamed Abu Sufyan target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/15/2012
135 Egyptian Abu Ubaidah al-Masri 43 year-old target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/17/2012
136 Egyptian Abdel Wahab bin Ibrahim, a 35-year-old was killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb 10/27/2012
137 Egyptian Egypt Daoud 38-year-old nicknamed Abu Abd al-Rahman was killed during the attack on the regiment 46 Balotarb 10/30/2012
138 Egyptian, Abu Maryam al-Masri / 25 Year / Base was killed along with a number of terrorists in the countryside of Aleppo 08/11/2012
139 Yemeni Musab al-Mohammed Abdullah al-Huthi targeting Walker Nasra and Jihad Front in الكلاسة neighborhood of Aleppo 19/09/2012
140 Yemen Saleh Mayouf / old 41 years old / targeted a gathering of terrorists in the countryside Simon West 10/12/2012
141 Yemeni Ismail Radwan, a 42-year-old nicknamed Abu Ziad target for terrorists gathered in the western countryside Simon and الأتارب 10/16/2012
142 Yemen Yahya favor Alsubhan the murder with elements from the front of the victory in Deir al-Zour 26/09/2012 imprint youth Syria

12-02-2012, 09:39 AM
They increased their sedition in my
Aadri for these mercenaries want the best and Syria want freedom???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 01:34 PM
New scandals Riad Assad shaking the army free: adultery by Soeriat women .. The girl tells us the details raped while ago and scandals chasing leader of the "Free Syrian Army" Riad Al-Assaad, after he stole $ 2 million back, "the army" free and escaped them, and no longer only after negotiations, where they were provided with money they want against the return to the leadership of the free and denials rumors, so as not to be shaken morale of the armed Weaver, many of them after the defection of their leader, as the site has "the news Press" definite information not yet published that "Turkey is entered directly on-line negotiations with Assad to take it back, where I paid him the amount of money he wants and secured him a house in one of the European countries in order to return to the leadership of the Free Army, not to escape the gunmen, and ينفرط Free Army, was done in coordination with the Turkish intelligence. " But the scandal, this time, not escaped Assad or embezzling money or treason, but a sex scandal caliber, revealed Girl Syria called Q. p a sister of one of the elements belonging directly to the happiest and works under him, where was this girl working at Riad Al-Assaad Kmadh data, and its primary mission print data, statements and other, She holds a degree in Economic Sciences from one of the universities in Syria, and worked for Riad Al-Assaad after being asked her brother to do so service "of the rebels" in exchange for $ 1,000 per month. says the girl's "News Press" "After I asked my brother to me this work and the fact that my family of supporters of the revolution against President Bashar al-Assad, and I was without a job and I accepted the offer , and I was influenced very army FSA, and initially refused to take the full amount but Assad insisted on so as not to lose my labor, and being a girl and I'm not a young man, and actually started working and I was comfortable and happy and my work was very beautiful, and I was working in the office of Assad directly, and we went on Beginning to Turkey, and was in the office several girls of whom are working in the cleaning and others employed كمعدات of food, and women who work in the press office and communications, and the rebels are always reluctant to our office, where they get meetings at the level of very high among the leaders with the Turks, and it was my brother works Kmaaon the happiest. " adds girl grieving herself and heart broken, "was Assad dreaded treats me in the beginning sister Muslim, and is a religious distinctive, but began its reality show day after day, especially when he was my brother miss work leave, where he began asking me to enter and work in his office, and then began molesting me, and every time you Otfaji it, and I'm trying to Erdah, and once طلبني quickly and told me that there is a statement express the revolution, and the fact that it is my duty printed statement entered to take what he wants, and it closes the door was no one in the abroad, and began to take off his clothes, ran away to get out of the door but Aagaflh right in his office, and told me not to Taatazba not scream you will not hear one, and I tried to resist but he lifted his pistol my face and threatened me, and did I did and رماني and hit me and threatened me that kill me if I told one. " and follow the girl who was crying to delegate News Press, "not a full-Assaad of it, but taking asks me to practice always, was Agsbna to do outrageous, and forgot about religion and forgot about the Koran did not recognize Abeche, and he was doing me what he wants and I can not resist it," she says, "Not only did the beast of So, where is Zaaranh kill my brother, I decided or kill or escape, which came out of the office and fled to a safe place, and having done the happiest I did me, I knew that he raped a large number of Muslim women are veiled, and did their outrageous threat, not only this but he was doing outrageous Bahdhen and displays it on his comrades, and when asked about the reason to talk to us about what happened to her, the girl said, "because I do not want to repeat the experiment with girls Soeriat others, laughing Riad Al-Assad on their minds, and lying to them the elements of the army free." news Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 01:44 PM
Sunday Times: a leading role in the victory Front documented from the inside .. Recruitment of foreign jihadists and Homs Headquarters newspaper "Sunday Times" British report from Beirut, pointing out that "« Front victory »is organized jihadist which regulates the suicide operations in Syria, using« jihadists »Syrians and others volunteered from several countries, Islamic and European countries." and met the newspaper one the organization's leaders, who called himself Yasser morning in the city of Tripoli, said they were "dependent suicide when they want to attack the big goal, كسرب of tanks for example, or base fortified." She drew the newspaper that "this organization is concerned about European countries that support the opposition, especially that this organization is linked to al-Qaeda. " Morning explained that "the organization exists mainly in Homs, but operations affect the Damascus and other provinces." Urgent news network

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 01:48 PM
Arrest suicide car live broadcast of the channel Al-Alam Damascus channel reported the "world" news Sunday from Damascus that "the security authorities concerned were able to arrest the people who blew up a car satellite broadcasting of the channel the world in the Syrian capital." The armed groups have blown up a few days ago a car live-owned office channel world in Damascus improvised explosive device led to its destruction. monitored surveillance camera of the Office people move quickly towards the car and knock the packaging, and then returned inclusion to explode the package in the vehicle without causing the explosion injuries, while dismantled Syrian forces competent bomb again been planted near the office of the channel. 's office world Damascus exposure several times to threats by armed groups and subjected to hostile acts, director of the office were wounded "Hussein, Morteza" twice while performing their professional duty.

12-02-2012, 04:34 PM
Signed this morning a terrorist bombing in the district of Hamra city of Homs has led to the death and injury of dozens of people injured and the occurrence of material damage in place , said an official source in Homs The terrorist bombing, killing 15 civilians and wounding 24 others injured, some seriously The source added that the bombing also led to serious material damage to residential buildings and cars parked in the neighborhood

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:16 PM
Salma empty homes on عروشها after gunmen looted and parents complain suffered most, if not all households Salma theft and looting by gunmen affiliated with the opposition and who deployed heavily in the area that has become almost depopulated after it had been one of the top resorts in Syria, where he was visited by tourists from hiding areas and they reside in order to tourism and summer and enjoy nature, picturesque and beautiful, has built a large number of Syrian citizens and residents homes in the area to asylum her to rest psychological or rented and invested to return them beneficial. , but since about five months are unable to reach or stay in because of the spread of the insurgency in that region heavily in the presence of a significant proportion of loyalists them residents of the area who have started in those stage presence militants and condoned Myatem and their own mistakes, so that the woman, an employee at a bank in Latakia was justified by insurgents all their actions and accuses the Syrian Arab Army, before the gunmen stole her house and emptied of all its purpose and its assets until they dismantled the doors and windows and took it with them according to her words, then recognized this lady that insurgents are robbed her house and they have committed a lot of atrocities over the past months, which took control in which the region and still control yet. parents Salma began to complain of this fact, especially after learning that their homes were stolen completely, leaving the only stones and cement, while destroyed stones, some also after that used by the gunmen as centers for them and drove them to attack units of the Syrian Arab Army stationed in nearby areas, has taken the snipers from some of those houses points them to sniper army units, particularly what is known as a building Sbsph adjacent to the resort is peaceful and that committed militants massacre against the people and army units next to it. Resort Selma and its surroundings is now considered the hot spots in Syria, where there are almost daily battles in the area between the Syrian Arab army and armed groups, but battles from afar, as there is no concentration of military units within a peaceful but يحاصرونها on three sides and keep the north side open where navigates through which the insurgents between Syria and Turkey under the border open by the Turkish side, which allows the passage of militants and their return. army units deployed in the vicinity of Salma waiting for the right moment to storm according to occur for long-Presse special source, and the source added: troops on standby and ready to enter the Salma, but are waiting for the right moment, has been developed in order that the necessary plans, and if a decision was made ​​intrusions and disinfection, the process will not consume more than a few hours due to the fact that the sub-region depopulated This facilitates the task and army units Vetoagd civilians hampering their work and they move slowly and carefully severe for their own safety. Salma remained for about a year and a few months of the Syrian crisis is far from its repercussions remained people working and يتكسبون of tourism and summer are now empty on عروشها have fled, including population and converted to semi-homeless and stole furniture homes and the area became more like a region ghosts Bilal Sulaitan - long-Presse

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 08:22 PM
Mohamed Juma Al-Mansour terrorist admits to committing murder and theft of homes and attacking public facilities based on the opinions atone Brive Aleppo the acknowledged terrorist Mohamed Juma Al-Mansour doing with a terrorist group armed killing many citizens and attacking public facilities and killing their employees and steal houses in the area of the door Brive Aleppo based on the opinions atonement of some sheikhs. said the terrorist Mansour confessions aired Syrian Arab TV: "I was born in the door Brive Aleppo in 1991, I joined in the beginning to set armed as the shield door led by Mohammed Aboud nicknamed Bzoro and supported with money and weapons, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sayeh, who is from the Muslim Brotherhood. added terrorist: "The number of members of the two sets of 16 insurgents and later became about 30 gunmen and the first operations was attacking the airport Kwers where we went to three cars, but a barriers near him confronted us and kill us Amer Shakshak A week later attacked Saraya and Precinct in the door in collaboration with the group of Abu Talal and we were so about 75 militants and killed whoever was بداخلهما then attacked station Aeryma after two weeks. added terrorist Mansour: "The elders in the region Lifton us stealing houses stand with the entire state and we were stealing houses without being sure of the identity of the owners and share what Nsergh as we were staying roadblocks and inspect cars and pedestrians, and was rich we take any money with him or take his car and sell to buy out what we need from the weapon and others. " He said terrorism: "After a period differed with my group about the spoils that we Nsergha of the houses I went to the headquarters of groups who had nurseries agricultural state in the area of Deir Akkak accompanied by three armed men and took the loot of arms and others, and we gave to the elders in the door." He terrorist has two sets of Btahedada death I took my family to the area Alkhvsh because I'm here I can not do anything on my own and after my arrival to Alkhvsh belong to the group of new armed led by Sheikh Omar Hilal from Tel lifted. said the terrorist Mansour: "When I went to Aleppo in order to bring people in our group have been arrested by an army checkpoint in Ashrafieh. " He terrorist Ogruna money and they gave me at the outset the amount of ten thousand pounds, but began later reduced the amount and there was a large number of armed Chechens distributors to groups the rate of six or seven gunmen. said the terrorist Mansour participated in the killings of many Bedi killed nearly 13 people.

12-02-2012, 11:16 PM
Killed 15 people and wounded 24 others were injured Sunday in a bombing in the city of Homs, central Syria, according to reports from the official news agency SANA. agency quoted an official source in the city as saying that "the terrorist bombing resulted in the deaths of 15 civilians and wounding 24 others injured, some serious. " The state television said in a preliminary information that the explosion was caused by a car bomb. agency said that the explosion occurred this morning in the Hamra district of the city, and led to "serious material damage to residential buildings and cars parked in the neighborhood". Http://image.almanar

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 11:21 PM
Warnings from sending heavy weapons to terrorists in Syria warned Walter Vaechtingr director of the Institute of peacekeeping and conflict management in Vienna of the arrival of heavy weapons to terrorists, extremists of al-Qaeda who are in Syria. described Vaechtingr He is also a military expert arms "jihadist organizations and Salafi" especially Front victory evolution negative disturbing considering that those organizations control military matters Field of armed groups in Syria over the so-called "Free Army" This creates a bigger problem for the future of Syria. stressed Vaechtingr that the armed opposition do not bear any perception of a political future of Syria and saw that the majority of members of the opposition come from rural areas far from the cities and that support them and تغذيهم and تحتضنهم Unlike major cities. described the expert Austrian war based in Syria as a war hybrid proxy pointing out that the promises and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to "reset problems" has failed. it quoted Wiener Zeitung, the Austrian report issued Institute as saying: "The biggest concern in the West is the transfer of weapons into the hands of groups and armed groups affiliated with al Qaeda," noting that the arms can not control it after that. , the report added: The Saudi Arabia wants to weaken the Iranian influence in the region and handed the reins in and strengthen its role and it supports the Salafis and armed with hundreds of millions of dollars though it is feared at the same time increase their influence while Qatar She wants to make her weight and a greater role in the region and the Arabian Gulf is not commensurate originally with the size bug from "elite" communities in the future and will use the technology in grip on those communities and directed by Abharha "

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 11:28 PM
Clashes between the Lebanese army and militants tried to sneak into Syria announced that the Lebanese Army Command that one of the centers of the Lebanese army in the area of projects bottom border exposure evening to bursts by gunmen reportedly elements center on the sources of fire, without recording any injuries of life. indicated Guidance Directorate in Lebanese Army Command said in a statement that it has to restore the situation to normal and the army units promotion procedures field in the region to protect citizens and respond to any attack. , gunmen attacked Monday evening on a patrol of the Lebanese army in projects Bottom northern Lebanon while trying to access the Syrian territory which led to the occurrence of a violent clash between members of the Lebanese army and militants. channel quoted "Al-Manar" military sources and Lebanese security as saying: "The clash took place when she refused to patrol the Lebanese Army to allow insurgents to cross the border into Syria has been the gunmen opened fire on the patrol to prevent them from approaching them." On the other hand carried the family of a dead armed terrorist groups who have been killed near Talkalkh in Syria last Friday entities misleading deployed in northern Lebanon responsibility sacrifice her son. confirmed the family they were not aware of the existence of her son in Syria claim to hold accountable those who tampered with in the mind of her son and his comrades on the other hand threw unknown Thursday evening a stun grenade in a street in Tripoli, near the area of Jabal Mohsen without knowing the losses caused by the explosion. said channel "Al-Manar" The Lebanese from Jabal Mohsen stabbed by gunmen from Bab Way followed by heavy gunfire and bullets sniper by insurgents on Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-02-2012, 11:32 PM
It seems that the Lebanese army wake up has approached the sun to be absent does offer him his morning coffee!!! not انسمع voice Suleiman this enthusiasm which he was attacking Syria!

12-02-2012, 11:36 PM
Mohamed Juma Al-Mansour terrorist admits to committing murder, theft, houses and attacking public facilities based on the opinions atone Aleppo countryside not God sir you اتسلى to the, تتسلى the lives of people terrorist Oh, my brother-resistant What is the fate of this terrorist???

12-02-2012, 11:41 PM
Recognition of this criminal VIDEO
These are the advocates of freedom and rightful claimants
looking at and judge for yourselves player_embedded & v

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-03-2012, 05:03 PM
The Daily Telegraph: Group armed terrorist named Front victory that joined the armed groups in Syria participated in the implementation of more terrorist acts and atrocities in Syria told the Daily Telegraph: This group equivalent to al-Qaeda in terms of extremism and brutality which is one of the largest and fiercest organizations that call themselves The name "jihadist organizations" Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: this collection methods include brutal beheadings and suicide terrorist operations claiming hundreds of victims

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-03-2012, 05:05 PM
To detect the presence of hundreds of Lebanese fighters in Syria: Shadi Mawlawi them and «Abu energy» Aherbhm newspaper said «News» Lebanese that "ambush Talkalkh, it was not the first trip, and did not ambush the first. young men who died in the Talkalkh, a few days ago, are not the first fighters Lebanese fall in Syria.'ve predecessors scores. «migration Jihad» This started since the start of the events in Syria, but Beauty * shock fall of the number of fighters in an ambush one. has already been the fall of a number of Lebanese fighters in ambushes sporadic, but did not exceed several Groups nine gunmen. " revealed «News» "There is a battalion known as the« battalion valley », many fighters in the hundreds, driven by a Syrian officer defector known as Abdul Salam h. most fighters grouped under the banner of the Lebanese. officer said a good relationship with Vice Lebanese north in terms of funding and coordination and receiving arrivals, but the issue of entry of fighters and their exit was handled, and still is, a person from each الحجيري known as «Sheikh Abu energy». " Moreover, there are several groups composed of fighters, Lebanese, intervention to Syria for «jihad» on Periodically there. Among the most prominent of the entered Syria in recent times, detainees who escaped from Roumieh prison in August last year, in addition to Shadi Mawlawi, a young man who was stopped by public security a few months ago, and then launched the judiciary under the pressure of the militants in Tripoli.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-04-2012, 06:19 PM
The report is a detailed Daily Telegraph: "Front victory," one of the most terrorist organizations, extreme brutality in Syria confirmed the Daily Telegraph that the terrorist group armed labeled "Front victory" that joined the armed groups in Syria participated in the implementation of more terrorist acts and atrocities in Syria. reported The newspaper, in an article titled "Inside Front victory wing the most extreme," said the group, which parallels al-Qaeda in terms of extremism and brutality is one of the largest and fiercest of organizations calling itself the "jihadist organizations", which includes genres brutal decapitation and execution of terrorist suicide claim hundreds victims. and conducted article writer Ruth Sherlock interviews with members of the Front victory knew one of them for himself as Yasser morning from the city of Homs, which is currently stationed in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon has admitted that he is behind many of the terrorist attacks that took place in Syria, pointing out that the stories that briefed her by about terrorist operations launched by the "Front victory" reveals criminal terrifying from inside the wing most extreme among terrorist groups in Syria and that could turn into the worst nightmare may face the West. The newspaper pointed out that this group admitted that it carried out a series of terrorist attacks almost daily in Damascus is that the evidence biggest excessive violence and unprecedented for this group highlights in recruiting fighters to extremists from abroad to join the insurgents in Syria, where the broadcast online letters enticing to a man named "Abu Mohammed Joulani" has been manipulating his voice so as not to be possible to identify the identity. The newspaper added that the brother of the morning called himself the title of Amir "Front victory" in Homs, which is involved in the smuggling of militants and weapons from Lebanon to Syria. acknowledges the latter he sent militants from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkmenistan and France and even from Britain to Syria. acknowledged Morning responsibility front for Many of the terrorist attacks that took place in Damascus, Aleppo and pointed Daily Telegraph that "the Front victory" includes a large part of foreign militants involved in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. drew Daily Telegraph that the elements of the front as the base aspire and seek to form an Islamic state not only in Syria but based on the territory of all the Arab countries. gunmen Libyan al-Qaeda had entered Syria with an attempt to organize establishment of a foothold in Libya In another article, paper disclosed that Al-Qaeda intensify its efforts to create a new base for terrorist operations in Libya in the wake of the recent attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Add to establish links with the armed terrorist groups other in the Arab world, especially in Syria. , the newspaper said officials from Western intelligence confirmed that large numbers of armed Libyans, some of whom were present in Iraq made ​​their way to Syria to participate in terrorist operations that take place in them. indicated British newspaper to the so-called "Brigade of Martyr Abu Salim" and affiliated to al-Qaeda was formed from a group of prisoners Libyan ex-actively seeks to establish links with other armed groups in the Arab world, especially in Syria after he managed recently to control the city of Derna Libyan. quoted reports of CIA CIA that there are indications great that the leaders of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and branch organization in North Africa are making efforts to establish links with the movement of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya and that you think the CIA that it stands behind the attack on U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11 last year, which led to the deaths of four people, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The agency newspaper said the leaders of al Qaeda in the Maghreb are also trying to establish relations with other groups in Libya, hoping to create a fiefdom there are similar to those lodged in neighboring Mali . the newspaper quoted officials in the Western intelligence as saying that the leaders of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb are traveling regularly to the town of Ghat desert in southwestern Libya, near the border with Niger in order to find Mutie presented to them in Libya to launch attacks against Western targets and access to weapons stockpiles large including This anti-aircraft missiles looted by insurgents Libyans after the killing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the end of last year, compared supplying armed groups Libyan training and funding. official said intelligence senior Western that al-Qaeda is a post-Gaddafi an opportunity for him to expand its branch network terrorist and that the strength of the organization will increase if they managed to form an alliance with the armed groups Libya. , the newspaper said there are fears enable al-Qaeda to use anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down civilian aircraft and attack cargo planes in the Mediterranean region, noting that there are reports that the organization seeks to establish a new base in Libya after reports that the network of subsidiary located in East Africa regrouping and armaments in northern Somalia after he was expelled recently from the Somali capital Mogadishu. , adding that there are about 1,700 armed group is currently working in Libya, noting that the Libyan authorities recently launched a process to bring out groups Armed from the city of Benghazi in the wake of the attack on the U.S. consulate, but Western intelligence officials fear it will be moved to other areas in the country are not subject to the authority of the Libyan government.

12-05-2012, 02:38 AM
Targeting terrorist school missiles at a camp arrivals in Rural Damascus
, where a source at police headquarters Damascus that the shells fired by terrorists on a school martyr Hussein Abdel-Rahman led to the death of 9 students in addition to a single parameter and injuring 20 other students were injured state, mostly critical source added that the shells landed in directly at the Hall of teaching while giving an educational quotas for students

12-05-2012, 02:40 AM
Terrorists assassinated journalist Naji happiest in front of his house in the neighborhood of solidarity in the context of targeted competencies National assassinated by an armed terrorist group journalist Naji happiest in front of his house in the neighborhood of solidarity prefabricated Damascus through going to the newspaper October , said a source in the province that the martyr Asaad was shot by a sniper in his head as he was leaving his home object housing prefabricated in the neighborhood of solidarity nearly eight thirty in the morning on his way to work and martyr journalist happiest born Salhab province of Hama in 1951 and holds a Bachelor of Arts Department of Arabic was appointed as a representative a major in 1979 and was assigned to him in 1987, and the post of head of the Department of Investigation of social, economic and so-called honest the liberalization of domestic affairs in 2003 and is currently a supervisor of the page platform October

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-05-2012, 04:30 PM
Complementing project terrorists to destroy the institutions of NATO and the structure of the Syrian state service for the enemies of Syria ... Try Aghial deputies in parliament presented Dr. Suleiman Suleiman, a member of Parliament Dr. Iyad Suleiman and Dr. Jamal Salloum to the assassination attempt and shooting were clashing with accompaniment on Highway Harsta led to the death of the driver Fuad Suleiman and the kidnapping of 2 from the elements with the car accompanying them indicate another indicator that accompanying the two components exist in Barzeh country

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-05-2012, 04:34 PM
Recent news of terrorist crimes in Homs by terrorists firing mortar 3 Qaziv the Abbasid neighborhood, killing a citizen and injuring two women and material damage
12-05-2012, 05:07 PM
A terrorist attack on a gas station Aleppo out 1050 megawatts of service and cut electricity to a number of areas of the city attacked by terrorists on the gas station Aleppo that feed turbines power station in the city has led to output 1050 MW of Service and the Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis said in a statement that terrorist attack led to the outages of electricity in a number of areas of the city of Aleppo and in particular that the plant produces daily about 1050 megawatts of electricity is being invested to provide the city of Aleppo, electric power and pointed out the Minister of Electricity that the terrorists fired mortar stores fuel at the station heat will lead to continued outages electricity from areas of the city of Aleppo on the clock

12-05-2012, 05:08 PM
Martyrdom citizen and wounding his son shot an armed terrorist group in al-Hasakah cited citizen Abdul Ahad باشورة and wounded his son Joseph fire terrorists in the area housing the station and the source was quoted as maintaining saying that Abdul Ahad باشورة died wounds sustained a gunshot wound in the head while the transfer of his son to the hospital health status critical and children of the neighborhood said that terrorists objected باشورة of his son while they returned to the house and shot them before fleeing

12-05-2012, 05:10 PM
Lattakia: exploded this morning in the neighborhood of الزقزقانية in Latakia near the circle souls stun grenade was affixed in a car and confined explosion on the material damage is simple and the purpose of this explosion, creating a kind of panic in the area near several security stations and in the circle of the souls that were conducted in which exams The young driver
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-05-2012, 05:49 PM
Commander «Brigade unification»: Investments b billion dollars are moving to Turkey and تعزله for «rebels» source confirmed a local network urgent news, citing sources from within the armed opposition's intention Abdelkader good nicknamed "Bhadji مارع", who is head of military operations in the "Brigade unification" , leaving his duties and accommodation in Turkey, after the opening of industrial investments in each of lime and Gaziantep. noted the information received, "Haji مارع" and Walve of the fourth decade of life had opened a shopping mall in the village of مارع Brive Aleppo, his hometown, which was successful project physically, because it contains all the nutritional needs and Ogerha let alone attract customers from all rural areas adjacent to مارع. "Haji مارع" It was low-income people before the outbreak of events, where the shape with the beginning "battalion" of a number of people of his village, while considered by some leaders of the groups of the "Brigade unification" just a thief, who stole the money that was sent to fighters across Turkey to Aleppo, accusing him of seeking to his personal interests at the expense of the "revolution." while attacked elements of the "Brigade unification" of their leaders who did not give them their dues truth, accusing them of being stole wages, stood investments "Haji مارع" about a billion dollars. a media Syrians who emigrated to Turkey pointed out that the Turkish authorities have facilitated investments "Haji مارع" after كافأته amounts of money to meet his smuggling 70 percent of machinery and equipment plants Aleppo and sold to government Turkish. continued media who preferred anonymity: that "Haji مارع" hired nearly 400 workers, including gunmen and a number of mechanisms for the transfer mechanisms such factories, which took place, however, militants since the outbreak of the events in Aleppo. stressed Media Syria that "Haji مارع" not only stealing laboratories, which are estimated to price billions of dollars, but hastened to steal strategic reserves of grain from several silos in rural areas of different assisted various elements of the militia to meet wage. seal Media Syria, saying: "The bulk of stock industrial, commercial and physical is today in Turkey, which is trying today and through these figures to transfer all مابوسعها from Aleppo to Turkey, saying that what happened is stronger than any war. " and was "Hajji مارع" has left the countryside of Aleppo heading to Turkey for more than a month and a half to pursue "its military" as he put it, what has angered a number of opponents via social networking pages.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-05-2012, 06:04 PM
Princess عرعور the first woman to lead the militia army free in a move that is the first of its kind since the outbreak of the rebellion happening in Syria announced that Lieutenant princess عرعور its formation Battalion «Aqsa Mosque» that follow the leadership of gangs FSA outlaw. According to a video posted on site YouTube, show the control mouse between the elements of the battalion, and know for themselves that it was «tracking the salaries of recruitment and packing area in the northern Syrian army». And announced عرعور انشقاقها and joining the ranks of the infidels in the revolution blessed against the killers and oppressors, because of committing these bands the most heinous crimes against unarmed civilians ». also indicated the officer at the end of the tape to the battalion - which is dubbed «Aqsa Mosque» - will follow the FSA « all military boards.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-05-2012, 06:08 PM
What he was doing «Dada» Advisor Free Army in «Tel Aviv»? openly leadership of the "Free Syrian Army" openly that they do not care never to mount the Zionist enemy war on Syria, and confirms that it will complete its work against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, will not batting an eyelash, because it is considered that this war will be fabricated by agreement between Assad "and Israel." Wondrous ordered these profess not to hostility to Israel, and declare that they will be staying relations with it, and it is important they have to drop the Syrian state, because this goal is the "Israeli" with no rivals, in order to preserve the security of the usurper entity. has revealed a lot about that there are leaders in the Syrian opposition, met personalities "Israeli" and dealt with the Zionist Mossad, the goal of a unified is the overthrow of the regime, and these scandals still shaking entity "Free Army" that does not ashamed leadership to use various means to overthrow the regime, has revealed reliable sources of news Press that the political advisor "to the army free" Bassam al-Dada, which Hezbollah threatened to attack by the military, and access to the southern suburbs, last visited on Saturday 1/12/2012, the capital of the enemy entity "Tel Aviv", where he met with security leaders and high-ranking military Zionists including the head of the Mossad Tamir Fredo ", told him that "Israel" support "Free Army" weapons that he wants to fight al-Assad and Hezbollah, has been giving Dada military map to be delivered to the leadership of the "Free Army" in order to manage any battle with Hezbollah on the land of Lebanon, was to provide him with the amount of significant financial and confidential information . " She drew the news sources Press that "Dada went to Israel via Cyprus territory and not through Turkish territory, where he traveled to Cyprus, on Friday, 11/30/2012 to meet the officers in the Mossad, including an officer named Moshe Hkuraan, was Dada coordinate with them on management of the political battle, military, and takes them money, and told him that the Israeli leadership, want to talk with you and you have to go to Tel Aviv, "noting that" Dada request two days before going to coordinate with the leadership of the Free Army officers in the Turkish intelligence, but the Mossad refused to do so, He said that you have to go in a hurry has جهزنا everything, and it was including a girl Zionist working for the Mossad and called me. " sources confirmed the news Press that "after he met Dada Zionist leaders on Saturday, he went at night, accompanied by Anna, to a discos in Tel Aviv, It then went to an undisclosed location with the girl. "

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-06-2012, 08:01 PM
"Al-Qaeda" Libyan infiltrate Idlib in coordination with the "coalition" income during the past few days dozens of Libyans to the area of Idlib northeastern Syria in coordination with the "National Coalition of the revolution and the opposition," formed by Qatar, and the CIA, which is a Muslim Brotherhood spine. showed bar broadcast on the Internet dozens of Libyan insurgents are riding in their cars to go to another place after a brief period of entering the territory Alsoeria by a brigade إسكندرونة Golan. source said, "my brothers" These militants, unlike the Libyans others who have already entered Syria, will not join the "Brigade of the nation Libya ", led by a man and a CIA-Mahdi حاراتي, but to the" Brigades are free Sham, "which recently established a joint operations room in Idlib province with the militants of the Muslim Brotherhood who represented" a brigade hawks north. " According to the source, to bring these Libyans comes in implementation of the cooperation agreements security and military concluded by the "Syrian National Council" and ورثها "National Coalition of the revolution and the opposition," which is led by the Muslim Brotherhood and a French intelligence and national Maaz Khatib. was Burhan Ghalioun and Farouk Tayfur concluded a security agreement and Tzlyahya with Mustafa Abdul Jalil when he visited Libya last year, according to the newspaper "Telegraph" British . agreement included sending arms and money and men, in coordination with the leader of "Al Qaeda" in Libya and North Africa, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, head of the so-called "military council" in Tripoli, Libya

Girl Assad's Syria
12-06-2012, 08:54 PM
Newspaper "Maariv" Israeli citing newspaper "The Times" the British, that Israel may be involved in a possible military operation against Syria, if the oldest regime of Bashar al-Assad on the use of chemical weapons.
said the British newspaper, The United States and Britain prepared a military plan to attack Syria Priya involvement forces from Jordan, Turkey and Israel.
Under this plan is about 75 thousand fighters of the ground forces and units of commandos to control the installations of chemical weapons in Syria.
also would impose a no-fly in the atmosphere of Syria, to prevent warplanes Syria from throwing missiles fitted with warheads chemical.
referred to the exercise the military, which took place in Jordan in May last year, led by the United States and the participation of 19 Other, including testing different scenarios, including the ways of dealing with chemical weapons.
mentioned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that Israel is closely following with the international community developments in Syria Private warehouses of chemical weapons.
, adding that Israel agree with the U.S. administration in its resolute in this regard as expressed by U.S. President Barak Obama.
stressed Netanyahu should make every possible effort to dissuade the Syrian regime for the use of these weapons and non-leakage to the views of terror.
came the words of the Prime Minister in the context of a speech Mam members of the national media in Jerusalem yesterday.
this and mentions that Israel is not used for advertising wars and analysts believe that it is nothing more than a psychological war to strengthen the morale of gangs Alziohabiyh in Syria.
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-07-2012, 04:32 PM
Former President of the General Assembly of the United Nations calls for not ignore the existence of extremist groups in Syria is not interested in democracy called former President of the General Assembly of the United Nations Kavan not to ignore the fact that there are extremist groups from the "jihadists" and al-Qaeda in Syria participate in combat operations and is not concerned at all any issue of democracy. pointed Cavan in an interview to the newspaper "Halo نوفينى Czech" today to the irony that now exists where the support of some Western countries these groups, which had already contributed to the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 and named after the then terrorist groups. felt that the best solution now to the crisis in Syria lies in the Ask a United Nations proposal for political solution necessarily involves respect for the rights of all Syrians and guarantee these rights and then convince the government and the opposition to negotiate this proposal. confirmed the former president of the General Assembly of the United Nations on Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop supporting armed groups in Syria

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-08-2012, 04:28 PM
Aleppo yesterday evening: Martyrdom of 4 citizens due to be shot by insurgents while participating in the demonstration warnings Balehidria the neighborhood armed terrorist groups demand to get out of their neighborhood
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-08-2012, 06:38 PM
Revolutionaries Countryside Aleppo destroying power lines and crying for interruption of Aleppo city that never sleeps and that starts evening people lovers of life after midnight, sank in the dark, which Ogdgah rebels freedom and dignity by an improvised explosive device destroyed nodes electric supplied by electricity from the rest of the sources after ensured shells "Friends of Syria" to destroy the gas pipeline which supplies its station Grand Ambassador to deprive the city of more than a thousand Megoat of electricity they provide to the people of Aleppo 12 hours of electricity a day. in the city of the door, which turned into an Islamic emirate disputed the Front victory with the banner of unification with strangers and free Sham control and attacked about 150 militants from the front of the victory and the banner of Tawhid and other groups station thermal located on the highway Aleppo tenderness South door about 25 km and sprayed the station with a large number of shells, while the elements of them booby-trapped line of high tension and gas pipeline and تفجيرهما . and provoked the attack, which was followed by a power failure in the door itself and Aleppo and other rural areas criticism from some residents of the door who asked the army free not to repeat the process because it is detrimental to the population. But the irony is that electricity company Aleppo able to access electricity to the city of the door the eleventh hour on Wednesday night after less than 8 hours of the attack, at a time when rebels pages Tenseekiet door cursing the system, which punishes City door cut off electricity for on their pages, and hope in their messages for insurgent leaders not to attack the station again in order not to deprive the region of electricity. said a source in the Electricity Company of Aleppo Arabic Press that the maintenance workshops were able to repair the damage caused by the attack of terrorists on Thursday and will return power successively to the districts of Aleppo by the middle of Friday night Saturday. already been re-current to a number of neighborhoods of the city as of yet Friday afternoon. and raised the attack on the station resentment significantly between the parents to go up claim to take the strongest possible to eliminate armed groups that do not only destroy the necessities of life for citizens in accordance with a scheme to make Syria a failed state. blackouts associated with the crisis of bread severe, reaching a bundle of bread tourism (weighing kg only) to 250 pounds in the markets Jamilla with scarcity severe in the article. prevents militants trucks of flour to reach bakeries in the neighborhoods safe, and they are turning it into rural areas they control. comes after them out most of the mills of the service through threat or through dismantling Machinery and sold to dealers iron scrap Turks in the behavior of shocked public opinion, even in areas they control. and rose votes on the pages of social networking Syrian army beaten with an iron fist and save Aleppo in any way whatever the consequences after the arrival price of a liter diesel fuel to more than 200 liras. said Ammar Al-Halabi: "We no longer tolerate this criminality debased, burned our labs and our stores and kidnapped our young people and all the insolence talking about freedom and liberation of Aleppo, the right of the people of chelation on their boss beloved Bashar to wage war relentless against bandits and rabble who have turned Aleppo Paradise to the city of death, poverty and hunger. " in turn, said Bushra Olive: "We must move the state effectively in Aleppo before it is too late, people fed up with this situation, which is controlled by the mob and mob backed by the enemies of Syria lives of 3 million man Halabi guilty only is their attachment to the state and Syrian rejection violence. " said Rima Shipment: "there is no alternative protects us only the Syrian state we are with any measures carried out by the army and we want to form a cell of army officers Arab Syrian administration Aleppo Maashiya and خدماتيا and the imposition of martial law and the execution of each manipulator بقوت people and set up the gallows for them because they are traitors." Arabic Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-08-2012, 06:39 PM
Al-Qaeda make toxic gases near Gaziantep and threaten to use against the Syrian people newspaper Yurt that the Turkish members of al-Qaeda make chemical weapons in the laboratory is located near the city of Gaziantep and threaten the use of force against Syrian civilians. newspaper said in a news correspondent Omar Odmich: "The organization Qaeda terrorist backed by the government of the ruling Justice and Development owns an informant chemically near the city of Gaziantep and manufactures gas chemical, "he said pointing to the videos posted on websites showing manufacturing method of poison gas chemicals security Qaeda from a Turkish company and have been tested on rabbits." The newspaper pointed out that the video clips showing al-Qaeda members who are celebrating their success manufactures this gas chemical poison and vows to use against Syrian citizens, confirming the presence of a sign on the wall Detective written on them in English and Arabic words (battalion base for the manufacture of gas chemical). asked by the newspaper how to get elements of the organization Al Qaeda terrorist chemicals for the manufacture of poison gas from the Turkish company, noting that its reporter met one of the company officials, who assured him that the company sells (alcohol اثيلي) for hospitals in Turkey but does not know how the security of al-Qaeda these chemicals are stressing that they are looking for how to access these materials to Qaeda.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-08-2012, 06:44 PM
Aleppo: Hundreds of militants Establish the so-called Commission for the Promotion of Virtue to cleanse Syria of Nusayri!! in an unprecedented development portends operations genocide sectarian, announced hundreds of gunmen in the "Festival" hysterical, held in one of the schools occupied in Aleppo yesterday, the establishment of the "Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and victory oppressed "as a form of" Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice "Wahhabism. Although the founders declared that geared "independent Islamic", but they are, as stated in the statements shown by the tape obtained by site "truth", they stressed that they will work a synonym for all brigades and battalions armed forces, and to "Shariah" and "security Islamic Revolutionary," and as a strike Aoun to all the Mujahideen in order to "cleanse Syria of Conception criminal gangs Nusayris!"


Net monitoring
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-08-2012, 06:45 PM
Saudi Arabia exempts all its prisoners Arabs accused of crimes of rape, murder, drug trafficking and sends them to the Jihad in Syria circulating Facebook pages telegram signed by Abdullah bin Ali Romaizan director-up at the Ministry of Interior, and stating that it was exempt a number of detainees from Arab nationalities charges punishable extent mow necks according to law Bani Abdul Wahab provided acceptance Go to Syria for "jihad", based on the cable of the Royal Court with the number 112 on بالموقوفين Arab Kingdom of crimes of rape, murder and drug smuggling, charges Evthelon for it under the rule of Islamic law in force in Saudi Arabia. and defendants to be sent to Syria are the following nationalities: 105 Yemeni, and 21 Palestinians, 212 Saudis, 96 Sudanese, and 254 Syria, 82 Jordanians, 68 Somalis, 32 Afghans, 194 Egyptians, 203 Pakistanis, 23 Iraqis, 44 Kuwaitis.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-09-2012, 06:26 PM
Agency reporter French Algerian met was in the ranks of fighters Afghanistan tribal area of terrorist Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan said the French Agency reporter that he came "to fight the Christians and Syria Alkfarfa" French Agency reporter met in the village of Salma Saudis said they came for tourism in Syria

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-09-2012, 06:42 PM
Israeli officer entered Syria 20 in Aleppo and 20 in the Battle of the airport last time and again, unfold the fact that the leaders of the gang of "Free Army", and how to withstand this army general Syrian Arab Army, it is natural that the "Free Army" has become has thousands of elements in Syria, and certainly that the entry of mercenary terrorists in huge numbers gave the army impetus to the fight against the Syrian Arab Army and the destruction of Syria, and this is what we are seeing every day as the brutality and criminality of terrorist elements peaked, due to the difficulty of managing the battle against Syrian forces incurred such heavy losses according to the recognition of America's so, it has saw America and Turkey, it has to be a military leaders have extensive experience to manage the battle of street battles, and thus was not there for America's best officers Zionists fought wars big in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip for the management of these battles, so it has been introduced 40 officers Zionist Mdamin officers of Mossad, the Israeli and Turkish intelligence, but how income of these? disclose information amounted to "the news Press" that "the senior officer in the" cia "contact leaders of the Turkish army, and asked to see the leading high-level in the Turkish army, as well as leading a high-level Turkish intelligence, it was him that , which told them that the device information of the "cia" says the Syrian Arab Army cost the elements of mercenaries big losses and damage in several battles, and became leaders of the gangs are afraid to kill and are starting to think away, and there are elements of many fled from the battlefield, and if I stayed situation Thus, the President Assad will triumph inevitably and therefore we have to plan for a big blow break the Syrian leadership, "adding," suggested an officer of the "cia" can be accessed at Damascus airport and grab him, he agreed to the Turks, began the search on how to access it, and will manage the battle, incomes at Damascus airport is not easy at all, because the capital is a stronghold of the real power. " The information that "the two sides stressed that access would be by war streets is not the ability of the army free otherwise, but the Free Army can not lead this battle, he noted American officer that he must from the use of leaderships military has the expertise to lead the battle, and the best of runs this battle are officers in the Army Reserve Israeli officers and current, because they have extensive experience in street battles in south Lebanon, "she added information to the news Press that" the Turks opposed this idea because the army free may not accepted, rejected the American officer that said do not you called for the matter to our system we bee, and that there is coordination between us and the Mkhabratkm to meet the leaders of the Free Army, this battle great and deserve to work everything to weaken Syria. " actually was an officer of the "cia" what he wants, In coordination with the "Mossad," Israel and call 40 Israeli officer, entering 20 of them to Damascus for the management of the battle, and twenty remain in the operations room in Aleppo for communication and supply quick ", and remained the main obstacle is how to deal with the leadership of the free entry officers to guard against any refusal by them, was meeting with this person who has been giving him money, was agreed to help the officers to enter Damascus and agreement with the elements there to be under the voluntary officers Flania to do everything to overthrow Syria, where surprise intelligence agents approve fast to it. " According to information the news Press, "has been planning for battle, were distributed tasks, and began elements enter into Damascus and heading towards the airport, where the battle," noting that "the Israeli officers تفاجئوا strongly Syrian Arab Army and expertise in the management of the battle and the management of the fire, where they were killed nearly 3,000 element of the Free Army, then the officers were withdrawn Zionists who kill them two. "

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-09-2012, 08:11 PM
Killing the terrorist Abdullah Abdul Latif Hussein Hasa region in Saudi Arabia, was killed in Syria (Daraa) during his participation in the Syrian bloodshed in accordance with the "truth Syrian gif
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-09-2012, 08:14 PM
Qatar sent armed Pakistanis to join the armed groups in Syria, confirmed the news agency "Knight" Iran, Qatar sent during the past two weeks, two groups of armed Pakistanis Each group of 67 armed men to fight in Syria. The agency, in a report on Saturday that Qatar contribute to the deployment of terrorism in the Syria, where the works since the beginning of the crisis to send terrorists from Salafist groups from all over the world to Syria, and in this context, has sent groups of militants from the Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan to fight alongside the armed groups in Syria. agency said that "Qatar sent two groups of militants recently to Syria via Turkey to join the armed groups in this country, in a move competitive with other terrorist groups backed by the regime of Al-Saud, "pointing out that, in recent years resorted to Qatar to use revenues enormous oil and gas reserves to intervene in the affairs of Arab and Islamic countries where intervened in the crisis in Sudan, Yemen and Lebanon's internal affairs and in Egypt and Syria.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-11-2012, 09:00 PM
Fighter in the ranks of the armed militias demanding support Israel's militia army free demanded that the Syrian opposition ثوبية Kanafani, one of the fighters in the ranks of the armed militias supported by Israel militia army free and the rest of the armed groups to overthrow the Syrian regime In an interview with the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth Hebrew confirmed Kanafani that the Syrian opposition ستتحالف with the devil If you gave them the necessary support to dislodge the Syrian regime and followed up, saying we do not antagonize Israel and our Arab proverb says Gary thou in the Arc and I'm in the Syrian Dare Truth | Sham FM

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:05 PM
Homs: fire by armed elements located on the Lebanese side toward the points army and border guards when cases and Dali Valley hair and eyes Brief Talkalkh.
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:06 PM
Site access news: Alarhalbwn in Syria who commit heinous crimes confirmed site access news of the Turkish armed terrorist groups in Syria committed heinous crimes shameful humanitarian under the guidance of the United States and other Western countries and funded Arabic and means Western media and American focused since the terrorist acts brutality of these Groups against the Syrian people to suggest the presence of Syrian opposition controls in order to give it a legitimate, although what is going on two years ago is not only a brutal acts carried out by terrorists, murderers against the Syrian people. revealed the site in a commentary news published today that the militia, the so-called (army free) announced for taking a step toward unification of terrorist gangs fighting in Syria during a meeting unifying held in the city of Antalya, Turkey with the participation of the Turkish intelligence and Western Gulf and between the media focused on the non-participation of representatives from the two organizations terrorists (Front victory and al-Ahrar al-Sham) and condemnation of atrocities carried out by elements of mercenaries Not Syria come from abroad. The site that the continuation of the Western media to confirm the seriousness of the arrival of chemical weapons to al-Qaeda is attempts to create opportunities imperialist intervention in Syria, pointing out that what is happening in Syria two years ago shows that the source of the problem is not Islamic groups extremist only but outside interference direct in Syria. , and between the site that so-called (Free Army) was formed in Turkish territory, offering Qatar and Saudi Arabia arms and money to the armed terrorist groups are sent terrorists to Syria through the Turkish border, Lebanese and Jordanian by Turkey and the United States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. drew location to the existence of other dimensions in the position of the United States of America odd al-Qaeda indicating that al-Qaeda elements that have been supported in Libya sent to Syria to participate in the fighting, as published yesterday news about the arrival of a Libyan ship to Turkey without being inspected and monitored carry weapons for armed terrorist groups in Syria and stressed that the United States take advantage of these as a scapegoat in Syria.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:07 PM
Scorpion - Homs yesterday: more than a week since the terrorist gangs of Hula in collaboration with terrorist gangs of scorpion kidnapped nearly 300 people from a scorpion and held in one of the buildings and yesterday carried out these criminal gangs massacre by about more than 200 people and some Almassard talked about transfer of some of the women and children of abductees to Hula. victims are residents of scorpion and some of the people of dignitaries and residents of the area who came to the scene of the massacre before they occur to negotiate with the gangs of armed terrorist in order to decode the families of the kidnapped. located scorpion near the Hula Valley north-west of the city of Homs a distance of 30 km west of the city of Hama, 35 km southeast of Masyaf 18 km.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:11 PM
News envoy to Der Zor: an armed terrorist group distributed leaflets in an area Ahoiqh as the forces of order demanding residents to leave their homes in order to preserve their security and then this group of stealing and looting of houses. And Tadmaralah armored and 4 car including the of gunmen in Almrieih and killing a number of militants knew them Waleed Omar Ali from the so-called "battalion Abbas" in the neighborhood of customary and targeting several hideouts for militants and killed a number of them in the Jubaila Street, Port Said and Htalh and killing a number of militants, including Metzam the so-called "battalion retribution" بالحسينية is killed 6 of the al-Qaeda mill near Deir ez-Zor In Ahoiqh the gunmen wearing army uniforms distributed leaflets to push people out of their homes
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:18 PM
Damascus: two blasts within the Service bag near Al Nahda in Jaramana Rural Damascus which led to the martyrdom of one person and wounding 5 others and damage .. The two blasts behind the Justice Palace side channels hamidieh Damascus citizen injury and material damage
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 08:20 PM
Damascus: the explosion in service between Hafez Ibrahim School and School modern science بالمزة the Mount 86 (school) and the occurrence of the victims
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-12-2012, 09:32 PM
Location intelligence publishes video of "sex scandal" to a senior army commanders free to publish a "Failaka" intelligence video sex scandal his hero this time Abdul Aziz Canaan junta leader in the countryside of Latakia and a member of the senior leadership of the Army Staff free. pointed out the site to be "Failaka got the film Certified audio and video shows a certain colonel Abdul Aziz Canaan in the conditions of indecent arrived tape as e-mail, "hoping to those who are under the age of eighteen years not to watch the movie. worth noting that the leader of al-Farouq in Homs, Abdul Razak Talas had appeared is the other in the sex scandal video posted on social networking sites, and paid with Talas epicenter of the scandal, which suffered after the feet of the political body Farouk Brigades isolated. link: Http:// their

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-13-2012, 06:48 PM
Denied an official source in the province of Hama, a massacre at the Sundial and abductees were freed by the elders and notables of the region and the Syrian Arab Army wide campaign to clear the area of ​​NATO mercenaries
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-13-2012, 06:48 PM
Raqqa: on Tuesday on 11.12.2012, a group called ((Brigade rebels tenderness - a battalion of martyrs tenderness)) attack on the headquarters of ((the General Company for water projects بالرقة)) and they take the following:
- city Mitsubishi talk Number 1
- Skips the company's number 3
- Mazda car number 1
- Car Truck loaded with material oil, cars and by 48 barrels of oil equivalent to the value of oil just more than 3 million pounds
- Parts and batteries in large quantities have not been counted yet
- computers and printers
- as well as vandalism and breaking a large number of vehicles operating in the Company
of science high probability that the company shut down all of its projects due to repeated cases of theft and looting of the company and incur the company huge losses in the recent period and this will lead to the loss of more than 2,500 workers their jobs which they will remain without salaries and this will become thousands of families at risk of starvation and Azy Do This is to help the Syrian people?????
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-13-2012, 06:49 PM
Damascus - Katana: a terrorist bombing targeting homes of individuals in the Syrian Arab Army in Katana, Rural Damascus near the elementary school this morning, a source in the hospital martyr Khaled سقا Amini: I arrived at the hospital the bodies of 16 martyrs by the terrorist bombing, including 7 children and a number of women Source: The ambulance 23 wounded, most of them children and women serious injuries Damascus - Katana: the terrorist bombing to the occurrence of material damage to cars and shops and residential buildings and infrastructure in place

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-13-2012, 07:32 PM
Gangs fired mortars indiscriminately at Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus launched criminal gangs Wahhabi total of mortar shells at random towards the Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees, which led to the occurrence of martyrs and wounded. where the shell landed on Hospital Basel injuring four people and damaged the top floor of the hospital , as well as a shell landed near a mosque on a handsome apartment building, which led to the martyrdom of two Luma Alabtah children (6 years) and Hqiha Yasser Alabtah (11 years), as criminal gangs tried to break into the Yarmouk refugee camp and clashes occurred in Arabism Street, where committees engaged Popular Palestinian attackers. this and try to criminal gangs and the countries supporting them pushing the Palestinian people, the Syrian crisis, in order to displace the Palestinians again within the plot of these countries on the right of return of the Palestinian people, noting that all the Palestinian factions except Hamas stands on the sidelines of the Syrian crisis and rejects any pushing of the Palestinian people in this crisis, and this was confirmed by another meeting in Damascus.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 06:54 PM
Salafi movement in Jordan named Abu Anas al-Zarqawi's emir "victory Front" in Syria announced the Salafist movement in Jordan on Thursday announced the appointment of "emir" of a new "victory Front" in Syria, the successor to the "Prince" Abu current Gilpid Toubasi (Jordanian) . said a source in the mainstream, "The Mujahideen Shura Council and the Commission legitimacy in front of victory in the Levant decided to appoint Sheikh Abu Anas companions Jordanian nationality, a city of Zarqa, northeast of the capital Amman, a prince of the Front in Syria, a successor to Sheikh Abu Gilpid Toubasi", which is also from the city of Zarqa. " and added that "Dad Gilpid is the husband of the sister of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al Qaeda leader in Iraq who was killed following a raid American on his hideout in Baghdad in June 2006." did not mention the source to the fate of the "former emir" of the Front in Syria , who is expected that it may catch it.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 09:30 PM
Newspaper Austrian says that al-Qaeda's strongest in Syria warned the newspaper / Alchorier / Austrian of the growing influence of al-Qaeda in Syria and considered that al-Qaida and fighters extremists pose a threat to the West, which has seen the dilemma and spiral dangerous, and pointed out that Saudi Arabia is the donor-funded most of those extremist groups to reach their ends through the support of these groups with money and weapons smuggling extremists to Syria through networks take many forms, such as charitable organizations. drew the newspaper that the armed groups, backed by the West in Syria left the control group / Front victory / even considered the U.S. administration organized terrorist and this ماقد poses a threat to the West, which does not want to lose his choices, pointing out that the continuation of the period of turmoil for a longer time in Syria is out of favor / Front victory / militias and extremist because there are more of these groups in Europe, especially in Britain want to go to fight in Syria.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 09:31 PM
Abu Huraira Yemeni ordering the beheading of Syrians instructions from al-Zawahiri regret what we're seeing from crime and terrorism by members of the Front victory, has abounded in recent operations torturing the bodies of the Syrians, beheadings and human organs, and actually express our regret and sorrow, where slavery every human heart a true Muslim on scene of the beheading of a Syrian man with a sword child in front of the eyes of the terrorists, have arrived criminality among these to teach children to decapitation, this scene did not see it in our contemporary history, a scene reminiscent of an incident of Karbala, where the men over beheading of Imam Hussein and his companions, these seemingly They take their faith from over and his friends, and take what he says Rasoul-e Akram Mohammed "Y" about the prohibition on abuse بالجثة, if they do not understand Islam something, and hum the only murder and slaughter because they are vampires in this era. what we see of these elements sets off alarm bells, especially that there is information reached the news Press says that "the leaders of these عمموا doctrine of beheadings on their elements, and issued orders to behead all of the advocates of the Syrian regime, even the word, without any devout because of their faith says that beheading and torturing بالجثة is Muharram, if Serhb enemies, and they what they do think that the Syrians سيخافون them and their business. " adds information to the news Press that "the leaders of the Frente victory gathered recently in Aleppo, and agreed on the need to intimidate enemies (the Syrians)," asserting that "the commander at the front called Abu Huraira Yemen confirmed that he had received instructions of Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri that the given elements of training on the use of edged weapons, and to kill without mercy in order to get used to the torture regime elements, to terrorize and intimidate them, because this confirms the victory in the battle. " Indeed, leaders began to "Front victory" train their elements on beheadings , where they are giving private lessons to Tamoat psychological element terrorist act, and make it not afraid or feared to cut the head of any human being, and work to convince him that what he is doing is for the sake of Islam and defend the Islamic nation, and that this work makes him a mujahid and give him a great reward, until it becomes ready to do whatever he wants responsible of murder, crime and others. " has reached orders Abu Huraira to all brigades of the "Front victory" in all parts of Syria, where that this front scattered groups in Syria, working to intimidate people and kill them.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 09:34 PM
Who is the new Emir of the Victory Front in Syria? after the killing of the leader of victory in front of the Levant Jordanian Salafi jihadist "Iyad Toubasi" of known as Abu Gilpid, the Shura Council in the front of the victory by choosing a certain Abu Anas companions to succeed Toubasi and receive the reins of the Home Front Command. This was Toubasi had been killed in clashes with the Syrian army in the city of Daraa and announced news of his death without knowing more details. Abu Anas companions is one of the faces of the Salafist jihadist known in Jordan, whose real name is ((Osama Zayed Mustafa Masarweh)) from the city of Zarqa, Jordan, a city itself, which belongs to the former commander Toubasi. appointment of Abu Anas in this position puts an end to rumors that many talked about his death months ago in Syria, where he published some news agencies in the fourth month of this year, news item stating his death with two others indicated agencies to Abu Anas that it is Salafi jihadist without mention anything about being a leader in it. This was the Jordanian authorities had arrested Abu Anas in the fourth month of 2011, shortly after the outbreak of the events in the city of Daraa Syria and then released him without knowing the details of arrest and release and its causes. Moreover, this designation that lends great credibility on confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV some of the elements belonging to the Front victory and makes it to be taking these confessions into consideration and not taken lightly as is usually some quarters opposition and other media. where he presented the Syrian TV on killing Toubasi in 13 ongoing confessions of the terrorists Mohamed Ibrahim and Mustafa al-Titi. In which he said Ibrahim that: ((after being released worked bus driver for a person named Osama Zayed Mustafa Masarweh a Mentm to the Salafist movement and was working distributor supplies frames and then stood me customs police searched the bus and found my rifle Kalashnikov discovered that Masarweh arms dealer and evacuated detained me the Jordanian intelligence services for four months in prison for possession of a weapon without a license)). terrorist Ibrahim added .. During my stay in prison, I learned that Masarweh, who also claims Abu Anas companions had came to Syria. Is it any coincidence that the princes Front victory, all of Jordan? Is not it our right to wonder about the role of the Jordanian authorities that tolerate and turn a blind eye for jihadist elements infiltrated into Syria, contrary to all what you are trying to show the media that they are fighting this phenomenon of infiltration? Why Masarwa Jordanian authorities arrested and released to appoint a prince of the Victory Front in Syria? What does this have to do escape Salafi jihadist elements of the Roumieh prison in Lebanon and joined the jihad in Syria, they claim? And those who stand behind this jihadist crowd to Syria under the cover of the official Arabic? Questions that will reveal a significant aspect of the crisis faced by Syria, which are meant to be experienced. Abdullah Ali - Arabic Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 09:40 PM
The victory of the front and the Syrian What sticks out opposition forces? the it may be noteworthy that the United States chose the date announced its recognition of the Syrian opposition coalition legitimate representative The sole of the people, with the date included the most powerful armed factions on the ground on the list of terrorist organizations. But surprisingly is the opposition great for اقتها this step by most factions Syrian opposition, particularly as it was before the period confirms that its presence is limited and their role is not great, what has changed between yesterday and today, and why adhering organization has many of the processes that led to the fall of the victims innocent civilians? Who is the front "victory"? few months ago, the Syrian opposition forces confirm that the presence of groups takfirist among its ranks is not in the form that is being talked about in the media, and the stresses that this topic amplifier to a large extent, not even that mostly it was considered that the Syrian regime is behind these groups, especially the front "victory." In the beginning, should be made ​​clear that the front "victory" is one of the Salafi groups "jihad" which originated in late 2011 in the midst of events Syria, which did not not known before that time, and called in a statement first issued in January 2012 Syrians to "Jihad and bear arms" in the face of the system, noting that the objective of its formation "re authority of God to their land and to avenge for display violator and blood bleeder and respond smile for babies and women sand. " Since its formation, has adopted a group of many attacks and bombings that targeted several security centers, military and civilian, especially in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus, and spread on the Internet sites of many data and video tapes that show what operations carried out by the front. In this context, illustrates the deputy commander of the "Free Syrian Army" Col. Malik Kurdi that "the front began to emerge with the transformation of Syrian Revolution to an armed revolution as a result regime's practices," and notes that "Syrian society is inherently complex, in which groups from all directions intellectual and religious," but he reveals that " financial support was coming to the rebels was heading to the Community-oriented extremist religious dramatically, "and indicates that" the leadership of the Free Army had warned from the outset of these actions, "but asserts that it" was getting under the guidance intelligence modulated by many countries " . explains Colonel Kurdi, in an interview with "newsletter", that "all who wish to defend their parents are now heading to this group because of the ease of getting military support and material," and notes that "the front began to turn with time to great condition, which is the day of the groups most strength on the ground. " Meanwhile, describes the sources of Syrian opposition that most members of the front are the Syrians by 95%, and draws that many of them took part in the fighting earlier in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other countries that were considered from the point of their "land of jihad", and stresses that its presence on the Syrian arena large, especially as they fiercest fighting, and the strongest in terms of organization and armament. Why stick with the Syrian opposition? despite the recognition of most of the Syrian opposition forces that "Front victory" has an ideological extreme to some extent afar, rejects these forces the U.S. decision, which classified a terrorist, do not but it sticks out as part of the revolution. Within this framework, confirms Colonel Kurdish that the front ideological extreme, but it is considered that it did not come out in the work of the Syrian border, as they did not commit acts contrary of international law, and finds that the error was under the guidance support significantly towards these groups at the expense of "Free Syrian Army." and draws Colonel Kurdish that the front has become a fait accompli on Syrian territory is not possible not to acknowledge, and indicates that they exist in all cities, but presence strongest is Damascus and Aleppo. On the other hand, it was interesting that the group "Muslim Brotherhood" was one of the first forces that rejected the U.S. decision, and indicates the leadership of the group uninspiring Droubi, in an interview with "newsletter", that the "Brotherhood" in this Phase enemy and one is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and points out that it is essential that there be an agreement between all the revolutionary forces. relative to Drubi these things addressed after the fall of the regime, he expresses confidence that "Syria's future will be a free, democratic, and the guarantor for this Thread is that the people revolted against tyranny and will not accept to return to him again, "explains that the dialogue will be the master of the situation between the various components of the Syrian opposition in the future, is that they are all resorting to the ballot boxes. regard to some of the practices carried out by the front "victory", only Drubi saying: "When you give up those responsible for carrying out their duties should not blame others," in reference to the international community. step and U.S. political initiative Meanwhile, open step the U.S. these doors to talk about the settlement of what is being worked on, and the forces of the Syrian opposition fears From this it has become clear. in the opinion of Colonel Kurdish international community "hypocrite", talking about one thing and does the contrary, says he supports moderation and fight extremism, but it does not do so, and believes that there is a tendency towards a certain political in relation to the events Syria is not recognized Full details yet. For his part, confirms Drubi that "there is a political initiative will go but we expect to materialize," but he stresses that "any initiative does not provide for the departure of Assad or deportation will not be accepted permanently by the people." admits Drubi that what is happening All in all of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia affects the look of the international community to Syria, and suggests that the "Brotherhood" deal with all countries in the interests of the Syrian people. With regard to the relationship with the United States, refers to it as a superpower is bound to have an opinion in any case in the world, but asserts that the movement does not receive instructions from them. Maher Khatib

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-14-2012, 09:58 PM
Simple suspension Walesgel history that the Muslim Brotherhood is Wahhabism is a civilized over here they are shedding blood together and destroying the homes of Muslims together and has signed the argument Brotherhood criminals in Hruahm to defend Front victory of Satan, which has more than 600 works bloody mostly bombings and suicide bombers go by children, women and civilians this front Information adopted most of the big bloody bombings in Damascus and Aleppo, and here they defend Brotherhood no room after to disperse the face of blatant Pat Brotherhood can not be separated anymore these crimes them They confessed their tongues they Subscribers

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-15-2012, 05:23 PM
Saudi Arabia and Qatar Zodta terrorist groups explosives Israeli sophisticated , informed sources said, quoting circles regional security that Saudi Arabia and Qatar Aptaata of Israel, Britain and the United States large quantities of explosives sophisticated multi-species, and has smuggled to the Syrian arena with the help destinations and intelligence services in the countries surrounding Syria, including Turkey . , the sources added in an interview with "Al-Manar": that there is terrorist camps especially within Turkish territory run by experts and security officers from Israel and Western countries, being the training of terrorists to carry out bomb terrorist, and methods of car bombs to explode among citizens in Syrian territory, the sources pointed out that all terrorist camps in Turkish territory and in other countries funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-15-2012, 05:30 PM
Why defended Maaz Khatib and George Sabra "victory Front" terrorist?! confirmed and media writer Mohamed carob in an article published by the "opinion" of Jordan under the title "They are defending .. victory Front!!" That Ahmed Maaz Khatib, head of the "coalition of Doha," No sooner had the ends of his speech in front of the so-called "Conference of Friends of Syria" ČäÓÎĘĺ fourth in Marrakech, Morocco this time, which he defended about "Front victory," which he sees many people inside and outside Syria that they arm the Syrian al-Qaeda , calling (Khatib) and Washington to reconsider (..) in the development of one of the "actors" who are fighting the system, the terrorist, saying at the same time that "all guns" revolutionaries "aimed at overthrowing the regime ..." .. Even George Sabra output (as Third Vice-appointed preacher of the coalition of Doha and chairman of the Istanbul final) on the screen of CNN U.S., admitting that "I do not understand the reason for the inclusion of America's Front, the victory over terrorism list" .. And was soon claimed that "the Syrian people is the victory part of the revolution" .. said carob: If we imam paradox banner, should not be underestimated what it entails signs and signals regarding the nature of the balance of power in the real on the ground, and whether the opposition the outside of the campaign foreign nationals and those seeking roles and money, privileges and lights, they know who holds the decision, and has influence in the course of things, among those groups and formations and fronts that carry weapons, and no one knows who obeys and how funds or arms and represents really. added: Khatib ( Islamic orientation described moderate) said in a gallery justified to keep the Front victory is part of the revolution "may disagree with some of the actors in the ideas and vision of the political and intellectual, but do not disadvantage anyone be motivated to liberate his country is religion, and the fact that the mobility of military (Islamic) color mostly, it is something Positive, Valchhadh - adds Khatib - for the sake of God, as long as they are the main engine of human freedom ".. The secular or communist penitent George Sabra, went in the same direction, but in reading the other via downplay Front victory and considered "not essential" for the opposition, but merely an item in several groups form (the army free)!!. saw carob that things .. As such, do not look Mserblh mystery, فمعارضة abroad just pads and microphones and lights, Front victory as the banner of monotheism, are the first issued a statement rejected the recognition coalition and that they do not meet with the orientations of political and they want to establish "an Islamic state" in Syria, this came sayings ( Almanadilan) closer to begging and closer to the front of the victory and a brigade of uniformity, and thus the rest of the squad-colored Islamic (admittedly Khatib) and serves as the credentials of the two التشكيلين specifically, who says the news they were more groups organized and funded and armed, and the ability to carry out "quality" not to mention يمارسانه of work killed and qualifying physical and torture of supporters of the system or even choose neutrality or openly reject violence and the destruction of the country. said carob: It is not non-bankruptcy coalition Doha and the lack of impact on the course of events at home, is behind this "defense" for jihadists and Altcfhirien especially those who represent them Front victory and a brigade of unification, although the pursuit of the "Friends of Syria" to stop this coalition (which was Astelladeh forcibly), on his feet and a series of confessions by an actor "legitimate" for the Syrian people, and this generosity Hatami to donate his hundreds of millions of dollars and his call to Washington on an official visit and interview Obama, not only the process of public relations and propaganda will not protect coalition Doha from disintegration and collapse as the fate of the Council of Istanbul, who says his boss George Sabra, "What you want the Syrian opposition is U.S. arms (sic) while realize is that he and his coalition and his council, will not be at all conditions and, where whistled tracks the Syrian crisis, part of the scene next Valtkferrion jihadists who will judge their grip on the oppositions, and for us in the "Taliban" Afghan path and destiny .. the model and example!. It is no coincidence that says Michel Kilo Now that راودته dreams closer to the opposition Armed agent praise her, but to no avail: "Islamic alternative in Syria will not be democratic," calling for the need to save and restore the original identity. seal and media writer Mohamed carob article by saying: .. from reading Mzamaarham?!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-15-2012, 06:21 PM
Revolution sex and prostitution: Princess Saudi Arabia weighed with the official legitimate for «Front victory» before his death we all saw the Saudi girl fighting in Syria with the "Brigade of the nation" of the "Free Syrian Army" on site "YouTube" tape video shows it is veiled fighting in Syria and calls on the people of the Arabian Peninsula and the women of Islam for "support of the people of Syria." and asks the girl "Where نصرتكم the O our people in the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria? Where نصرتكم for land recommended by Allah and His Messenger? Where is your defense About Women Astnasrn you? Where are you from the people of Syria living under siege and shelling of the Flyers and guns that destroyed homes and killed children and women? ". She adds that "the people of Syria يبادون for no reason except to say our Lord God and refused to say Lord Bashar." To know how to "struggling" this girl in Syria, the site "News Press" searching for sources provide us with information around, and an account of work, how it works and what are the mission?, and the sudden that this girl Arabia is the princess close to the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, called Azza. C, and at the age of 27 years old, and have a lot of money, which is divorced from a. h, and was living in Riyadh, and owns its name in Riyadh Foundation, in Jeddah, and her relationships favor with the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, where she spends most of her time in the palace of a Saudi official known. According to information News Press has brought this princess to Syria, 5 months, at the request of Saudi intelligence, and upon arrival began to distribute funds Some leaders, and established relations suspicious with many of them, and a month ago announced that it wishes to serve the mujahideen, especially leaders in the militant groups who do not go to their homes, whether they are married or not, and say they know that in these lust and need nationality must make it up for completion in war in order not to stow away behind their cravings and whispers to them the devil. so that this princess, that was behind the fatwa issued by the clerics support the movements fighting in Syria called the Jihad Almnakhh in Syria, and provides this fatwa leave that the fighters against the Syrian regime of non- unmarried or married couples who can not meet their wives contracts fuck legitimacy with the girls or divorced for a short period not exceeding time is sometimes after divorce so as to give the opportunity to the fighters last Mounakhh. said clerics who أفتوا this fatwa that the aim of which is to enable the fighters from their legitimate right cohabitation which increases عزائمهم and raise the morale of hostilities, has begun deployment of this opinion on a local scale in areas dominated by Islamist fighters by urging girls to this jihad and considered the best way to jihad women against the Syrian regime, and among the conditions required of girls المجاهدات بالنكاح is that you are 14 years of age or absolute wearing a veil or legitimate dress, has considered that this jihad is the jihad in the name of God according to the formulas legitimacy entitles the worker him enter Paradise!! These Princess persuaded them, he must find a solution to the mujahideen, in order not to flee from the battle behind lust, until it became like proceed adultery openly among those Altcfhirien for an hour, to the extent that they donated to be the first of cohabiting with them, and here lies the scandal big around, where it says information is confirmed news Press, that the Princess, had sex and there are pictures and movies Tfdhaa, with Abu Mohammed al-Halabi administrator legitimate for "Front victory" of the "Al Qaeda", who was killed by the Syrian army. has these Arabia acts of sexual pretty awful, so that the images began addressed fighters, like a prostitute, and when I asked the woman about her work where should have been prosecuted, claimed as an absolute, and they do this as a jihadist, than they shall use the marriage with the militants so as not to deteriorate their psychology, because sex is something essential in life, and they are doing their job legitimate toward revolution, and every girl Syria and Arab to come and get married or give itself the Mujahideen in order to be happy and free of charge, in order to fight strongly against the regime of Bashar al-Assad criminal murderer, and I promise sums of money for each of the exercise of such acts. So, this is a revolution terrorists, sex, adultery, money, lies, murder and atonement. Presse news

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-17-2012, 04:24 PM
Idlib: an evening out marches in the villages of Bara, made up and Kncefrh mind Shannan denouncing the insurgents and asking them to leave their villages.
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-17-2012, 04:50 PM
Serious document in the hands of the Syrian army .. Scheme Qaeda to displace Christians from Syria in one day, Christians were living a life of prosperity, practicing rituals and rites respectfully, on the day from the time the war began eat was Alchristaa go where he wants, and sees where he wants and do whatever he wants, the Christian expresses freedoms, and make his views and live with love and security, on the day may not go back to him, he lived the Christian with a Muslim in all friendship and respect, holidays and one sorrows and one wedding and one, this day was within the confines of President Bashar al-Assad, was Pkinv believes in coexistence and freedoms, respect for religions and the Apostles, of knows the value of rights, and today it seems that the time has come to leave the Christian home and leave away to a non-place and live in is anytime. Today we see that what is planned for the Mashei in Syria, it was not planned in Iraq, where the United States and Europe? Where the owners of freedoms and democracies? Today, radical is the owner of Major's ... De those, because their interest in it, but Alchristaa no grievances him if he died or lived under dictatorships disbelief, oppression and militancy. has signed a document dangerous in the hands of the Syrian army, is more like a scheme to displace the Christians of Syria , as happened in Iraq, and then expelled from the East, which will become the Emirate and the succession to al-Qaeda, and in this context, sources said Syria informed the "News Press" that "the Syrian army was found in one of the processes after the break-room leadership of the Frente victory, and killed them, the several documents and maps of Syria among these, the most dangerous of them and the document says he must work to dismantle the fabric Syrian, sorting sectarian in Syria, and the elimination of co-existence in Syria, and most of the displacement of the Christians of them, as he did in Iraq, in the first stage , to be in a second phase kill minorities and displaced, in order to be able to (al-Qaeda) to build Khalavcna Islamic in the Middle. " The sources of the news Press that "there is a document stamped on behalf of al-Qaeda in the Levant Branch Front victory, which is signed by the Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, "noting that" the document contains a map whereabouts of Christians in Syria, and that he must log in to these areas to eliminate them and تفرقتهم, cracking the role of worship and hit the rituals and symbols. " sources revealed the news Press that "the document stresses, it must not to show mercy with all Christians "infidel," according to call it, and that it must Takovém and Araabhm and, if possible beheading of referents and symbols to intimidate them, "we must not let them impact and accused the Syrian regime to kill them and wipe them and displace them and eliminate them." This speech confirmed information "News Press "which revealed that" a few days ago and on the road between al-Hasakah and tenderness set up an armed group belonging to the Front victory flying checkpoints as usual in search of military or in order to rob citizens and was unlucky on that day a bus to one of the carriers encountered passing from there from Damascus and after stopped a number of gunmen climbed to the bus and asked the women non متحجبات cover their heads and after a search of the bus did not find Maeptgon and they broke the cross was worn by one of the passengers and forced a number of them to pronounce the certificates at gunpoint. "View More

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-17-2012, 06:54 PM
Israeli Channel Two infiltrated from Turkey to Idlib and conducted interviews with free army resolving the Israeli media guest of the Free Army's al-Qaeda in Syria, via reportage and interviews to a reporter second channel identity of Israel, and from within the meetings said a leader of the armed terrorist groups as "wishes that Ariel Sharon shared in the face of the Syrian Arab Army," he said literally, "Lu told me Sharon as against Bashar al-Assad is my eyes." and the reporter said channel Zionism second "Itai إينغل" in Mqmadmh report from the province of Idlib, "We as Israelis we can not cross the border crossings Syrian", but was Threna across some Syrians in the army free across the Turkish border, where enough to cut some forest Turkish to become inside Syrian territory. " and mentions that the army free and Khaled Meshaal, where allies raise Khaled Meshaal informed the French occupation of Syria, is the science of the Free Army, within the official celebration inside the Gaza Strip. to see in the report this Thread, / t83153.html

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-19-2012, 06:53 PM
Homs: proceeded armed terrorist group on the kidnapping of four citizens during their work in the orchards area calf Brive short and took them at gunpoint to an unknown place and citizens abducted: They (Edmon Raji Hbua - Gerges Raji Hbua - Mikhail breakers Hbua - Elijah Radel new).
has also been Edit citizen Said Ibrahim employees in Shin Communications Center after he was kidnapped by gunmen for more than ten days in a rough neighborhood
and child died Khaled Daher from his wounds, after being targeted by a sniper while playing in his home village of Ashrafieh east of the city of Homs
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-19-2012, 11:17 PM
Tunisian fighter reveals secrets: Free Army killed 120 Tunisian, Libyan and burning their bodies to accuse the army of committing massacre the national television broadcast an interview with Tunisian Tunisian terrorist Ali Alqrposa, who fought in Syria for more than a month, and appeared in several films during the fighting in Syria, said Ali Alqrposa he left the army free of the al-Qaeda because of his crimes against humanity, noting that he joined the gang after shading the media. and said Alqrposa and a 29-year-old guitarist from the Tunisian Gafsa, there are thousands of Arab fighters and a lot of wounded Arabs in the ranks of the army are barred from free treatment, and challenged the army free display any video proves that any Arabic fought in Syria right treatment or displays Arabic wounded treated in hospital field, and said Alqrposa not treated in the hospital field any Arab injured in Syria and are often killed, and reported that the army free events in Homs has killed 120 fighters of the Libyan and Tunisian and burning their bodies only to accuse the Syrian regime of committing a massacre. , and about the way he entered to Syria, said there smuggler Syrian resident in the military inside Turkish territory identified as Abu Hadi receives people across someone else's name Abu Ahmed, a resident of Antioch and are sent to fight in Syria. and confirmed terrorist Tunisian should praise God because he knew the truth and returned, and confirmed that the Free Army gangs waging a proxy war against Syria and advised Arab fighters returning from Syria.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-20-2012, 04:20 PM
Hasakah: Gunmen يسطون the 17 diesel tank on the road to tenderness - Hasakah and took them to an unknown destination, was robbery, despite the presence of tanks guarded by
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-20-2012, 04:42 PM
Terrorist group destroyed towers and stations "high tension" that provide Hama and Aleppo electricity went out the people living الكلاسة Aleppo yesterday marched popular near the mosque Alsubhan demanding the armed terrorist groups out of the neighborhood. also attacked a terrorist group last night near the town of Halfaya Brive maintaining towers and transmission networks electric power, "high tension" that provide the city of Hama and Aleppo electricity station Mharda what led to the stoppage of work. source said maintaining that the acts of sabotage affected 4 lines can 260 kV and another mistake can 66 kV explaining that the three lines feed province Hama with electricity and two other favorable to the province of Aleppo.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 04:16 PM
The document sent to the Director General of Customs Airport Abdul Aziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, proving the involvement of Saad Hariri send Thuraya to insurgents in Syria - a special Sama Syria got the site "Beirut Observer" on the text of a letter from the former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri addressed to the Director General of Customs King Abdul Aziz International Airport requesting facilitate the passage of communication devices (chandelier) sent to the rebels in Syria find reads: HE / Director General of Customs King Abdul Aziz International Airport esteemed peace, mercy and blessings of God reported happiness I / Saad Rafic Hariri / Saudi nationality, carry card Reliable No. 1-0346-1494-9 issued from Riyadh on 08/09/1408 / H I delegated Mr. Khalid Dahmhi, the - the customs broker at the airport in Jeddah winning Clearance License No. 4012 dated 14.03.1410 issued by the Customs Department in Riyadh quit all procedures and to comment on the dissolution of the consignment contained my name under Bolesh shipping No. 5/4421/24 / m. d. As well as receive permission delivery for this consignment and exempted from all duties, taxes incurred by being contains aid and communications equipment of the type / Thuraya80-51-20 / posted to the brothers in Syria and considers this mandate special this consignment. Yours Sincerely and appreciation Saad Rafic Hariri endorse the health of the signing of Mr. / Saad Rafic Hariri / Saudi Oger Ltd. / Jeddah Muhammad Salim Shweiki It is worth mentioning that the site "Beirut Observer" known his opposition and hostility severe Syria has has deleted the news half an hour after its publication but we Sama Syria, we were able to take a picture and a full copy of the news from the Web site and you picture the news site has "Beirut Observer," publish it and then delete it later

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 04:18 PM
A new report by UN investigators on Syria: entire communities are threatened, revealing the presence of armed men from 29 countries in Syria, the UN report: sects in Syria faces an existential threat makes a negotiated settlement is necessary today more than ever
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 06:57 PM
Recognition of the Tunisian send fighters terrorists to Syria, confirmed the newspaper "the Tunisian" yesterday killing terrorists, two Tunisians belong to al-Qaeda before yesterday in Syria. newspaper pointed out that terrorists Tunisians were killed during the counter Syrian Arab Army Group (Front victory) affiliated with al Qaeda in the region of Alveabih Rural Damascus. was the Baath movement in Tunisia condemned the "rush the Tunisian government to engage in political and military alliances hostile to the Arabs, under the auspices of the American and European." Movement also condemned in a statement issued by its Executive Committee and published yesterday in the Tunisian capital: "Tunisia's involvement in the chorus of confessors House Istanbul - Doha opposition Allaotunaih in Syria." And encourage the interim government to engage a lot of Tunisian youth in the ranks (the movement of victory or the saved group) terrorist Almertbttin al-Qaeda and do not seek the Tunisian government to bring their remains, as well as prisoners of these terrorists in Syrian prisons. in the context of online newspaper confirmed Morocco, Tunisia in achieving published on al-Qaeda in Tunisia that Hassan Ben Brik spokesman for Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia did not deny committing organized acts of violence include Send a so-called Mujahideen Tunisians to training camps in Benghazi Libyan station first before sending them to Turkey and then to Syria. drew newspaper Tunisian that since the end of the war in Libya is not a week goes by without news of the killing of up young Tunisian war involvement in Syria or the Syrian authorities announced the arrest of terrorists came to the Tunisian territory after receiving training in Libyan camps.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 11:53 PM
Saad al-Hariri Leicester فضيحته half a million dollars has Saad silk j pay an estimated half a million dollars in less than an hour and a half to the site owner Beirut Observer close March 14 to withdraw a document bearing his signature official show his involvement in supporting the insurgents in Syria by sending walkie-called (Thuraya) them unlike McCann promoted him and the Attorney punishment Saqr to send blankets and baby milk. (to clarify the matter) to publish a Beirut Observer hour (50; 6) minutes Thursday evening message demonstrated the involvement of Hariri Send walkie called (Thuraya) to what he called the Mujahideen in Syria and Andasah (30; 8) The site mentioned delete the message and then publish a clarification on his own corruption Book Ban site Beirut Observer exposed to تهكير if this is true why did not publish the site mentioned on his main that, but merely publishing on his Balves Facebook? Is it played a half a million dollars in a matter of time and a half to pull documents on the site in question?

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 11:55 PM
Facts about the (Mujahideen) terrorists التونسين in Syria shocked the world received Tunisian television journalist Mohamed promise ring especially the presence of the Minister Aldakhilh Tunisian During Episode face "Mohammed promises" a question to the Minister for the viewpoint Tunisian government about sending these young people to jihad others and clear in Syria, "There are two things either from the Tunisian government plot to send fighters to kill them in Syria and to get rid of them, but are common in the Syrian bloodshed." Responded to a question, how do they get these young people, after exposing the death toll التونسين in Syria, "There are two ways to exit from Tunisia either through the Tunisian border marine with Lebanon, either through Istanbul after receive your workouts in one of the camps of Al Qaeda or jihad as they call it in Tunisia, either through Ghadames, which lies on the capital 70 kilometers and receive training at the hands of Amir terrorist group there and named Ibrahim Alsoai trains twenty days and subjected to religious instruction and after training comes Hakim Belhadj, near the Tunisian government and calculated currents militant in Tunisia provides for fighters amounts of dollars. " After Vision enormous sums in the hands of young people shouting Allahu Akbar, and some of them do not know the prayer was in Tunisia remains a drunk, but after the money shouting Allahu Akbar and go to Jihad in Syria. either prong importantly, who revealed journalist, "promises" which ننقله you via news Press is the decision The Turkish government towards these fighters that they can land at airport Turkey and access to it on the condition that never sleeps fighter in Turkey for one night and upon moving to Syria the same day that reaches to Turkey, the Turkish state that prevent the presence of terrorists on its territory satisfied with the introduction of terrorists to Syria through its borders , and with the help of (rebels) NATO.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-21-2012, 11:56 PM
Syrian television broadcaster betrayal and its relationship with the victory front and help him Tfjiralabaria and kidnapping Mohammad Saeed announced Syrian television broadcaster Ahmad Fakhoury "bolting" today announced the official media in connection with the channel "Arab". The Fakhoury narrative are all provided by the staff of the Authority, while "dissidents" to the point that their mothers and bore revolutionaries, and some of them were flustered before they go out of Faraj mother! conjunction with this, issued a "Brigades are free Sham" Salafi, the daughter of "Front victory," a statement that it that is "secured bolting." What concerns us in this context is that the "truth" was published by more than two months, and specifically on the tenth of October / October last report (read it below) is the result of three months of investigation, it was revealed that Fakhoury was relationship to "Front victory" and her daughter "Brigades are free Sham" since May / May at least, and that helped in terms of information and logistical support to commit a number of months crimes, a bombing channel "News" last June, and the abduction of his colleague and friend Broadcaster Mohamed Sayed Said in the month that followed (in July) and then the explosion, which happened in the third floor of the building, "the General Authority for Radio and Television" on August 6 / August. text of the report:. sources of "truth": Broadcaster TV Ahmad Fakhoury was involved in a relationship with a "front victory "and assist in the commission of crimes against institutions and individuals and the Ministry of Information, 10 October 2012 23:10 truth revealed exhibitions and Syrian journalist Nizar Nayyuf for "truth" that Broadcaster TV Ahmad Fakhoury, one of the sponsors of the key to the evening news on television Syrian, was involved in a relationship with "Front victory" and her daughter "Brigades are free Sham" Five months ago, at least, gave the two terrorist mentioned services security and logistical crucial helped them to implement a number of its terrorist attacks, particularly to help him "Front victory" to commit crimes against institutions and members of the Syrian Ministry of Information , including the abduction and liquidation Broadcaster Mohamed Sayed Said. He said Neuf for "truth" I can assure you, with confidence and peace of conscience, and this is what has shocked many people, including his colleagues at work who live with him years ago, that Ahmad Fakhoury is one of the most dangerous "الاستطالات security" of the organization mentioned within the institutions of the Ministry of Information, to the extent he contributed in providing security services and logistics for "Front victory" enabled it to blow up the channel "news" last June, and in the kidnapping of his colleague and friend Broadcaster Mohammed Sayed Said, in the month that followed (in July) and in the bombing, which happened on the third floor of the building, "the General Authority for Radio and Television" on August 6 / August. explained Neuf, who now works in the "European Centre for Studies and Research Near East in London", saying: "in accordance with assurances Islamic sources trust her too, engaged in the south of Damascus, particularly camp Khan wormwood for Palestinian refugees and the Black Stone, a region which constitutes an incubator Popular Front victory and logistical operations, I can assure you that Fakhoury is the one who helped the mentioned on the implementation of the crimes of terrorist referred to, particularly in the field of information gathering and monitoring goals., but it is linked to the front victory the user who enter the explosive to the third floor of the TV, and it was in a Pepsi-Cola bottle, knowing that this person has already been arrested briefly on suspicion and was released. " He revealed Nayyuf that Ahmad Fakhoury "wanted to split since May / May last year, but the front of the victory is that I asked him to stay in his work and help from within the organization., And while he insisted on leaving work, was to reach a compromise is to get leave open, in order to remains able to enter the institutions of the Ministry of Information when it requests a front to do a specific task, but the time will not be long so much formally announce his defection. " And on the role Fakhoury in the kidnapping and liquidation of his colleague Mohammed Saeed, said Neuf "was Fakhoury, a friend of the Mgdor, and was visited at his home in New Artouz, given the fact that Monday committed religiously. When I asked him Front victory assistance in the abduction of his colleague, he was of gave her all the information its own, in terms of housing, and the timing of his release to work and عدوته him that week, on the grounds that the system of work roundabout like the rest of broadcasters, Sometimes what will be during the day and at other times at night. " When asked Neuf on the extent to which can be reached in confidence confiscation of Islamic Palestinian, given the unusual command for Ahmad Fakhoury, said Nayyuf "I trust these sources are confident too big, too ..., as has already given me accurate information since November / Nofemir the last year, while the front was under formation has yet to be announced, and before that the bombing of a police station in the neighborhood of the field in Damascus, which had its terrorist inaugural first. As I tested these sources in more than one position on the issue, and proved its credibility. " and meant to note that al-Ahrar al-Sham is the "daughter" Front victory, pointed Nayyuf that few people paid attention to that, "Nasra Front" issued on 23 January / January statement in which it announced the formation of a "free-Sham Brigades" which adopted the bombing of the security branches in Idlib. The strange thing is, that I did not find his explanation so far, is that the "Front victory," declared the establishment of the "Book of Ahrar al-Sham," one day before the announcement of themselves as responsible for the bombing of the field in Damascus, which is seen as a statement first founding. This is like the birth of a child by to generate his mother!! He pointed out that the free-Sham Brigades to operate as if they are "special forces" attached to "Front victory." But in fact it is up to the latter, the "Al Qaeda" the official in Syria, the first to be created and its interface, and the channel through which receive funding from the Kuwaiti Salafi movement, and to what extent the new rulers of Libya. In my opinion, the "Front victory" proceeded to this procedure is not only to attract funding "legitimate," but a precaution about the discovery of their relationship as "Al-Qaeda" and convinced the world that at a later stage and daring to be placed on the "list of terror." In this case, maintain a presence and financial channels through "free-Sham Brigades."

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 12:02 AM
Picture: the establishment of limits (God) on the Christians in Syria by terrorist groups published Brigades immigrants terrorist pictures of the process described quality which establish the limits of Allah on dozens of young people from the Christian community in Syria, and it was the guilt of these young people, all they're just Christians. , but the punishment elder was a young man carries on his chest, cross necklace, which he considered the commander of the terrorist group guilt large, have been filtering all the orders of Amir group, according to the provisions of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice of the Frente victory terror in the Levant. reminder Front victory included on the list of terrorist organizations by the United States and receive arms and financial support from Turkey via the UN Security Council, the U.S. government and some Arab regimes. 's drawing of the Security Council and human rights the serious Necmettin - News Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 12:04 AM
Why do Snipers Israelis in the Yarmouk refugee camp? said Vice President of the "National Coalition Syrian" opposition George Sabra in one of his statements that "the Yarmouk refugee camp Syrian land exist in the Syrian territory and the right of the opposition to liberation and enter them," Thus began Sabra "political great" army " FSA "to enter the Yarmouk refugee camp, kills his family, and abandons the Palestinians, who have not forgotten after tragedies displacement after the Nakba, and the weakness of the Arabs from the likes of patience against the Zionist enemy. And funny that group Sabra opposition wanted to shift attention towards the Syrian Arab Army, he is bombarding the camp and killed his family, but Filstinon stood for the opposition lookout, the system that support Palestine to the max does not give up our cause, and the system that welcomed us on More 40 years old and gave us All we need, do not let us not kill us not Ahgerna. , but to reach things, the Syrian opposition and "Free Army" that involve soldiers Zionists in the Battle of Yarmuk, this can not be tolerated, where we are before the beginning of the dissolution of Arab customers, those infidels customers to the Zionists, do not want to leave the Palestinians live a decent life, even after displaced from their homes, there is no conceivable that things up these to such a degree, entering the soldiers from the Israeli special forces to eliminate cadres Palestinian camp, and committing massacres against his family-style massacre of Sabra and Shatila. has revealed information especially for "News Press" that "the Syrian army and Palestinian resistance factions, when they clashed with elements of the army free in the camp, they hear voices screaming language of Hebrew, did not take a subject, even clashes began to evolve and battles are growing, where he killed the Syrian Arab Army a lot of insurgents , and began to enter accompanied by resistance factions actually to some areas of the camp, where voices were shouting and speak Hebrew and clear. " has indicated to private sources of news Press that "after the arrest of a terrorist elements camp, named Abu Obeida, confessed after interrogation, that the soldiers of the troops Israeli special share battles camp being submitted for entry to Damascus and grab it, and the task was to manage the battle, and snipers are adept from the Israeli army was مهتهم prevent the entry of the Syrian army to the region easily, where she was Bhozthm قناصات Steyr, machine guns modified to work Alcolmnds. " said Abu Obeida that " goal the destruction of the camp and make it the headquarters of the army free, so that the process of liberalization Damascus easier, has been the use of soldiers Israelis at the direction of country of Turkey, where the plan says that the Israelis can edit the camp, they have extensive experience in such battles, and the orders regardless of their actions Whatever, of murder, rape and other right of the people of the camp, "noting that" the number of soldiers is not very large, does not exceed 20 soldiers, but were surprised that when the bombing started on us and the army began to enter began to flee and asked withdrawn from the camp. " We ask, but enough Opposition all these criminal acts, what they are not sufficient by scandals, until they reached their things to this limit, Fleurjawa the senses, and stop the destruction of the Syrian state, because they will be defeated in the end. Khobar Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 12:16 AM
Documentation .. Abdul Razzaq Talas يضاجع of حرائر revolution from wives and Khtaibat of his colleagues through lying his maternal aunt and when "split" First Lieutenant Abdul Razak Talas summer of last year for his band Syrian troops stationed in the south, to look at it by many as a "critical juncture" in seeing the army (or a large part of it) of the conflict in Syria. It was not linked to the rank of Talas small, of which there are in the Syrian army of tens of thousands and "the moratorium Maine Yeşilay," says an expression popular دارج; But Based on his surname, which accounted for over forty years or more, "synonymous with the term al-Assad," Proceeding from the fact that his hometown Small (Rastan), which rebelled against the authority, which were presented to the military establishment nearly two thousand officer, remained throughout that period as a "Qirdahh Central and Syria!" missed Lieutenant young, lean structure and has a face italics zero, a few months formed what can be that we call "the absence of a junior," before it appears on the head, "Farouq Battalion" in Homs Bsahnh entirely different, and بخدين Matturdan structure full of people have made ​​mistakes distinction between him and another officer of the same family, "split" and later killed in one of the battles of the central region. It was remarkable that "Farouq Battalion" was marked from the first moment to exercise its military activities Aimed towards Wahhabi takfirist, and crimes qualitative committed, starting Bnhr opponents mow heads on the way, "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," and ending with kidnapping and rape, passing through other forms of different crimes in the province of Homs, all , such as the burning of oil pipelines and other public property and the displacement of tens of thousands of Christians from the city and its suburbs. Although the "truth" drew attention since last summer to its Wahhabi takfirist, and that the "returnees from Iraq," make up the backbone of the gunmen, but no one did not believe it. Everyone was view الأمرعلى as "slander revolutionaries in favor of power." Indeed, the people leading former Communist Labor Party, and poet مرهفا, such as Faraj Bayrakdar, did not hesitate in praising Abdul Razak Talas and try to approach the "Che Guevara" the same, no matter how it appeared at the command of heresy ridiculous, perhaps for قرف too! was for everyone to expected to achieve the magazine "Der Spiegel" on the operations of "halal" carried out by "Farouk" in Homs, in order to review their Iqinyatem a little superstitious, though they did not say one character to increase what we have said before six months!. However, tried many stoned correspondent German magazine prepared Investigation agent of the Syrian regime (!!), As did cultured motor half reckless, Yassin Haj Saleh, who published a text full of "Alalak Almsidi" tried to discredit translation provided by the "truth" to achieve German magazine, although the translator (Eng slender Mir Mahmud) fluent German and fluent in Arabic mother tongue, and the advantage elegantly banner in translation, a sense of slender (as his name!) to fathom the language of "Goethe," and despite that Yassin Haj Saleh relied on the translation English to German magazine, not the original text! "backbiting Minor" to Abdul Razzaq Talas key that is essential to know the behavior takfirist for "Farouk Battalion" and totally Tnagmh with with the thought of "Al Qaeda." Although no one raises the question later on that "gossip", but the "truth" tried months ago to know "secrets." It was found from different sources, some colleagues Talas himself, and others are our source officer in Antakya, Talas, and immediately after bolting went to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. During that "backbiting" met in the first phase (in Jordan) intelligence Jordanian recruited and provided him with "channels of communication" with the views of the Lebanese most notably the security apparatus "Lebanese Forces" of the Samir Geagea (= Israel practically) and "Future Movement" Hariri, organizations Salafi Others in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, later turned into a rear base for logistics battalion, "Farouk." So before they enter the French intelligence on the plan through "Lama Atassi," and its president Bernard-Henri Levy, a journalist and the other in the magazine "for Oknar Oncinih" (the wife of journalist "Le Figaro" who was killed by militants, "Farouk" Pfvefah mortar in the neighborhood "Nozha" Homs) . As for the second leg of his journey (Saudi Arabia), was the highlight was the meeting with Sheikh takfirist Adnan Aeraour who received from Talas on oath to "loyalty and obedience" as "Prince Supreme Farouq Battalion," as confirmed from the same sources, and of the exclusive obtained "truth" with pictures and correspondence related to one of his colleagues in the leadership of the battalion mentioned was a witness directly, over about a year, the crimes of Talas and deviations behavioral and configured psychiatric patients, which ended the practice of "incest" with his aunt (sister of his mother) and savoring watching "حرائر revolution" Alshakayat they have sex with each other in front of him, according to documents and exclusive photos obtained by the "truth," and will be published successively! days ago, exploded case, which considered a "sex scandal" to Abdul Razzaq Talas, where they were distributed tape has emerged which is masturbate to the sound of one of his friends ("Mesa") coming across the network, "Skype" from somewhere else. Soon followed the tape part second of it, but the more "scandalous." Although the "truth" charted for itself since its inception line writing distancing them from privacy people and Humaimyatem, out of conviction that it related to "individual freedoms own" people, but they had to dissemination of the tape, given because the issue is related to the leader of a criminal gang and Wahhabi presented itself as "the guardian of ethics and Islamic protect her and promising them!" This case prompted the "truth" to the resumption of interest in order Abdul Razak Talas, no person alone, but for being a "model normative and ideal "for the Islamic hypocrite and pervert satisfactory, which involves configured on after satisfactory (" psychopathic ") where she mixes strikes nationality resulting from frustration generated by the ideology of Islamic repressive contrary to human nature and فطرتها, strikes mentality that caused the conflict between the needs of natural hand and education based on ideology Islamic referred to, and the implications of all this on the political behavior and "military" the blood of the person in question. During re-examination, I got the "truth" of a co-Talas in the battalion, "Farouk", one of the closest associates over almost an entire year, documents and images reveal not only the fact of Talas, but the fact that "the armed and political milieu" that surrounds it as well, including the motor and the other a quorum Khaled Abu Salah. For example, the show's "truth" that a woman who speaks with Talas terms sex tape "scandalous" which we have referred, partially I and II, is only "the facilitator" fiancee colleague and good friend, "Hossam El Din Mari," honorable one of the most "Mujahideen Farouq Battalion "too!! And "Miss" This is not only one of the "revolution حرائر", married or Almkhtobat the "Mujahideen" others, who عرفن of the chamber Abdul Razak Talas, and some of them "mandated security" came from behind the border! A case of "Media Daghistani," which we were promised readers in a previous report highlighting the story.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 12:17 AM
A sequel to the previous report

Media Daghistani (born in Homs, 1983), the daughter of a Syrian journalist known, is considered one of the most prominent "حرائر revolution" who عرفن chamber Abdul Razak Talas in Homs and Rastan for days and nights, but commissioned by prominent media "Giselle Khoury," which offers the program "Stoyo Beirut" in channel "Arab," and security apparatus "Lebanese Forces" which is headed by Samir Geagea, according to confirmed by fellow Talas in "battalion Farouk"! In order for the mission to the fullest, Media Daghistani played the role of a reporter for the Al Arabiya "" tasked with "press" in the coverage of the activities of Abdul Razak Talas and his battalion Wahhabism. And before that was a quorum fiancee and "legendary hero of the revolution," Khaled Abu Salah, but Talas managed from "extracted" from teammate "Mujahid" and break his heart! It is clear from private correspondence that Talas offered her marriage bar that does the same. And they seem to have accepted this, at least in the beginning. The images obtained by the "truth" of the Media Daghistani, which is in the chamber of Talas, show they actually تحجبت, albeit partially! This even though the novel again, for another colleague to him, suggest they put the veil order Talas "only through its presence with him, and to show its commitment to the religious center of his colleagues." entered the Media Daghistani to Homs and Rastan by Lebanon Sometimes, through Idlib often, as residing in Turkey, offering "revolutionary experience" for "Syrian National Council" and there أشياعه! In order to justify its existence with him in his chamber,, Talas informed his colleagues as "news" channel "Arab." It was not يجانب much truth in it. It cooperates with the "Arab" actually against the fixed salary, and have already met with Hillary Clinton, the U.S. secretary of state, among the delegation of the "Syrian National Council", and asked them to U.S. support for gangs, "the army free," according to a special report to the Agency "Reuters" published the beginning of April / April! Media Daghistani in the chamber Abdul Razak Talas Click image to browse a collection of pictures "review of sexual" provided Daghistani to Talas to "Skype" and show pictures published aside, we have obtained from a colleague Talas As noted, the nature of relations animal and bestiality that govern this kind of human beings. They generally kind of relations "Rahmouni" of (relative to the age of Rakhmon, an aide Farouk Tayfur, who previously uncovered behavior with the "revolution حرائر"). Valtaaber recorded in the Daghestani talks with Talas on "Skype" in a manner like verbatim what was dealt Rakhmon life with "revolution حرائر"! (What is the secret that the "rebels Islamists" all Araodon "Silks" Amadadjathen of Makharchen!?). In fact, if the feet of fellow Talas Talas to expose, through providing us with these pictures, it was a religious motive in the first place, he said. In his view, as expressed literally "a Talas case of animal in the body of the revolution, a condition morally decadent printed almost all Islamist rebels, both in the Farouq Battalion or any other." This confirms the "homey" that his colleague Talas "became collapsed psychologically completely, which is examining the with the supreme authority for him, Adnan Aeraour, the idea of escape to Chechnya and disappearances from the eyes of the world for good, especially after being exposed a lot of crimes, moral and military!" referred finally to the Talas Married and has a daughter. The girl from speeches shield during his military service in the province mentioned (before "bolting"). She is now in custody because of him! in the coming episodes of "Soldiers Aeraour", you will learn about photographs and other evidence on the amazing aspects of the "other life" to Abdul Razzaq Talas "Sharh face" the most prominent in the "Armed Islamic revolution" in Syria, which turned out to be the project is no longer possible to distinguish it between employment and espionage and treason and wantonness, "Altaras" of sabotage and organized terrorism and murder on the identity! truth

12-22-2012, 05:25 AM
Exposure Tower line tension high to sabotage carried out by armed terrorist group which led to power outages in a number of neighborhoods of the city of Damascus and explained the Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis said in a statement that the process of sabotage led to the exit of some lines feeding the city of Damascus with the service stressing that it has been re- part of the feed via additional backup lines and will be re-feed the rest of gradually within 48 hours
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 04:00 PM
Kill terrorist group working photographer with Syrian Haider الصمودي, television in front of his home in Kafarsouseh district Damascus of an armed terrorist group targeting photographer working television Syrian Arab Haider الصمودي, the front his home in Kafarsouseh district in Damascus. , Comes this targeting a sequel to a series of crimes committed by the militia "Free Army" and militias armed opposition against the media Syrians, Arabs and foreigners, from the Front victory kidnapping and killing of media Syrian Mohammed Saeed also announced in one of the statements in the August / August, to the kidnapping of Lebanese journalist Fida Itani and after Lebanese journalist Ghadi Francis, except for the many crimes against journalists Syrians, most notably the attack on the building, the news channel and destroy Astedjohadtha and kill journalists and staff them, and killed the journalist Tigers Mohammed and photographers Hatem Abu Yahya and Mohammad Ashram and the kidnapping and torture of the media in favor Alokta and a car bombing journalist Ayman news and amputation leg, in addition to the killing of militia "free" journalist Gilles Jacquia one of the neighborhoods of Homs through indiscriminate shelling with mortars by the militia "free" neighborhood Sabri, who was present, "Jacquia" in it, and the militia, "free" using some foreign journalists as human shields during operations which was carried out by the Syrian army to eliminate insurgents in Homs

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 04:18 PM
Tunisian journalist reveals a 3500 armed Tunisian in Syria support Turkish revealed Tunisian journalist Mohammed promises in an interview on Channel people of Tunisia that the number of fighters Tunisians who are in Syria, more than 3,500 fighters, and expressed surprise at the press how to allow the Tunisian government for more than 3,500 young Tunisian out of the territory this shape, wondering whether the government متآمرة the Tunisian youth and send them to die. noted journalist promises that exit routes are made ​​by airline found in Bourguiba Avenue and take them directly to Lebanon or Istanbul, and from there go for training in the area Khaddams distant about 70 km from the Tunisian border and Then move to the city of the corner and there awaits a person known by the name Ibrahim Alsoiei trains them for a period of twenty days and then take them to Brega and there never came Hakim Belhaj known for his friendship document the Tunisian government, and provides them with bundles of dollars to become mujahideen and shouting God's largest, and then be transported from the port of Brega towards Istanbul. Here, you ask journalist promises How can the Turkish government that respects itself that facilitates the transit of terrorists through its territory to neighboring countries, where not allow the Turkish government for any terrorist Tunisian or Libyan that remain on its territory one day and immediately after his arrival to the airport notification to the border towns of the three with Syria They Antioch and Adana and Mersin, on the border awaits them two Syrians first is called Haj Ibrahim and the second Abu Ahmad and Angulwhm for inside Syrian territory. known for terrorist Abu Ahmed Syrian as required for each intelligence world, which transmits 3 regiments of combatants and deliver them to the militia, "the army free" or areas controlled by Before "victory Front", and delivers the fourth batch of fighters to the Syrian intelligence. Tunisian journalist stressed that Libya and Tunisia are the human reservoir for al-Qaida and there are other countries contribute money and information.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-22-2012, 05:09 PM
TV Austrian: "Front victory" terrorist carried out 500 bombing in Iraq and Syria confirmed site television Austrian-mail that thousands of militants Front victory belonging to the al-Qaeda terrorist involved dozens of bombings that took place in Syria recently. pointed out the location in a news report that the organization Front victory terrorist seeks to establish an Islamic state in Syria along the lines of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and this is what fear the majority of Syrians of all sects. report pointed out that the basic orientation of the Frente victory requires multiplying each of not supported or walks in passengers ideological and intellectual dangerous noting that it receives funding and weapons from al-Qaeda . warned site television Austrian that al Qaeda in Syria do not fight for the victory of the Syrian people and help him, but his goal only / projection system / and this is what is in the future, a major threat to the West and opens against a new front of confrontation referring to the constant communication between factions of the Front victory in Iraq, Syria and continuous coordination among them on the implementation of the terrorist bombings in both countries. drew site that al-Qaeda and his faction Front victory has exceeded Tfjerathma terrorist 500 bombing recently in Iraq, Syria and their support began from Iraq and confidential sources, especially after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. report noted site growing network Front victory in the last year and increased ramifications and its contacts with the Arabian Gulf and Europe

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-23-2012, 03:46 PM
AC Amoosada in Jordan announces death of one مجرميه in Syria announced Salafist movement Amoosada in Jordan on Saturday, killing one مجرميه in Daraa southern Syria, where he left Palestine and the U.S. air base in Jordan and carrying a weapon Zionist and went to fight the Syrian Arab Army on behalf of the Zionist army and killed under the feet of men. The leader of Jordanian terrorist Abdul Qader Shehadeh, nicknamed "Abu Muhammad Tahawi" for United Press International, said, "Mahmoud Abu cooking (23 years), a resident of the area Dhlail in the province of blue northeast of the capital Amman killed Friday in Dara southern Syria during a terrorist attack carried out against the Syrian Arab Army. did not mention Tahawi to the nature of the military operation that was executed. was Salafist terrorist in Jordan recently announced that the number of supporters who are fighting in the ranks of the gangs in Syria reached 300 element, and some of them assume responsibilities The major tasks and headed by the leader of victory Front (Army hoses and f) of al-Qaeda.

12-24-2012, 10:16 PM
Terrorists يلطخون their crimes architecture school parents in Darya is not the first time that targeted by the terrorists NATO educational institutions, there are dozens of schools around the terrorists dens to commit their criminal acts except for targeting students, the size of the devastation caused by terrorists in a school pride shows clearly on the barbarism and obscurantism these mercenaries and ارتباطاتهم Foreign there are no reasons can justify what he did by terrorists against this holy place, which draws from hundreds of children of science and knowledge only their hostility to the Syrian people and killing the future of his children a number of halls turned their seats to ashes after being set terrorists الحاقدون fire to everything to devour her memories of generations of the school's students lived there for moments of their grandfather and their fun and their wishes and desires memories can not replay again raised the vandalism and aggression up in place to limit trauma, where not only the terrorists to destroy rows, but turned it into dens to plan their operations criminal in the region as well as the exploitation of a number of halls school and convert it to a place to hide the equipment stolen from houses, hospitals and government institutions

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 08:35 PM
Big sex scandal shook the pillars of victory terrorist front?!! shook the pillars of the organization "victory Front" terrorist great sex scandal, which led to a rift between the leadership of "victory" on how to deal with it, no one expected between combat brigades in Syria, to catch the "front Nasra "scandal of this kind, due to Chddhzh front of the al-Qaeda, has seized a child" for the victory, "composed of 20 people and their leader, who is called, Abu Ahmed al-Tamimi, who are engaged in adultery" sex "with about 30 girls of the wives and daughters of insurgents in the" Front victory "and" Free Army ", in a group sex is forbidden in Islamic law, which are consequences and consequences. sources said Syria The Syrian army set this group with its leader, the situation of breach of ethics can not be mentioned, and to explain the details of where he was filming them, they يعاشرون about 30 Girl Balachtsab in a large hall in the city of Idlib, during a valuable Amaljeic process quality, to purge some neighborhoods of Idlib from terrorists. Sources pointed out that all these Marovo affiliation, and they were with their leader Abu Ahmdaltmaimi, where he was caught with the girls, and after that have been investigated with these, show that they belong to the "Front victory" terrorist, stressing that it was confirmed the identities of these, where there is including more than 15 foreigners, led by their leader, al-Tamimi, a Saudi national, aged 40 years, and it was confirmed the identities of women, where including 20 Syria , and most of them are married to Syrians, and there was a woman women hold a Saudi citizenship. The sources pointed out that some women Oorteurn that what قمن it was the result of threats, pressure and blackmail, rape by militants, and where threatened women with death if they did not يقمن this work, as it has been pressure on the the minds of girls, that they are these actions serve "Syrian Revolution" and enter Paradise of the wider doors. On the other hand, sources in the Syrian opposition in an interview with media that this scandal shook the pillars of "Front victory," and that a dispute great erupted between gunmen from the front, and the army free, on the background of this work, where I got some of the battles between the two, and killed more than 10 dead, noting that there are those who seek to establish peace between them so as not to rupture the morale of insurgents in Idlib more than they are torn!!. Elsewhere signed violent clashes between the elements of the so-called Free Army and Anasrma called Front victory in Aleppo and its environs because of the thefts and the spoils , and in different parts of the countryside of Aleppo, while the oldest gunmen burned محلجة of cotton in the province where the losses were estimated at millions of pounds .. correspondent Fars news agency reported that violent clashes broke out between elements of the so-called the "Free Army" and elements of the organization "Front victory" of the Tnazm Qaeda in the areas of "Hanano" and "orchard Basha" and "logo" and "through the door" and villages "Derhafer" and "door" and other areas in Aleppo fell evacuated a large number of dead and wounded in the ranks of both parties. reporter said that the armed groups targeted محلجة "October" for cotton Hatodharmt fire to the contents of Mahljh which resulted in the outbreak of a major fire and the burning of all Mabdakhalha, where losses were estimated at millions of pounds. were armed groups has proceeded in Earlier on robbery number Mansoama grains in different parts of the countryside of Aleppo, as they hit the gas generators that generate electric power in Aleppo and destroyed a number of water pumps which Maady to the outbreak of a serious crisis. Statoil intelligence center

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 09:22 PM
Woman raped in front of her husband by the prosecutor Revolution one of the displaced Syrian: barriers of rape in the area «Khan Shaikhoun» Syrian shock the world this story took place in the town of Khan Shaikhoun Syrian as told by the news Press one of the displaced Syrian to Lebanon and tears on her cheek BOUREGREG complaining about injustice militia army free Wahhabism . told us about barriers rape When passing neighbor with her ​​husband on one of the barriers of the Army free late in the night and after checking Borachm probative by terrorist elements impressed responsible for the barrier monogamous man, Vomrōha to disembark after they agreed among themselves to be lowered in front of her husband, who did not appreciate to do something and weapons directed at her head and began يسمعوها phrases nationality and perceive it Kalohouc, when Anzloha they took some of the Meters and عرضوها in the darkness on the official terrorist who seems to be top of them rank, who was away from the barrier فأضاء lamp on her face in the dark and approved the request of Army soldiers free and تناوبوا to rape her. complement women Speaking to news Press amid distraught brothers, colleagues, and says he heard the husband screaming his wife, a cry to save her from the hands of these monsters who want to rule Syria, came down from the car and تعارك with a terrorist elements, who was standing near the driver's door, Vtark with him but an army free shot without mercy or pity killing him before the eyes of his wife raped Press news - Lebanese News

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 09:23 PM
Killed an elderly Syrian ugliest road publish activists on social networking sites a picture of an old man lying on the ground, according to those who Nschero's it in a village Syrian near the city of Aleppo and the old apparently does not have a means of transport but this bike, to go and get the gas bottle for his children , and after passing near an army checkpoint heat did not stop one rushed Libyan fighters and shot him, and claimed he imagined him to the old of the system شبيحة! News Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 09:25 PM
Free Army controls the crossing Tel white arms Alfotoshobah since nearly a month published Tenskiet (revolution) Syrian picture of crossing hill and white included is aware of the opposition which is raised above the crossing, and offered to television stations affiliated to the opposition's yesterday and claimed that the crossing is under the control of the Free Army and the Frente victory, A search in the national pages and found the difference and how it has been manipulated image and the development of science Free Army or NATO flag on the bridge over the crossing, we admit it full control of the army but free by photoshop. Http:// of Gad Necmettin - News Press

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 09:30 PM
The prevalence of car theft (Pickup) in Beirut and sold by gunmen in Syria revealed a Lebanese security source earlier today about the prevalence of car theft (pickup) Shipping in Beirut purpose of selling the elements of the armed groups that carry out terrorist acts in Syria. In a statement to the Voice of Lebanon special confirmed source said the stations Shiah and Ein Rummaneh in Beirut تبلغت in the last period for the spread of this phenomenon refers to the existence of a gang dedicated looking for this type of car, pointing out that the information indicates that this gang deliberately to sell stolen vehicles to armed groups in Syria, where they use mechanisms to install defender small on board. it stopped the Lebanese army thirty people from different nationalities during the crackdown included several Lebanese regions during the past two days. said in a statement to the Directorate of guidance in the Lebanese Army Command has been adjust the amount of weapons and individual ammunition and six stolen cars and motorcycles from without legal papers in the possession of the detainees were handed people with seizures to the competent judiciary and security References to take the necessary measures.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-26-2012, 09:31 PM
Again .. Tunisian newspaper confirms killing of a terrorist in Syria confirmed the Tunisian newspaper "Gazette" e-Tunisian today another Tunisian terrorist killed in Syria. The newspaper, citing sources trace the Salafist movement in Tunisia that the terrorist named (Abu Musab al-Maher Almihob) was killed in Syria after a terrorist suicide bombing. newspaper said Tunisian The terrorist Abu Musab al-Maher Almihob is the brother of three brothers belonging to the current Salafi and have already killed one of them in Iraq. The newspaper "Tanit Press" electronic Tunisian confirmed yesterday killed the terrorist Tunisian Oussama cedi aka Abu Hafs Tunisian in Syria, while the newspaper confirmed "the Tunisian" day before yesterday, killing a terrorist another Tunisian last Saturday during address the Syrian Arab Army of the armed terrorist groups in Homs.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-27-2012, 02:12 AM
Names and pictures ... "Legends" Libya convergence died in Syria the site said "Arab Press" in a news report about the existence of Libyan fighters in Syria, prepared by our colleague Jawad Al-Sayegh , it is no longer a secret to a post fighters Libyan military action taking place in Syria by the Frente victory, and the militia, "Free Army", جهاديو Libya coming from the hell of the revolution that toppled regime of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi does not resemble their case Arab jihadis who preceded them or came after them to the Levant, many areas in the north Syrian become subject by virtue of the law to the authority of the Libyans coming from Benghazi, Derna, and Zintan, and Misrata. said Sayegh: Mahdi Alharatne battalion commander "martyrs Tripoli" was the first arrivals to Syria to fight alongside the armed groups, taken Alharatne who has previously and fought in Kosovo and Iraq Idleb countryside based and his armed entered northern Syria from the Turkish border, established Alharatne Brigade nation in Syria, which now includes fighters Libyans, Syrians, and Arabs, back commanding lead this brigade to the group Alharatne alone. influx of fighters Libyans to Syria began in late 2011, and specifically when I put the Libyan revolution ended after entering the rebel cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, the Syrian government announced that "terrorists Libyan" fighting the Syrian army, but the Syrian opposition wings military, and political has always denied this novel, and considers fabrication of the other.The system to convince the international community that the Syrian Revolution has become a حاضنا essential for terrorism, extremism and militancy. fighters of the Libyan Revolution walked according to the instructions of their leader Mahdi Alharatne who put them plan to intensify their presence in the north of Syria, specifically rural Idlib, and Aleppo to their proximity to the Syrian border - Turkish, in addition to the ease of creating an incubator for them due to the simplicity of the rural population, and fragmentation of combatants Syrians, and this makes it easier to hold a brigade command, and forbidding them. added Sayegh: Not limited mobility Libyan Syrian presence in rural Idlib and Aleppo as soon extended For Ebeo Syrian Revolution to the cities of Homs and areas in the countryside of Damascus, and were able Like their counterparts in the north Syrian holding the banner of leadership for them in areas that are present therein, has been able to Syrian army to arrest one of the Libyans in Damascus which quickly turned out to be President of the Chamber of military operations in the town of Darya according to the confessions of pages of social networking sites in support of the Syrian revolution. there is no accurate figures for many fighters Libyans in Syria, but according to some civil society organizations that Adidhm than thousands, and arrived in the case of some associations extent to emphasize that the Libyans make up forty percent of fighters Syrian Revolution, and lie under the banner of the banner of the nation, and the Front victory, and brigades which are characterized by stringent, and religious extremism. As for the dead Libyans who were killed on Syrian territory, there is not a novel one to prove the true figure for them, but certainly that's a hundred of them were assume leadership positions In the Libyan revolution, and others pushed poverty, extremism, and the desire to support their brothers to go to Syria عساهم contribute to the success of the revolution. noted an "Arab Press" that "Khaled Akora" is considered the most prominent fighters Libyans who were killed in Syria, provided by his friends as "The Legend of fighting Libya on Syrian territory, "previously Aakora and fought in Afghanistan, then returned to Libya to lead the army of the revolution in Benghazi, he tells his friends that he had killed four members of the Libyan army knives alone, taking advantage of the power structure of Gethsemane, after the end of the revolution in Libya entered Akora Syria from the Turkish border, enabling the Syrian army to kill him in the second day of the holy month of Ramadan. along Akora there are the names of a large number of Libyans who died in Syria, most notably: Ali Mohamed Aujali known as Abu Nasser was killed near the airport تفتناز military and belongs to the (brigade Nation), Mohamed Fawzi Darhube (Front victory) was killed in Aleppo, Abdul Qadir Masrati, Mohammed Freij, Mohammed Arafat, the pioneers of the night (killer in the countryside of Idlib and then returned to Libya to pull traveler toward Syria for the second time where you died), Muhannad Asmia knew him شراسته in the fighting, leaving his colleagues on the battlefield after he was wounded, and died of his wounds he sustained, Muhannad Alsoiei, Omar Sakr Moroccan, Ashour Bo step, Ahmed Nouri screen Aujali known as "Abu Qaqaa Libyan" carried out a suicide bombing in the city of Hama claimed the lives of two women , and wounding a number of civilians, Mohammed Emhemed Alaftmana killed in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din in Aleppo, Mohammed Abdul Kareem Mahamed move between Daraa and Homs, was killed in Bab Hood, Tariq Alhsna, Moataz Mostafa two weeks was killed in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din in Aleppo, Hamad Kamal Masrati descended from the tuber killed In Damascus, Omar Faleh was killed along with a full group, which included Syrian and Libyan after being targeted by a tank shell, Anas Ahmed al-Megrahi, Mohammed Darhube killed in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din, Hisham Abdel Aziz Alhsada of the city of Derna killed in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din in Aleppo, Mohammed Altarhuni killed in the neighborhood Salahuddin also, Ali Gilani, Ahmed Galal Alakora,, Talal Walid Faitouri, Ahmed Walid Faitouri, Abdul Rahman الورفلي killed in Homs, Abdullah Hubab, Abdel Moneim Tagouris, and Ala Hell including penalty committed their hands and what was God Bzalmanm but they wronged themselves

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-27-2012, 02:16 AM
Zionist military units in the ranks of the army free crept into Syria via Turkey Western press reports revealed that the secret Israeli military units entered at intermittent intervals into Syrian territory in order to control the chemical weapons supposedly in Syria. drew information that "the meetings held in Turkey between Israeli experts from the Institute of Biological Israeli and a number of officers fleeing the Syrian Arab army in addition to the leaders of some armed groups." and noted that Israeli television had accompanied gangs Free Army affiliated to al-Qaeda and infiltration across the border and conducted interviews with fighters from the Free Army. comes this information in conjunction with the total of attacks on scientific research center by armed gangs and some of the laboratories of the Ministry of Defense. this and suggests military experts on Tm a weapon chemical in that area where the Syrian chemical weapons ready to fight exists on the heads-propelled grenades near the border with the Zionist entity and not near the Turkish border, where there is a factor only, and experts confirms that these units participated Zionist gangs fight alongside or supervised the fight.

12-27-2012, 12:49 PM
Terrorists detonated a car bomb in السبينة "River Street" Rural Damascus during the morning to go to their staff and students to the school which led to the martyrdom of four citizens and wounding ten others, mostly school students
12-27-2012, 12:49 PM
Tenderness and in collaboration with parents and after monitoring and follow-up found the competent organs of a dump truck containing a large amount of explosives, an estimated three tons near a school with masts and the engineering units dismantled
12-27-2012, 12:50 PM
Idlib: Gunmen blow up a pedestrian bridge near the town of Hich بمعرة Numan on Aleppo Awstrad - Damascus Tfajikhh after dozens of improvised explosive devices
12-27-2012, 01:11 PM
Algerian army is made ​​terrorist training camps in Tunisia and sent to Syria and Iraq investigations revealed and Altgosaiat conducted by the Algerian army on training camps for militants in Tunisia that those responsible for these camps are training terrorists wishing to join terrorist organizations fighting in Syria and Iraq and the preliminary information confirms that supervisors on this training centers came from Libya to Tunisia for training militants and sending them to Syria and there is information unconfirmed reports monitored 3 training centers for armed groups in the region of Jendouba, Tunisia, 60 kilometers from the Algerian border, where he held Major General Ahmed Bustalh commander of the National Gendarmerie Algerian meeting with leaders at the level of the fifth to discuss matter and to avoid terrorists' access to or use of Algeria to the Algerian territory conduit to move to their goals

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-27-2012, 04:27 PM
Arrest Lebanese possession of weapons tried to infiltrate into Syria Lebanese authorities arrested yesterday Lebanese nationals two in the projects bottom while trying to infiltrate into Syria and possession of weapons and ammunition. reported the National News Agency that a barrier to the internal security forces stopped in the projects bottom "Josie" a citizen of the town of Arsal and another from the bottom and it projects while trying to infiltrate into the card Syria In حوزتهما, the Syrian officer and a Lebanese Mzortan identity and hunting guns, ammunition and wireless devices.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 09:05 PM
Mustafa Rashid Asifrh, .. reveals the Syrian armed terrorists, rape and exposes the crimes of terrorism in Syria the narrated one of the elements of the armed groups, "Mustafa Rashid Asifrh" of the countryside Aleppo how joined the armed groups, and according to his confession was forced initially to join Besvovhm after the members of the armed group called "the banner of Tawhid" broke into his home and offered him to join them through the kidnapping of his wife and daughter, and they raped his wife and joined them with his cousin spring and neighbor "Mustafa Asifrh . " and said: "After I joined the ranks of terrorists My job was to spy on security checkpoints and army checkpoints and inform terrorists points of the presence of these barriers and their numbers and their weapons and you walk around on a bicycle by the Fund is full of meat to disguise that I am an ordinary citizen looking for a living also worked Rami rifle Russian." and abductions and looting noted "Asifrh" that Metzam the armed group had been planning for these operations فيدخلون to empty houses of the population in the neighborhood and they stole all the purposes of the house. and how to acquire weapons "He was one of the gunmen is to provide another armed with weapons and then the latter to provide members group. " as told by "Asifrh" How were taking women under the pretext of cooking and then they raped and practice immorality with them, and pointed out that funding with money and food was not by stealing homes and businesses and selling their contents and external support in مارع and trials are in the area مارع Center Pied Piper what called "the banner of Tawhid" pointing out that among the militants nationalities Afghan and Pakistani, along with a number of women. admitted "Asifrh" the names of a number of Pied Piper of armed groups in so-called "Front victory" of the so-called "the banner of Tawhid" illusion "Hammoud Alkharawi" Metzam armed group بقاضي Askar and "Farouk Arbash" generously Homd and "صطوف the pasture," Sheikh Saeed.

12-28-2012, 09:08 PM
Image practices Front victory against the elderly Syrians ... Do you "shake" Arab and Islamic world! when the political front victory bombing and terror and slaughter, can the peoples who wish freedom taste of terrorism to witness the proceedings of more than stated and recall always spread a picture via the social networking site for fighter Saudi sexual Front victory of terrorism, which is wielding his weapon generally old woman has only to pray for deterred by this terrorist, who came to Syria to jihad, when we saw this picture Imagine us Zionist occupation soldiers when directing their arms to our brothers the Palestinians in Palestine stolen, but today seeing These violations in the land of Syria, and by whom!! At the hands of terrorist groups, lectures in the name of religion, and raises cries of Allahu Akbar when you slaughter a Muslim, and cut down the bodies of our fellow Christians as They are mercenaries, NATO today are the most horrendous crimes, under the slogan of many the most important jihad and claim freedom, where is Jihad in this picture??, It is looking at this house modest knows that the occupants do not have a loaf of bread, and watching these old How do you view this terrorist a Muslim at least through her ​​veil and if this mercenary claims Jihad says Front victory where the dignity of the veil after a raid on her home??, and still some of them give us lessons on behalf of democracy and the rule of militants who do not have any connection to the Islamic religion Mohammadi afternoon, this picture ننقلها you a draw Arab and Islamic nation Where are you from practices of the Free Army and the Frente victory against Syrian brothers??. (Friday 2012/12/28 SyriaNow) the

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 09:20 PM
Map of arms smuggling from Lebanon to Syria .. Crossings and the names continue the flow of arms from Lebanon to Syria in large quantities despite the actions carried out by the Lebanese army in the previous period and that made ​​the political parties, regional and local value of the smuggling of these reorganize their positions, after the closure of crossing Jura in plain bottom totally in the face of arms smuggling and insurgents after the control of the Syrian army in the town of Jose two months ago, and strikes a strong gunmen and smugglers who belong mostly to the town of Arsal in the Bekaa Valley north of Lebanon. restructuring and organizing the smuggling of arms, necessitated this time the effective cooperation and logistical support of the Lebanese Forces party in Red Deer and Groudha between the north and the Bekaa Valley. identifies the competent authorities sources weapon, which passes through Lebanon to Syria out of Lebanon, specifically from Israel after running out of arms almost in the Palestinian camps, which was during the last stage the main source of weapons smuggled into inside Syria, as has been replacing a Palestinian arms weapon smuggler comes from Israel this time, comes up arms Israel since several weeks Mara Lebanon to reach the militants of anti-regime of President Bashar al-Assad. sea is a corridor of international shipments of Israeli weapons and that degrade either in the port of Tripoli, or on the island of rabbits where they are transported to the mainland Lebanese via small boats , and then take the elements close to the Lebanese Forces Party, the transfer of these shipments through the cars to the town of Red Deer in the northern Bekaa a focal point between the northern Bekaa and North Lebanon through a series of Lebanon Bank. of Red Deer takes people from the town of Arsal transfer of these shipments to areas of northern Bekaa adjacent to Syria, where delivered to network a third holds the process to facilitate the passage of these consignments in towns and villages Shiite and Christian adjacent to the smooth-Lebanon and across the mountains to the inside Syrian specifically to Damascus, where he is currently focused effort insurgents. competent authorities, define network Red Deer - smooth Eastern ten people, including ( a.) (a x. h) and (i. t) and (m. h), nicknamed Daad is apparently their boss or the most active in this field within this network. upon the arrival of shipments to the Lebanese villages adjacent to the smooth East between Lebanon and Syria be distributed to several areas and villages used Kmaibr to inside Syria: crossing first through Arsal. crossing a second through the village of Nabi Othman and the securing passage person named (m. Q. d) It is a kinship with the hijacker Estonians Hussein الحجيري aka (Barber) This town's population are in favor of the regime in Syria. third crossing through the town of Ras Baalbeck in an area called "Tnah head." passes through the fourth crossing projects bottom smooth at the foothills of the eastern area called "Yes

Hamada struggle
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 09:21 PM
Correspondent of the newspaper "The Guardian" the British city of Aleppo, speaks of "divide the spoils" between the leaders of terrorist groups, the correspondent of "The Guardian": the number of opposition fighters were killed during the division of the spoils and looting correspondent of the newspaper "The Guardian": left one shop or store a government in the city, but It was looted by the number of armed militants told the reporter, "The Guardian" that looting come to take revenge on the people of Aleppo who did not support the opposition

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 09:27 PM
Explosion of a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber in the Jacobite area of ​​vacancy to bridge the countryside of Idlib, killing citizens and property damage
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 09:51 PM
From Lake Zrzr to barriers destroyed .. Night death march ... And a free financiers say: victory threaten us is the diplomatic escalation intensifies towards the crisis in Syria - what some interpreted as near a settlement to end the bloodshed which dye Geography Syrian - and with modern rolling months ago about the battle of Greater Damascus and the days of the countable became the conflict is evident, but this time between elements splinter or fall under the banner of a militia army free and between groups fundamentalist Salafi stationed around the capital, Damascus only media sources and information identical fighters free want to fight and to enter residential areas of concentration in which the establishment of fortifications be points for attacking the Syrian army and here recorded fighters free two birds throw a stone one, it is the first guarantee infiltration into residential areas around Damascus and this will delay the progress of the Syrian army in the residential areas and the second is what can be exploited media of clashes and shelling, accusing the Syrian army shelling civilians either Islamist groups fighting has met and announced the unity of the Muslim who decided to fight independently of the militia free because they consider that dissidents are not struggling jihad Islamists in the name of Allah, but fighting fighting without the depth of intellectual and religious Some fight due to bombing his village, including the death of his relatives , while Mahmoat the militant Islamic Knasrh are struggling for the sake of her Lord on Syrian territory against the government considered an infidel feedback foregoing reflected on the ground on the ground in Damascus notes militant Islamic fighters focus on residential areas inhabited by families of soldiers in the Syrian army (destroyed - mezze 86) which saw the last several Accidents mortar attack and the bombing of car bombs while recorded since the days of clashes at a checkpoint of the Syrian army in the vicinity destroyed where there are one of the elite teams in the Syrian army which is the fourth division headed by its corners brother of Syrian President Brigadier General Maher al-Assad informed sources said: It seems that the Islamist fighters who had gathered in the vicinity of Lake Zrzr and the Zabadane Rural Damascus and then attacked several checkpoints in the vicinity destroyed Damascus officer in the fourth year, says an Arab newspaper ((attack the form of a surprise to us in was destroyed, but after this step will not remain in our centers in destroyed, but that the battle Snusaha to reach the limits Nabek and up to the border with Lebanon, and to reach out to the middle of the road with the shield and control easy the whole parallel to the Damascus area,)) follows ((a result of the orders of President Bashar al-Assad softened the fourth year of its involvement in the fighting and left forces regular military clash with the militants, either after the attack on the mountains destroyed and belief insurgents that they can control the center of the band's fourth and government forces, the battalion fighting in the fourth year will dominate the region full circle up to 80 kilometers around Damascus)) mentions that the battalions Islamic forged forming units to unite their efforts to bring down (the system ) and the construction of an Islamic society, rejects the existence of elements of Aalmnhqin or grouped under the banner of a militia army free but prefer to receive Arab fighters have ideas jihad to fight with them against the forces of the Syrian army has mentioned a financier militia army free after the announcement of Aleppo famous disowned the militant groups under the banner of militia free exhibition of the damage that the free elements suffer from threats victory that did not fight under the banner of the front in order to establish Location desired Alsalamah .. which is still plump blood of Syrian civilians from. Thaer Ajlani - long-Presse

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-28-2012, 10:01 PM
Trapping children to booby-trapping of National Unity to trapping human values ​​name of religion the law of the jungle, or the law of the wolves all human words can not describe what the terrorists Front victory, where he became a death law and a law and a game in hand children some might think we نؤلف novels and fairy tales but the image remains truer news from the books. published Front victory terrorist image of the mother Mujahideen Afghan the processing device for carrying one child two walls that do not reach the age of 10 years, The saying "this is my life .. This is my religion. " incident is not new to the use of children in violence in Syria, where the site said the news Press, has issued a Front victory religious edict imposed on the people of the city of Aleppo and places of occurrence of a Front victory to send their children who have attained 10 years to jihad, and bear arms, But the heaviest day is forcing these children to carry explosives and blow themselves up after that is controlled explosives from a distance, and because the competent authorities will not suspect children may use these terrorists and still the worst ways to eliminate all the meanings of humanity, this is the day we put drawing of human rights and the international community. It is booby-trapping the bodies of children to the trapping of national unity and coexistence between different religions and sects After committing the most heinous massacres by the army free and Front victory and battalions hardline against the Christian community in Syria, and the transfer of videos and pictures through the media, Arab and Western to kill Christians at the hands of rebels NATO. deliberately Al Jazeera to the production of a film heroes of the Free Army and the Frente victory, on the occasion of Eid birth, to show the world that the army is free and Front victory are people of peace, and participate Christian brothers in their festivals and rituals, the al-Jazeera post of the army free and Front victory video clips showing angels of mercy from the army free They are involved Christians in Syria, the birthday of Jesus Christ, but did not broadcast the crimes committed by elements of the militant group against the innocent Christian community in Syria, and as usual playing a chord with a loaf of bread in their news toxic, through this video will see the side of the post militia in free holiday Birth, and also will see the side of the religious fatwas and incitement to kill Christians innocent, who did he Jazeera and other channels of prostitution Arab world. Finally, spread a photo social networking site for fighter Saudi nationality from the front of the victory of terrorism, which is wielding his weapon generally old woman has only pray for deterred by this terrorist, who came to Syria to jihad, when we saw this picture Imagine us Zionist occupation soldiers when directing their arms to our brothers the Palestinians in Palestine stolen, but today seeing these violations in the land of resistance and steadfastness Syria, and at the hands of terrorist groups, lectures the name of religion , and raise shouts of Allahu Akbar when you in the slaughter of Muslims, and cut down the bodies of our fellow Christians as sectarian. these are mercenaries NATO today are doing their ugliest crimes, under the slogan of many the most important jihad and claim freedoms, today exposed the facts and become the whole world knows that what is happening to the Syrian territory is conspiratorial scheme between law Al Saud takfirist and international Zionism and the common goal is the dismantling of the region and the destruction of the Syrian civilization of humanity. Iyad Jajah - long-Presse

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 12:23 AM
Complementing news Algardan Free Army admits: looting shops and houses in Aleppo retaliation from the people of Aleppo newspaper "The Guardian" that the British looting and grudges and split loyalties witnessed by the militias in Syria threatens to destroy the unity between opposition forces and threaten to take the war Syrian another turn. This quoted The newspaper - in its issue dated Friday on its website - for Captain Hossam, a leader of the Aleppo military army free of the al-Qaeda as saying: "A number of opposition fighters were killed during the division of the spoils or flammable grudges because of it, pointing out that he was left a single store or Store government in the city of Aleppo, but was looted. " The newspaper pointed out that the division "spoils of war" has become a key driver for many of the battalion commanders, which seeks to increase and enhance its strength. newspaper quoted a commander of another armed opposition called Abu Ismail as saying that "at the beginning of the Syrian uprising was armed opposition forces united, but now it has been divided between those that are fighting for the sake of the revolution and the other fighting each other for the division of the spoils of war, "explaining that a number of armed opposition forces are looting and pillaging to avenge the people of Aleppo who works mostly in the trade did not support the opposition against the Syrian regime, and mentions that the population of Aleppo exceed three million Syrian citizen. , and mentioned that gangs spread in most city of Aleppo and the looted and robbed and burned markets even archaeological which led to the intervention of forces, the Syrian Arab army to cleanse the city and have accomplished our troops Most important are still some neighborhoods teeming with militants who abandoned her family and is still army continue to be cleaned by leaps and bounds.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 02:44 PM
Killed 5 civilians and 3 others injured by targeting a passenger bus shot at the town on Highway continent, linking Homs - Damascus. Moved News
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 02:47 PM
Death of a cadre of Hamas Qassam Brigades while fighting the Syrian Army in Idlib unveiled in the Gaza Strip on Friday killed a Palestinian militant from the "Qassam" the armed wing of Hamas, during armed confrontations between the "Djij cat" and the Syrian Arab Army in Idlib province in northern Syria . According to local media that the activist Mohammed Guenith joined four months ago Paljaj cat, and killed two days ago was killed by the fighting in the city, "Mara Numan" south of Idlib. and qualified mosques in the Shati refugee camp west of Gaza Guenith who lives in the camp, describing it as one of the heroes Brigades Qassam, which has not officially commented on the subject. According to local media The Guenith work in the Special Unit for the Qassam Brigades earlier, and left the Gaza Strip four months ago and joined to "Djij the cat." UBI

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 03:01 PM
Serial lying on Al-Jazeera continues and Jdidhm pictures of Vietnam the channels no longer hypocrisy and deception only eye-witnesses and reporters ghost of fabricating news stories and writings fall of leaders and schisms we've got a broadcaster Al-Jazeera called Khadija Ben vertex lie new terms published image of a child infected with known increase of water in the brain and claimed it for a child from Syria, in order to publish the picture and promote it claimed that the management of the social networking site Facebook will pay $ 1 per (Like), and $ 2 per comment, and $ 5 each (Share). Indeed, he has received more than 150.000 (Like) and more than 64,000 (suspension) and more than 64.000 (Share). After searching and flour turned out to be the child of Vietnam and the cause of his illness is Sprinkle the United States of America for Vietnamese farmer chemicals during the Vietnam War and in turn say that is a lie The Following hypocrites has exceeded all limits but honest home still watching and looking and يدققون to show the truth. URL Second: the third link: Http:// Image Link Page Khadija Ben vertex | Khadija Benguena more الفبركات in this link the

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 03:05 PM
A terrorist group targeting workers institution electricity in the house سحم and kill one of them in the context of targeting of national cadres assassinated by an armed terrorist group factor in the institution of power transmission subsidiary of the Ministry of Electricity and wounded others while they were performing their duty career. According to a source in the Ministry of Electricity that terrorists have targeted yesterday workshop to repair lines high-tension feeder at سحم house electricity to the southern city of Damascus, which led to the martyrdom Working Khaled Klouh, and wounded several others. source pointed out that this workshop has recently completion of repair work at the transfer station cavalry المعضمية.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 03:09 PM
Turkish press describes gangs "Free Army" B "thieves bread Liberals" "thieves bread Liberal" is the title launched by Turkish newspapers on gangs " Free Army "after investigations showed that this army is stealing bread from the ovens of Aleppo and the surrounding cities, and they sell in Turkey, which caused the creation of the crisis and famine in the north of Syria. The estimated Turkish newspapers quantity of bread steal "Free Army" and transmitted daily from furnaces Syria to Turkey by about 20 to 30 tons per day (30 thousand kg) a quantity check them profits fictional due to the price differential is high between the two countries, as the bread in Syria powered by the public treasury of the state. Turkish newspapers and wondered: "How can those who steal bread of his family to be free"?!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 03:41 PM
So kill "victory Front" in the wombs of children their mothers "victory" biodegradable kill every child a supporter of Bashar al-Assad. revealed information for "Lebanese news News Press "that" terrorism scientists in "victory Front" issued a fatwa calling elements of the front, to kill all the baby Suri, in any raid against families of pro-Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. " According to the advisory opinion of the clergy of measurement "Nasroa" that "children of families pro-lion, you must kill them all and this analyst religiously, because these will become when they grow up Men's Bashar al-Assad, and that they will stand with Assad against us, we must eliminate them and kill them." Front victory and claimed these Altcfhirien that "religion is prescribed because it does not have to be a يوالي tyrant, or that one came out in the future to work against Khalavcna," and called Altcfhirien "elements Front victory to kill all born small or large falls in their hands and be pro-Bashar or if his family supporters of Bashar al-even if he was one day, and even if it was in his mother's womb must kill him with his mother. " and arrived Information "news Press" that "the elements of victory and the army free militants, they began to actually apply these bully, and work to kill the children, or kidnapped and Tfajikhhm for blown against the Syrian regime. " Unfortunately, I've arrived in disbelief and criminality, in these very old child was killed one day, or kill a child in his mother's womb. These, unfortunately, want America to rule Syria. Those who killed, massacred and displaced and raping privacy, became America's freedom and democracy advocates. And became an example of rule in Syria. They want establish the alleged Khalavchm on the blood of innocent Syrians, were children or adults, men or women, it is important that they want access to power. but the fact that these criminal, become exposed to the whole world, and will not reach مبتغاهم,. Because of the Syrian people and the Syrian army will have a lookout.

The plots and plotted God and God the Best of Planners.
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-29-2012, 08:32 PM
Effects Syrian sold in different parts of the world after being smuggled through Turkey and Lebanon! highlighted newspaper "Financial Times" light on the archaeological heritage in Syria, which disappears piece by piece as a result smuggled across the border, in the chaos of the devastating affects effects mainly. was "UNESCO" has sounded Alarm about damage to the heritage sites in Syria, including the Umayyad Mosque and the market vaulted in Aleppo, which had burned a large section of it during an attack terrorists armed opposition. According to the newspaper: since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and there were reports of stealing some of the effects and the destruction of others However, it now becomes organized. Where are theft, systematic, and smuggling is through Lebanon and Turkey to various parts of the world, in a scene reminiscent of what happened in Iraq during the occupation. and enhances this trade is rich extraordinary witnessed by Syria in the archaeological sites, it was the incubator of many ancient civilizations, including civilization Romania, which also contain many churches and mosques that are used continuously since the early days of Christianity and Islam. Regarding the looting of artifacts, contends the newspaper that the operations are made ​​through Lebanon and Turkey under the supervision of experts who check their validity, and sold to many countries in the world, including America, according to people involved in this trade. They point to the trade generate gold, price of statuette up the lowest estimate to 30 thousand dollars, at the time, it was revealed last that he had received a piece of $ 300 thousand dollars. paper quotes one of the activists in the town of Apamea archaeological saying that drilling operations, particularly Find mosaics, conducted by leaps and bounds, and has become a rare source of income for people who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing war. also supplied the words of one of the merchants in the area, commenting that: There's no feeling in the trade. At the time of draws that deals archaeological increasingly under the control of insurgents opposition. On the other hand, recognizes the head of the Syrian Antiquities and Museums problem deep, while confirms that the whole stepped up protection of archaeological sites by working with the population, also sends a message to the neighboring countries need to "be stronger and more about the immune thieves, so in order to protect our human heritage. "

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-30-2012, 12:44 PM
Gunmen surrender of the Syrian army in Aleppo to escape clashes "Front victory" and "Free Army" sources field Syria for "covenant" news, that more than 40 militants, "the banner of Tawhid" surrendered yesterday, units of the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo, after disagreements coincided with violent clashes between fighters of the "Front victory" of al-Qaeda and militia "Free Army", and resulted in the deaths of large numbers of parties, the sources said: the militants who surrendered were distributed on several axes combat in the region of the militia free them الصاخور, logo, and the generosity of the mountain, and Sheikh Khader. were militia "Free Army" had given orders for several months to liquidate commander "battalion storm north" in Aleppo Ammar Aldadakhi, known as Abu Ibrahim, following a dispute broke out between the two sides, while hired "Front victory, "said Battalion, in what he called" the great battle "in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-30-2012, 12:46 PM
Terrorists assassinated Director endowments tenderness Abdullah Saleh in front of his home in the context of targeted competencies National assassinated armed terrorist group today director of endowments tenderness Abdullah Saleh in front of his house in the neighborhood Dir'iya city. official source that the terrorists fired several shots at the martyr Saleh stabilized, one in the head during he left his house in the neighborhood Dir'iya near the mosque light of what led to his death.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-30-2012, 06:36 PM
Picture of the martyr Sheikh Abdullah Saleh,

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-30-2012, 06:39 PM
Explosion in the Yarmouk refugee camp in the last lane near Ain Ghazal Zaid Mosque next to an oven Sioufi and material damage
Preferred Ahada
12-31-2012, 12:06 AM
I mean, what God wills army men hit the greatest faith and piety.!!!
Bzkrona stories of the Umayyad army and its leaders and fighters and Sheikhs!!
ĘÍÔíÔ with enlarge ... with a prayer dance ... sing with a prayer .... criminality with the Koran ... . the angels with the devil
Proof of Syria's Assad
12-31-2012, 08:39 PM
The banner of unification gives Al Saud and the second two weeks to rein in front of victory in Aleppo sources revealed eligibility within the areas of Aleppo where tensions that the conflict between the terrorists worsened in recent days and is likely to further crisis in the coming weeks, especially after the establishment of the elements from the front of the victory to liquidate a large number of group Brigade consolidation in a number of areas in the countryside of Aleppo. sources told «home»: The group brigade standardization sent a few days ago a clear message to the House of Saud and the second through a broker Lebanese threaten them targeting the headquarters of a group of victory in the event stayed on their approach in trying to impose its control over the Areas in Aleppo and Idleb countryside. sources confirmed that draws Front victory was the implementation of several operations without the involvement of any of the fighters uniformity in an attempt to prove its uniqueness in the implementation of combat operations to receive the consent and blessing of Al Saud and Al-Thani. and the work of terrorists victory in recent weeks on the liquidation of a number of fighters Unification under false pretenses to impose their control absolute on several areas in Aleppo and «cleared» of army battalions free as a prelude to announcing Emirates Islamic. concluded sources saying that the differences exacerbated, and suggested that are filtered full fighters uniformity in the event of continued complaints of victory that enjoy the support and support not limited Al Saud and Al-Thani.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-31-2012, 08:51 PM
Families of four pilots Turks inside Syria reported private sources to Jouhina News that he was captured four officers, pilots Turks and during repulsed an attack by a gang Front victory over the airport, "Kwers" military in the region of Aleppo, where a group of security and military to circumvent the gang that attacked the airport and caused officers Aalotrak in the grip along with a number of Arab terrorists. and this may Syrian Al-Watan newspaper confirmed the news while there has been no official comment on this news. , and mentions that the massive assault launched by gangs Front victory at airports in northern Syria, including Aleppo International Airport, But it was the fate of its predecessor attack on the airport south of Damascus, where he managed the armed forces to crush the gangs and Asqat hundreds of deaths in their ranks, while the armed forces are still combing conducts Aleppo airport surroundings to destroy the anti-Turkish air obtained by gangs and tried to target civilian aircraft.

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-31-2012, 08:55 PM
Syrian dissident speaks previous knowledge Ahmad Khatib forbid since he ran workshops teaching the Koran in mosques in Damascus ... A new scandal of the so-called Syrian Revolution in this link the

Proof of Syria's Assad
12-31-2012, 09:04 PM
Newspaper Sunday Times UK: Free Army cut the head Christian and feed the corpse to the dogs newspaper Sunday Times yesterday that "jihadists" Syrian opposition armed militia free terrorist affiliated with al Qaeda, had beheaded the Syrian citizen Christian Andre Arbash, before Ivermoa his body and Atamoh for dogs , the paper quoted the nun "Agnes Mary de Akrawa", responsible for what Jacob Monastery section in the continent, saying that Andre had just got married, was killed earlier this month. According to said by the newspaper, the reason why criminals to this work is to protest his brother that the rebels "are behaving like bandits." said the nun in her speech to the British newspaper, which was offset in Paris that "mercenaries Islamists have come to dominate the armed rebellion and fighting a holy war more than they are interested in Itagier system, "she said," The conflict in Syria turned into a sectarian war, Christians are paying a heavy price. " the newspaper said Sister Agnes Miriam is touring international to enlighten public opinion of "drift rebels in Syria to Islamic extremism and turning Syria to the center to attract Islamic mercenaries from all over the world, including in Britain. " The nun revealed that the origin Palestinian militants expelled more than two hundred Christian families for the night of his "Ras al-Ain" When Ajtahoha the last month, coming from Turkey, before ينهبوا the homes. As some of the refugees were kidnapped to force families to pay a ransom. She said that the various Christian villages in Syria live under the threat of "invasion" by the rebels, which means expulsion from their homes. She described the Western support for the rebels in Syria, who want to impose Sharia, as a "scandal of the free and democratic world." She concluded by asking, "What could be more terrible than that the child beheaded man خمسيني بالساطور," in referring to the video which showed last month free militants they train children to decapitate hostage بالساطور the stone building in a suburb of Homs.

01-01-2013, 04:35 AM
Within the framework of targeting the infrastructure to put pressure on citizens and the impact on basic services that affect their livelihood targeted armed terrorist group improvised explosive device yesterday evening gas pipeline الجبسة extending from the gas plant الجبسة to Homs and when Bir جويف 30 kilometers north of the city of Deir ez-Zor what led to the leak about 5.1 million cubic meters of gas at the point of detonation and stop gas plant الجبسة An official source at the Ministry of Oil to Gas Plant الجبسة was feeding plant fertilizer and power plants with gas pointing out that the workshops reform seeks to repair the line during the next few days, the source pointed out that the groups armed terrorist hinder the work of workshops reform by trying to fix the gas line cob targeted by the hands of terrorism in the Almrieih on the edge of the Euphrates River in Deir ez-Zor since the twenty-third of this month, which would negatively affect the supply electric power plants and thus may reflect the increased hours of rationing

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-01-2013, 08:37 PM
Front tribal Jordanian included more than 100 personal warns of contacts between Syrian officers dissidents and Israel and the search for the remains of Cohen warned Front tribal Jordanian - under construction - the existence of secret contacts between Israel and the officers dissidents from the Syrian army to facilitate the care and support from some quarters of Jordan. condemned the front, which includes a number of representatives of the tribes of Jordan from all the provinces, during a meeting of its recently brought together more than 100 figures representing all Culture and assets, to facilitate the entry and exit of a number of Syrian officers defectors from the army to the occupied territories and اجرائهم meetings with Israeli officials. explained spokesman front Sheikh Mohammed behind the iron (l Quds Al-Arabi) Device Jordanian aware of and familiar with meetings and secret contacts took place between Syrian officers dissidents are present on the territory of Jordan with Israeli officials to pave the American project - Zionist in Syria and protect the borders of the occupied Golan. also confirmed iron that the goal of these meetings is to reach to the remains of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who did not appear since his execution in Syria in the mid-sixties of the last century. denounced Sheikh iron collusion views Jordanian and coordinated with the devices Bank and Zionism to facilitate the entry and exit of the officers dissidents to Israel, warned at the same time, the Syrian people from these people (the traitors and Almendsien ) and their risk Alysoeria. said in a comment on the news ... Refuses Ribaldries the and الحقارة not Tfariqosahabha ... is no stranger to. To bolt for his army, fleeing from military service, Bigraatalmal or prestige ... End of his life mostly customer or a ride to others including Zlkoaadae nation's historic killed and displaced and occupied Syrian land for many years. Shame on you, but you do not know the meaning of shame, but what Anhqguetm for your army in the first place. They conspire to their homeland Wallis those who were taking on the system It Mihrr Golan has not called a single bullet to the occupier, what mind scurrying to Malcalmanl surreptitiously narrated Why speak you asking for the return of the Golan Heights or give an account of the location of arms and the number and location of the hit and destroyed .. or request help ذالك Fi honor Senallh those collaborating with those who seek to destroy their country and Tadmergachehem and the elimination of their achievements and killing elite scholars not this greatest Khaddmallt?? For the freedom of alleged do not even have freedom of independent decision does Aatrychristrron Golan .. Look at what worked rebels sons of Zion, Syria ... rebels Alsaanakhrbua Syria and above this boast on Khrabhm to Syria and took pictures Altmakria ... and sent to Benoit Zion and tell them we're including not you by preserve Alyaaroagm. Actually refuses Ribaldries and dissociation الحقارة not the owners ... traitors ستلبس of a black .. Day bleaching faces .. Other prevail! They conducted tails Alkhzewalar the ... They are now a disgrace to their families and to their families .... Woe to them wherever they are and wherever you sweet!! Understanding of abscesses and algae ... Syrian homeland disposal ..... Both betrayed Aloutnostqua, America and Israel on the fate of their country and their people, and their ilk ... Coming as a whole who swapped home of treason and will become a white toilet paper wipe America and Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, their hips and all customers Junaaloutn are doomed to waste in the basket of dirt .... that and found سيفنى traitors sooner or later ... Syria will remain tall بشهامة the brave army .. dearest God Syria .. Its president .. The home run .. And its people ... Arab Jerusalem and its holy sites

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-01-2013, 08:54 PM
Lady Tunisian appeals to her Government to re-generated terrorist from Syria in the new episodes of the export of international terrorism to Syria, after confirming many sources Tunisian presence destinations Ngrr with young Arabs in general and Tunisians in particular, to send them to join the armed terrorist groups in Syria, was quoted Sunrise "Tunisian "More Lady Tunisian city of palaces Essaf of Mahdia appeal authorities her country and all decision-makers to help them in order to return her son, who was thrown him for Jihad in Syria to his homeland. Ms. Tunisia: that her son left the city of palaces Essaf after his dawn prayers last week unknown destination but received later news confirmed that her son traveled accompanied by a number of youths others for Jihad in Syria through Libya, according to border authorities of Tunisia. blamed Ms. Tunisian responsibility lured her son, aged 16 years to destinations assign young Tunisians and throwing them into the furnace of war which they have already entered!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-01-2013, 08:56 PM
The assassination of an engineer and his son in the forest under the targeting of cadres and national competencies assassinated by an armed terrorist group civil engineer Louay Muhannad Al-Hourani factor in the General Company for construction, reconstruction and son Muhannad in the neighborhood of rugged Homs. According to a source in the province that the terrorists fired machine guns engineer Hourani and his son in front of his house in the neighborhood rugged which led to A_i_hadahma of immediately before they stole his car and fleeing.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-01-2013, 11:56 PM
A car bomb explosion amid the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus and news of casualties in the first day of the new year.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 12:09 AM
Scandals "Free Army militia" in the New Year did not go to New Year's Eve with the "Free Army", without sex scandals and moral, it is back on the dirty work can not stop. Is the use of logos, religious, in plays meant, mobilizing people religiously and ideologically only, but the religion of them innocent because they Ichohnh rather than to apply it. FSA has unveiled scandals great for terrorist elements New Year's Eve, where catch the Syrian Arab Army, a lot of these to the raid أوكارهم, they are completely drunk, and dancing to popular songs. He has also been arrested some of them, and they are rape girls Soeriat, or they are doing بمعاشرة Women In the case of obscene and morality. Among these scandals, scandal, senior military commander in the "Free Army" named Abu Imad Syria, where he was caught drunk Tam In view relic with a women, standing elements of his room in a wonderful for watching him, where he was detained Syrian Arab Army All these, have registered more than 20 cases of egregious among these. was confirmed Syrian source for "News Press" that "the army arrested A large number of terrorist elements, they were celebrating New Year's Eve, they are drunk and يعاشرون women strangers about them, and some of them were raped other threat of force in order to satisfy his instincts, "noting that" the Syrian Arab Army was able to capture more than 300 terrorist cases sugar The situation is immoral. " While tried to source in the "Syrian opposition" to evade this issue in connection with "the news Press," and denies it, but he returned and confirmed that he "may have been arrested on 100 items, not all elements of the religious people, has been doing this business, we can not monitor all of our members. " Presse news - Lebanese News

01-02-2013, 02:31 AM
Had issued a fatwa them Arifi that jihad Some not likely to wait for the fairy promise by the elders of sedition and misguidance after his death, God curse them let him look supporters these الأنجاس for these heinous acts Is this the truth is this revolution is really Jihad

01-02-2013, 03:29 AM
Wounding 3 civilians injured by targeting terrorists mortar school in Aleppo targeted terrorists mortar round one of the schools in the area Syriac New Aleppo, injuring a number of citizens were injured , said an official source in Aleppo that the terrorists fired mortar shells on a school Iskenderun in the flow of new harbors a number of families coming to the area to escape the terror of armed groups The source added that the terrorist act led to the injury of 3 civilians injured in addition to the physical damage in the school building

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 01:40 PM
Australia Check killing a citizen during his fight with the terrorists, Syria's Foreign Ministry announced the Australian today it was investigating the incident of killing an Australian citizen during his participation in the fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups in Syria. quoted by news agency Australian "Any me" the ministry as saying in a statement that the Australian Embassy in Cairo and consular officials in Canberra are conducting investigations in this regard. was a video posted on YouTube showed a group of armed men profess killing Australian-called "Joseph Troberakaya" from the city of Melbourne during the fighting by armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 07:29 PM
Gunmen target gas transmission line in Deir al-Zour official source at the Syrian Oil Ministry as saying that "an armed group targeted a الجبسة gas pipeline extending from the laboratory gas الجبسة to Homs improvised explosive device north of the city of Deir ez-Zor, which led to leakage of some 1.5 million cubic meters of gas when point bombing and stop gas plant الجبسة. " The source pointed out that "work is underway to repair the line during the next few days to resume gas plant الجبسة extended plant fertilizer and power plants with gas." and accused the source of armed groups as hinder the work of repair workshop gas pipeline cob, which targeted in the Almrieih area on the edge of the Euphrates River in Deir al-Zour since the 23 of this month, adding that "this matter will adversely affect the work of electric power plants."

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 07:30 PM
Idlib: Elements of Military Engineering are to dismantle booby-trapped car without plates near mosque Alfrqat in the city of Idlib on Tuesday night
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 07:31 PM
DAMASCUS: The Fall of a mortar shell fired by gunmen on congratulations Mosque in the suburb of-Assad Maady to the occurrence of damage and Anaba injuries or victims
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-02-2013, 07:32 PM
Hasakah: Shipping terrorists stealing a car loaded with 25 tons of flour was heading from Qamishli to provide ovens Hasakah flour and kidnap the driver .. Syria Press

01-03-2013, 06:03 PM
Terrorists are stealing and burning a oil wells in Deir Al-Zour attacked an armed terrorist group on a well Kahar 109, which is 85 km east of Deir al-Zour and stole a quantity of crude oil and then burn well , said a source in the Ministry of Oil that terrorist groups shoot workshops amortization and workshops maintenance to prevent it from extinguish the fire, which could lead to an environmental disaster in the region threaten the lives of its citizens

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-03-2013, 07:00 PM
The Hasakah armed attacks armed militia attacks on government institutions continued in Hasakah when gunmen compromise on the contents of the rooms administrative October oil field and stole simple stories of the field and took advantage of the power outages in the province for the implementation of the robbery.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-03-2013, 07:02 PM
A Syrian security shall be investigated with the officers of the Turks.
source confirmed early in Aleppo for "covenant" news that "officers Turks four who were arrested recently by the Syrian authorities north of Aleppo, they are currently in a Syrian security services," the source added officers "are being interrogated to see the reality of their role in the fighting, which took place recently in the vicinity of airports Aleppo military." He informed source that "the Syrian security authorities, arrested, during the leadership of military operations, which led fighters" Free Army "on the airport Aleppo airport and civil Air Force Academy, "and revealed that" the four officers Turks have had a role in the attack and non-combat units in Aleppo as bases for long-range missiles. "
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-03-2013, 07:14 PM
Wounding the reporter, "Russia Today" in a shooting by a sniper in Syria injured full Saqr correspondent channel "Russia Today" in Damascus on Thursday, January 3 lightly wounded in a shooting by a sniper. was a reporter accompanied by men of the Syrian Arab Army during the preparation report Bdaria the near Damascus. The convoy exposure to fire by militants in the region. colleague has survived a full Saqr of this incident, but he suffered deep scratches in the hand

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-03-2013, 07:31 PM
Bandar bin Sultan ordered Front victory liquidate the army free and unite militants Thit leadership is Bandar bin Sultan, the struggle to get to chair the king in Syria depends on the foil Mohammed bin Nayef (the next king by default) in his mission to get to the position through several measures, including co-opt the family and prove the merits of security corroborated son Nayef in Saudi Arabia while he spent the danger of armed groups hostile to the Saudi regime really while dominated the protests in the Kingdom with minimum losses Bandar returned to Saudi intelligence as a reward him for good manageable as it managed one of his men to penetrate the perimeter security chief Syrian National and managed to plant explosive Israeli-made is a transparent paper, colored table meetings themselves and most dangerous thing in the explosives that Saaf detonated the device received wireless designers on nanotechnology Ketronekes killed Bandar in cooperation with the Israeli and Turkish leaders of the four he received his current position which aspires to reach the position of king reward him to end the Syrian regime or at least through the assassination of President Bashar al-Assad

Because the assassination of President is not available have failed all the promises launched by Bandar in the past three months to implement a process similar to the process of national security and because the battle may be long and resolution as the current armed groups is not possible has decided Bandar bin Sultan, that unites the fighters by force and under the banner of Al-Qaeda - Front victory - because they are opinionated best placed to defeat the system even if it takes hundreds of dead from the rest of the armed formations where does not mind bender in order to unify fighters under the banner of victory that the recent qualifier all the leaders of armed groups who refuse to Alandman for the victory.
the massacre unexpected against anyone who violates the victory and this is Bandar Bin Sultan direct.
leaders of the groups that are fighting under the banner of al-Qaeda in Syria and they are not really from al-Qaeda, but as collaborators with the Saudi intelligence led Bandar bin Sultan .... Each of
Imad Jaber al-Absi and his mother Fatima in 1960
Khalid Mohammed al-Jaafari and his mother Alaa born in 1966
a group affiliated to al Qaeda bearing the name "Mount Arafat."
adds information that the group headed by Palestinian Abdul Latif Nasser العاشور and joined by elements of Palestinian camps in Lebanon headed by Nabil Cherkaoui, who works the training elements of cells affiliated in Syria on how to make and use explosive belts, under the supervision of trainer Egyptian (the title Abu Khafajah, born in 1960)
Mustafa Nabil Cherkaoui
Palestinian mother fineness Hijazi, born in 1979 File 518 statistical statement 16569
Married Palestinian Sarah Sarif.
was staying in the camp Ain al-Hilweh and move between neighborhoods willow - Hittin - emergency did not hesitate outside the camp.
belongs to Ansar and is one of the operational elements trained very in its ranks.
required his arrest in favor of the Lebanese security services on charges of involvement in several terrorist acts inside and outside the camp.
) strange said Saudi intelligence used trainers from the Lebanese Forces (trained by Israel during the Lebanese civil war from 1976 to 1990 to train forces Front victory takfirist!! paradox does not Avmha only knows that Samir Geagea, an ally of real Americans They advised him to cooperate with the Wahhabis because Alakhirien Mmsukan from Bandar bin Sultan of their intelligence directly in many cases. believes Samir Geagea that the interest of the Christians in Lebanon is the displacement of the Christians of Syria him to regain Christians majority of them (and a half million Christian Syrian expected that they or will Athgroa of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus) train troops Front victory at the hands of the Lebanese Forces targeted provide specific expertise in the field of fighting the Syrian army who knows Rultyon techniques well in addition to that the Israelis expect post Front victory in future war between Altcfhirien in Lebanon, Hezbollah and Rultyon have the experience of Israeli forces with the party of the war in July has been conveyed to them the Israeli intelligence which restored Tahlehm request U.S. . and Rultien participants in the training of Front victory in Jarrod Arsal in the Upper Mountains Qalamun border with Lebanon and Jarrod Deir Al-Ahmar and a human named George Fayez - h known as Abu Ammar, his mother Rosalie food hometown Fourzol, residents Furn - Beirut, leader of the Lebanese Forces party. We have named Fayez on Sundays and malfunctions in his house in the locality Fourzol near the junction spring Alhabayn says Aarfait that Hezbollah forces sent 14 element to the occupied Palestine to follow military courses with the Israeli army to transfer the experience of the last war spending with Hezbollah INFORMATION says Salafi group of Iraqi Kurds entered to Syria, a subsidiary of Bandar and have sold in the fighting, vandalism and estimated to number about 60 element divided in batches and it is facilitated by the sheikh named Hussein Salloum and this group belong to Prince Kurds in al Qaeda named Abdul Rahman oglu Zain, who nominated his presence inside Syrian territory, stationed training camps and stores logistics for these elements (all of them now leads a group of Syrians make up a battalion belonging to the Front victory) in some apple Dennie and Halba. officer called himself Abdullah unknown rest of identity, a citizen Saudi Arabia, a senior leader was very close to the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and participated in secure relationship that was stronger and recede depending on the circumstances of bin Laden and the groups believed to Bandar absorbed after the killing of bin Laden. lived Abdullah before Syrian Revolution in Ain al-Hilweh, specifically neighborhood of emergency, according to the information that Abdullah held a series of meetings with several al-Qaeda members in Ain al-Hilweh of the most prominent Algerian Khaled Mohammed Agha, alias Abu Dujana, the latter is one of the most prominent security leaders in al-Qaeda in the region and he has military experience high and wide by virtue of his leadership of the battle groups during his time in Afghanistan and was a confidant of bin Laden - al-Zawahri, according to information available source Failaka intelligence site

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-03-2013, 07:52 PM
Thus, the terrorists received orders to bomb the Israeli Yarmouk camp did not believe the Palestinians who have taken refuge in Syria after he suffered what have suffered from the Zionist enemy, that stood battles in Yarmouk camp, hoping to come out terrorists him to return to their homes where they live a decent life, far from want and need to some beggars who came to power at the expense of people in the Arab countries and others. But unfortunately, he could not terrorists to refuse to order the Zionist enemy, who are coordinating with interviews continuing in Jordan and Turkey killing of Palestinians and the destruction of the camp, who was living when the Palestinians a decent life and dear within the confines of the Syrian state, not seen in any other Arab country. Yarmouk camp has has put terrorists مفضوحا, before the eyes of the Syrians and the world, after he returned to the missile bombardment of the camp, and the displacement and killing his family, the situation is very much like revenge of the Zionist enemy of the Palestinians. He received Terrorists clear orders from officers Zionists, working to exterminate the Palestinians, and force the Syrian government to destroy the Yarmouk refugee camp and accused of killing his family. was informed sources said that "the terrorists will strike camp missiles, destroying homes and inevitably trade, and kill the rest of his family who had returned, after that was agreed to stop fighting, and out militants from the camp, and receive commissions Palestinian security coordination him. " The sources pointed out that "the goal of the terrorists is clear, the destruction of the camp and killed his family, and access to it and then occupation of occupation Assem Damascus, forcing the Syrian Arab army to bomb the camp to purify it from the terrorists and then accuse the system of killing Palestinians who embraced them from resorting to Syria. " The sources pointed out that "terrorists do not care about the interests of the Palestinians, but are interested in their own interests, the interests of Israel and America," revealing that "the leaders of the insurgents had received orders from officers Zionists gathered them in Jordan, before the end of 2012, with the participation of officers from the Jordanian intelligence, where it was agreed to enter the camp and killed his family and destroyed, and coordination of the leaders of the terrorists with the officers Zionists for the management of the battle and the execution of orders, "pointing out that" Israel's goal is to exterminate the Palestinians in Syria , to prevent them from Jerua to Palestine. " Presse news - Lebanese News

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 07:02 PM
Adjust French rocket terrorists ambush on a car in Kafarsouseh Damascus the competent authorities today seized a French-made missile of the type ARD X. TNT ready for launch , laid by terrorists on a car in the area Kafarsouseh Damascus. were also confiscated 7 launchers homemade used by terrorists to launch this kind of missile in the timing earlier. and rocket exact containing high explosives and terrorists have modified mechanism ever using the timing, so that it is launching a difference simple and time automatically by providing a battery pocket.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 07:08 PM
An armed terrorist group attacked the family Ghazali in Qrva village of Brive and assassinate shield "Husam Fayez al-Ghazali," kidnap his brother, "Jalal" and infect his father, "Fayez" kidnap another group of innocent citizens and destruction of property
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 07:16 PM
Qatar Charity and intelligence Turkey oversee send gunmen from Europe to Syria, said the report, told the Fars news that hundreds of European descendants of Arab origin in countries such as Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and others have been transferred to the Waziristan region in northern Pakistan to receive the necessary training before being sent to Syria. said the report had been during the past two months, transfer 251 European origins of Arabic to Pakistan at the expense of the institution country called "Charity." He said Hola people were transported via Turkey and the United Arab Emirates and Jordan to Pakistan where they received there training courses over the 45 days before the that is being transferred through Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and from there to the province of Hatay and then Syria, under the supervision of intelligence agencies of Turkey. noted that all stages of training in Waziristan is the custody of al-Qaeda and that all financial expenditure for this process is the responsibility of the Qatar Foundation. , and mentions that the media Detection with the killing of a large section of them, and most recently the killing of an Australian citizen and another Swede in the countryside of Idlib.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 07:20 PM
Site DEBKAfile Intelligence: Format Israeli with gunmen Syria under the auspices of Jordanian site said Deepak intelligence Israeli officials have the Israeli army had held secret meetings with what he called "rebels Syrians" in Jordan to discuss military assistance to them in order to overthrow the regime in Syria in exchange for not demanding the occupied Golan later . website quoted Western intelligence sources confirmed that Jordan sponsors already talks current between what he described as the site of "revolutionaries" and "Israel" that you want to ensure that no claim Syrian Golan later if what you want from the fall of the regime. The site that Israel started to work on the ground to help the "rebels" militarily, which revealed the military confrontations that took place near the Jordanian border several days ago between the Syrian Arab army and gunmen backed by elements of the Israeli intelligence and U.S. special forces and French participated in the process. The site is close to the Israeli intelligence that the main objective of intelligence is to establish a buffer zone inside Syria, near the Golan Heights to secure a military presence there in the future

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 07:33 PM
Latest fatwas Wahhabi Syria: Graves Islamic Kafr God and should be removed in the reproduction of the scene of the desecration of graves and shrines at the hands of groups takfirist in Libya after the revolution of NATO, Israeli militias takfiri the desecration of the graves of Muslim in the Bab al-Hadid in Aleppo as planned when parents go out demonstrations denounce these practices. A reporter Arabic Press in Aleppo that the so-called "al-Ahrar al-Sham" proceeded to sabotage the shrine guardian Sufi Sheikh Ahmed Moussalli in the iron door, and fired in the air to disperse the citizens who came to the defense of the grave and prevent them from تدنيسه. and spread in place a number of Altcfhirien They say the notables of the neighborhood that these graves are trapped and Kafr God and must be removed. said citizens of Arabic Press that militants coming from Idleb countryside desecrated as well as the tomb of Shaykh Abdullah Sirajuddin, who died years ago. plans to residents of the area off demonstrations denouncing Friday after prayers to stop attacks militants Altcfhirien on Islamic sanctities. considers the group are free Levant groups most bloody in so-called "Free Army" and attributed to kidnappings and mass executions and beheadings They work under the supervision of a mercenary Libyan Mahdi Alharatne which recruited by British intelligence to penetrate al-Qaeda. worth mentioning that the militants are free Sham and the victory and the Front for the the consolidation نبشوا Brigade last summer, the tomb of Sheikh Adib Hassoun, Grand Mufti's father and his son's tomb valid university student who was assassinated by a group of armed Altcfhirien near his alma mater Idleb countryside.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-04-2013, 10:44 PM
Gunmen opponents shooting at a demonstration demanding بخروجهم from Aleppo targeted by gunmen fire machine guns popular demonstration came out yesterday in the district of Bani Zeid in the city of Aleppo, demanding the expulsion of armed groups from the neighborhood and from all parts of the city and its countryside. According to the Syrian news agency "SANA" that "terrorists fired randomly on the march in which participants chanted against the armed terrorist groups that commit acts of murder, robbery and looting, demanding بخروجهم from the city. "

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-07-2013, 12:56 PM
The terrorists are targeting the headquarters of the General Authority for Scientific Agricultural Research, leaving losses of nearly 91 million pounds
where it was a robbery more than 41 mechanism and the value of the damage to livestock and the authority headquarters more than 931.1 million pounds
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 11:12 AM
Hama: An armed group fired several missiles unknown type of south-east of the city of Halfaya fell to Mharda, one of them on the wall of Shaheed Tawfiq Makhoul, and another on the house of Jihad gallstone what led to Tdharrh.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 11:16 AM
Gunmen commit massacre of 12 civilians near the village فاحل, Brive Homs
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 11:18 AM
Comment on the last two الخبرين noteworthy that Mharda and فاحل pro towns in Homs as the Hula massacre took place in Homs supporting the right of families and charged by the system
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 11:25 AM
Detection tribal elder "bliss" in Syria Mohamed Khair rare that Syrian authorities competent arrested during the past few hours, the officers of different nationalities is Syria in the region Darya Rural Damascus. Speaking for "covenant" news, he rarely that of the shed arrested, they are fighters and officers carrying Arab and foreign nationalities, and the bulk of them holds Saudi citizenship, and a good number have French citizenship, and added: The majority of Saudis are descended from the output terms Sulayyil and in the Riyadh region.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 04:57 PM
One Lhalabiyat Troy's «News Press»: «Front victory» raped women سوريات and committed a massacre of their right unfortunately claim to be Muslims, and faith in the Book of God, His Messenger, and those who commit the sanctity of Allah and His Messenger, claim that they are the only ones on Islam and all of the other infidel and denied what analyzed God, and analyze What's wife, and commit sin of sins, this time revealing "the news Press," what he had done the elements of "Front victory" expiatory, cases of rape of a new right of girls and women سوريات, Znnbhn only that they are girls, Znnbhn only Altcfhirien analyzed the "jihad Marriage" for themselves. Troy one Lhalabiyat which hoped the site "the news Press," not to mention her name, what he had done the elements of "Front victory," the barrier of them in the north of Aleppo, where the Syrian family fleeing from clashes between the Syrian Arab army and terrorists pass this barrier, and within Men and women fled after that demolished their area, where stopped by elements of the barrier by force of arms, and pulled all those who were inside the bus which was the family consisting of father, mother and 5 girls and young. adds women "of the news Press" that "the terrorists forced the mother and her daughters to take off their clothes in the open , and the rain falling heavily, and they had Ktefoa father and two young men, and then took the women to the home, and they did their actions for them, and the spouse and children hear the voice Hraúarham, and when they tried to confront the terrorists, they killed the father slaughtered and killed an older brother, and stay on the small, to see what got his mother and sisters. " and reveal the woman that he "was among those who called Abu Mohammed al-Halabi, and another named Omar Saudi Arabia, but a senior official from them, is called Abu Omar al-Badawi, a raped three girls, and then successively elements of three with him on rape, in While the 7 elements have raping a mother and her two daughters the other two. " She drew women that "after إنتهائهم of the dirty work they killed the mother and three girls, and they want to kill the young man, but was left at the end, where he fled with his two sisters." So let the world jealous of those on Syria , where rape their women and kill men, and they want to rule Syria according to their faith.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-08-2013, 04:58 PM
Detection of post Zionists in the fight against the Syrian Arab Army joined Israeli to rebels in Syria to fight against the Syrian regime, but the rebels burned him and his companion, their passports and Obrōhma you do not return to ذويهما. Israeli who cut Turkish-Syrian border and joined the opponents of the Syrian regime, he told his family he is being difficulties in reference to Israel, because the rebels burned his passport and said to him: "To all who joins us not return to his family." The neighbor has said: "Before the month contact my neighbor told me that he and his friend are satisfied with the move that they made, and they told us that rebels Oatoheme the eating and sleeping place where as well as Almoheme how fighting against the Syrian regime. " But in further conversation, according to statements near, the tone changed: "called again and said that it is very scared and Monday exist in the case of danger to their lives they can not cope with the situation." was confirmed by a relative of one of the two young men that they confessed Bouktihma the Israelis in their entry to Syria. "And Oalma relatives that the rebels burned their travel passports and Mullah بسهما of and prevented them from returning to their families." He said this near: "The neighbor asked to help them, but we can not do anything. We are all worried and afraid that "يصابا بمكروه." this and said Israeli Foreign Ministry that: "The contact with the Turks to communicate with absent the two by probably two of the supporters of Sheikh Raed Salah, which cooperates with the two young men to recruit Israeli Arabs to fight Syrian President Bashar al-Assad." Source: site and Ent

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-10-2013, 05:54 PM
Data military terrorists to translate for 5 languages ​​to inform the foreign fighters in Syria on their content: Detection Reference senior politician that "military data issued by some factions Salafist armed Syrian opposition translated into five languages ​​to inform the fighters coming from countries as diverse on the content and approval prior to publication , "reported the newspaper" ambassador "of Lebanon, in its issue dated today.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-10-2013, 05:56 PM
Gerozlam Post: weaken the Syrian army fits Tel Aviv confirmed the newspaper «Gerozlam Post» Israeli quoting security sources in Israel and has been described as a high-level Israeli army «finished preparations and training for potential military confrontation could break out with Syria». noted estimates of the Israeli Foreign Ministry intelligence of the Year 2013 to they seem optimistic in the short term than double the Syrian army, it says to suit Tel Aviv, and praised the bloody events in Syria, which has produced a reality best for Israel. in the meantime, newspaper «Independent» British that a team of British special forces attended as an observer maneuver conducted by U.S. Special Forces and Jordan, to prepare for the process may have to do to secure the 'arsenal' Syria's alleged chemical weapons.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-13-2013, 07:06 PM
The attack on the airport in Syria Plan French and Centers Air Defense American plan! confirmed a news report published by "Al-Manar" that Western capitals are محجة and a popular destination for Syrians fought during the past period and are fighting now in the ranks of armed groups against the Syrian state, some of whom he says he belongs to "the army free "It is the majority Alhajin to the west of all Glen Syrian deep, others belong to the armed groups takfirist does not hide his way this although he attributed the same army free in accordance with the principle of dissimulation military used these days largely in the jurisprudence of groups takfirist armed forces. , the report said: these young people speak almost about everything and the details of the details, their conversations in cafes and restaurants and places to meet with the Syrians and Arabs is not a reservation, they talk about the war, about victims for their losses, and losses Qaibdoha of Syria at the other end of which they call (the enemy). Talking about the U.S. role with great satisfaction and goodwill, and the role of the French role adopter them, here overturned maternity compassionate of the Maronite political in Lebanon to the currents of the Salafi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and they talk about the role of national treasure down upon them from heaven, and do not want him to stop, despite accusations Mutual about who take more than the money the country and sent part of it to Syria and who kept to himself and sends only (of sentences إدنو), they said. The report added: One of pilgrims to the Paris presents himself as a political activist while rallying combination around him and their words, it confirms that officer fighters in the opposition were injured in an attack on a base for air defense and came to France for treatment, it is enough to listen to him to make sure the health of the word combination away from (the pious) practiced by men and discovered by newly written conversations and tight verses. says officer injured for fighting in the various areas of Syria, and specifically about the Battle of airports: The plan of attack on the airports is essentially a plan French, has proved such a plan difficult to implement at the beginning of the war after a failed attack on the airports, and on the impact of failure put the Americans another plan is in the attack on the rules of air defense at least defensible in military terms, but the destruction and the fall will make airports condition vision loss and blindness military, and adds the officer: The Americans received the battle sites of air defense directly Adarōha every detail. tells the officer literally how he conducted the military the U.S. battles saying: received the American battle management and the fighters of the opposition walk to Turkey in the north and Jordan in the south, where U.S. officers receive them and they are trained on how to attack air defense bases. And ensure that the American side with all the requirements of the battles where he puts the plan of attack and the number of militants to be their attack and was providing detailed images for sites where (the number of guns, tanks, military vehicles, the number of officers and rank, the number of soldiers, supply routes, stockpile food, fuel, ammunition) and entrances the most heavily guarded that must avoid them to the site. , and the Americans were handing out the elements of the attack in their respective locations and they give us the amount of arms and ammunition needed by the attack on the site. and around the Battle of Damascus says the officer in the Syrian opposition armed: that there is fear the armed groups of the Battle of Damascus because of exposure back to the shield where there is half the Syrian Arab Army, according to him, and explains the importance of the shield for the battle of Damascus, saying that this region is considered loin soft to Damascus, so it did not accept the fall of any barrier he has had, before the war, there were 30 checkpoints, today in the army more than three hundred barrier, there are barriers attacked by gunmen more than once, and the army was due to assess the barrier, ignoring losses, adds: As long as a shield and region under the control of the system there is no hope in the battle of Damascus. Under the title "three exchanges during the two weeks," said the report: to talk about the process of exchange that accompanied the release of Iranian pilgrims man says: The hostages Iranians were in the city of Douma, and the process of this exchange is not the only recently acquired, it has earned the exchange of the first in the city of Homs, in Deir mailbox specifically, before entering the Syrian Arab army to it, and got the exchange of seconds Daria in the morning on Thursday, 3 this month, and then got major exchange process under which launched the release of Iranians and particularly against 4 Turkish officers also recognizes an officer in the Syrian armed groups!!.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-14-2013, 08:25 AM
Documents and confessions of new export international terrorism to Syria continues the series of seminars export of international terrorism to Syria with documents and confessions of a new media Tunisian confirm the existence of views Ngrr with young Arabs in general and Tunisians in particular, to send them to join the armed terrorist groups in Syria. In this context newspaper confirmed Sunrise Tunisian in its issue dated 01/10/2013 that the terrorists of city palace, Gafsa in southern Tunisia is affiliated with the Salafist movement "jihadist" recently went to Syria, pointing out that this issue has become the talk distal and proximal region. newspaper said its reporter in the state of Gafsa Contact some parents of these young terrorists, but they refused to make any statements because of the case of mental ill and miserable, which became the front of the unknown fate of their children. was the same newspaper recently quoted appeals to Lady Tunisian city of palaces Essaf of Mahdia calls from which authorities her country and all decision-makers to help them in order to return her son, who was thrown in order to "jihad" in Syria to his homeland and carried lured her son's responsibility to assign destinations young Tunisians and throwing them into the furnace of war in which they originally entered.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-14-2013, 08:41 AM
Princes of terrorism in Syria deride the minds of their mercenaries and give them «Water concealment» There are many news stories that we receive from the stupidity and folly of terrorist groups that came to Syria to drop its system and shed the blood of its people, but to reach the stupidity of mercenaries to the extent of believing that there is water if you drink one can disappears from sight? This is what actually happened in Syria has learned the news Press from private sources that long ago in the new area Yabous Alhdodh arrested terrorist was the currency of survey sites Syrian Arab army and intelligence centers in the region, but interesting in the story that this idiot was behaves as if no one sees where he gestures abnormal and monitor people in public and was carrying in his hand notebook and a pen and note down everything he sees in front of him all the goodwill, and when tired lay on the side of the road and put a man on man and completed taking notes. when he saw intelligence officers and photographed cameras planted in region thinks the security men that moron but approached him to let them know what is his story, and because of the security situation makes it imperative for the soldier of the Syrian Arab to be vigilant even in things that may not raise suspicion, was taken to one of the centers of intelligence nearby, and interrogated show that is not crazy, but it was The process of survey and monitoring centers and communities in the region through the notes, which was يدونها, and the signs of shock on his face and a clear Heath said, "How did you to see me because (Prince) gave me a glass of water and told me drink this water and go to Jhadk will see you one of شبيحة Assad infidels. " This, according to Information News Press under this insane thought that (Prince) does not lie, but expired cup of water that can hide it from the eyes of the people, this is the mentality of groups that want to control Syria, and this is the kind of princes who want to take control the country and the people, Syria Is this new?, Syria myths and Alhaomat and murder and destruction.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-14-2013, 08:47 AM
Pictures .. list of some of the dead foreigners during the 11 and 12 of the 2012 list of some of the dead foreigners during the months of 11 and 12 in 2012 who were killed in Syria at the hands of the Syrian army and labeled pages and sites of the so-called Mujahideen terrorist organization Front victory http:/ / / / uploads/images/ ahead of nymphs and intimate fire

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-14-2013, 08:47 AM
cnn: dozens of foreign terrorists fighting in Syria and camps Turkish open to them can no longer government of Justice and Development Party in Turkey to shop Okdhuptha great about training camps opened up in front of terrorists who want to fight in Syria, and the prosecution as a "refugee camps" These camps, the camps are only station relaxes the Terrorists from all countries of the world and receive the training and instructions before returning to fight in Syria, according to recognize one of the terrorists binder video. Sami Yusuf terrorist admitted to a channel (CNN) American it had carried out more than an operation against the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo and Idlib, he still practiced his crimes and resort to Turkey whenever wills after to take advantage of an amnesty Syrian authorities with him when he was mislead public opinion and transmits image fake about the events and instead benefit from the release within the context of the policy of the Syrian state to give those involved events the opportunity to return to the right path go to work armed. The channel said that the report of the photographer Journalist Joe rotation depicts the lives of Syrian refugees in Turkey appeared Sami fighter to say from inside the camp, "I now go and fight in Syria with battalions" free Syria "and go back to Turkey," acknowledging that he had more than an operation against the Syrian Arab Army before returning to Turkey. In recognition of the serious last confirmed terrorist Sami that he and his companions were taking school premises to them by saying, "Our headquarters which was a school," to reaffirm that terrorism and extremism enemy first science and what scheming to Syria does not regard to allegations of democracy, freedom and human rights, but intended to ignorance of the Syrian people and bring him back until facilitates the control of the destinies and harnessed to serve foreign agendas unrelated to the interests of the Syrians. terrorist Sami says, "We were in Aleppo fighting government forces and then we return to our natural refugees in Turkey" to fall so all allegations of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government, which provides cover for terrorism and supported and protected for political purposes does not unrelated from near or far allegations freedom it gives. In a document compelling Showing terrorist Sami in front of the lens CNN image shows a number of men said they "are coming from Libya and the United States, Morocco, Tunisia and all Arab countries to نصرتنا" pointing out that the advocates of terrorism in Syria likes "to Ayatbroon these foreigners, but friendship to them." and even goes a terrorist Sami doubt certainty He concluded by CNN, saying, "I have just returned to Turkey for comfort and every month we come three or four days for the rest of the votes of bullets and shelling and screaming people and then go back after that." we go and get back to fight and kill people .. We operations inside Syria and get back to Turkey .. All phrases as long as echoed by terrorists on full view Erdogan's government, which can no longer deny the reality or hide to be so in front of two possibilities either it has sold its sovereignty to NATO and his followers against the power and left Turkey failed state does not have the management of their territory or they adopt a policy to support terrorism and fundamentalism on the rear ideological the Justice and Development Party fundamentalist which Atlty behind political Islam, which is in fact completely reactionary Islam term political In both cases, the Turkish government has transformed Turkey is an important player in the region and a factor of stability to the industry stadium chaos service to the West and its interests.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-14-2013, 01:44 PM
Are these really the forces of mentality intact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Http:// /
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-15-2013, 12:43 PM
Gunmen tried to steal grain silos east of Raqqa, where protection elements silos managed with the support of elements of the barrier Issa appointed to repel the attack on the silos and the resulting clash short spilled to the ground Almacf ended within minutes
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-15-2013, 12:43 PM
Hama: found competent authorities on the corpse on the agricultural road linking the villages of Og and Bhanin Brive Masyaf, later revealed it to a taxi driver named Abdul Karim Nagar had gone at the request of Homs to Masyaf. , and also found the body of a young man suffered owner to slaughter with a blunt object, dumped near the village of Junction Humairi of Hrbnevsh district, was found later that they volunteer for military Fahd الجبيلي from a scorpion village, next to an IED explosive and non-explosive Vtm dismantled.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-15-2013, 06:59 PM
International Rescue Committee: Syrian refugees who fled from sexual violence said the International Rescue Committee, based in New York-based The war in Syria cause "humanitarian catastrophe shocking" and caused the flight of hundreds of thousands of refugees to neighboring countries and that many of the women talked about the fear of rape. The Commission stated that refugees Soeriat interviewed in Lebanon, Jordan Djaln of sexual violence, the main reason for فرارهن of their country and said n the gang rape often been in front of family members. said the International Rescue Committee in a report of the 23-page report entitled "Syria: a regional crisis," he "After working in war zones and disaster for decades aware of the International Rescue Committee that women and girls suffer from physical violence and sexual in every conflict; and Syria is no exception." and she "talked a lot of women and girls subjected to abuse in public places or inside their homes, especially at the hands of insurgents . " The Commission added that some people talk with her ​​also for the attacks suffered by women and girls to kidnap, rape, torture and murder. , and continued, "For those who write them survived and managed to escape, there is a lack of medical services and psychological counseling to help them heal in the communities in which Astgarin out, but there are ongoing challenges. faces a lot of women and girls unsafe conditions in the refugee camps, as well as the high rate of domestic violence

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-15-2013, 07:09 PM
Terrorists are targeting the University Aleppo بقذيفتين the rockets Tesfran for the occurrence of the martyrs and casualties students the terrorist group has today launched two rockets from Allirmon area on the University of Aleppo resulted in a number of casualties and injuries among citizens and damage the place. An official source told SANA that the shells Alsaarokhittin أسفرتا the death and injury of a number of students on the first day of exams at the University of Aleppo, in addition to a number of citizens displaced from their homes due to the work of terrorist groups and residents in University City . and in this context informed SANA correspondent in Aleppo that two rockets fired by terrorists crashed in the area of Bani Zeid in the city which resulted according to preliminary information on casualties and injuries among citizens

01-15-2013, 07:51 PM
This Syrian opposition, which occupies Aleppo Lakeh the Zionist occupation of a group of pigs damned Wahhabism, these pigs are bombing university students and kill any argument only satanic criminality, these enemies of Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, enemies of the people of the house, this civilization, killed imams and burned our offices and our science, and killed our people, my pig, Erdogan thou and عصابتك from the Gulf to the U.S., these pigs Jamaahalhadh the Saudi-US Zionism. O Allah, I bear witness I pardoned Btagutem the Vaketbna with two witnesses on إجرامهم and the with martyrs oppressed.
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:19 PM
Ok Shaw guilt students Mo haram of Allah curse them and curse the devil Dinin religion Pahad time in Syrian universities exams and students of the martyrs of Kano were going to their exams this is the culture of the devil to their God and their God cursed who Ekproh first disobeyed God and sought to corrupt the land
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:22 PM
Scandal ..What is the secret divorce Suheir Atassi from her husband customary owner network Cham opposition and the latest scams and fraud carried out?! - and got a message from a source close colleagues "Suheir Atassi," a member of the so-called "General Authority of the Syrian revolution" and the Akhramilit fraud carried out by : The letter that we received the following: What is the real reason came out of him, "Atassi" Mnsoeria note that the Syrian authorities have lifted the emergency law and allowed the opposition to express an opinion and to exercise their natural right to the formation of opposition parties under the roof of the nation of Syria. you, Syrians why they came out "Suheir Atassi" from Syria at a time when the work of Turkey and the Gulf states to provide weapons to terrorists and help them in terrorist operations which did not exclude not large nor small, out "SZ" in order to link and marry one of the fugitives, financiers and assistants in the killing of the Syrian people and who is in Omar her children if she married is small. Yes smaller age بكتير and (Shaw violin?????? married and has children) and called the pair "Bilal" and known as (Abu Abdo Cham), one of the founders of the network Cham opposition and live outside Syria. of Here began the story as hinted "SZ" Bhasthe Altzlqah and opportunism that Atakti the power of the network, "Cham" Finance and continues to network with a lot of terrorists in Syria. began climbing up a dose communicate with called "Abu Abdo" even occurred in the entangled flimsy, and while he was "Abu Abdo Cham "believes himself to be impressed with and loved, was preparing to exploit more and more to move to Europe, she and her son who had completed his studies in Beirut, where he was" Abu Abdo "lives in Europe. To complement representative promoted "Atassi," a fictional story that her son is under threat, and fell for Lie on many of the terrorists who are backed by the network, "Cham" opposition with money and weapons. lasted "Atassi" Pkzbha on "Abu Abdo Cham" he able upset the balance of power within Syria until persuaded (Abu Abdo Cham) link to provide financial coverage for her and her son and her mother. Abu Abdo "was at his disposal a huge budget for the network Cham opposition, despite all that there was not any problem haunted" SZ "only material support, which provides them the means necessary to examine her son at the University of Europe, even if at the expense of the Syrian people, whether pro or exhibitions. partner " Abu Abdo Cham "commented Psonartha and agreed to marry her after repeated requests and urgent so, therefore, play an important role to convince activists بدرعا and some youth network" Cham "smuggling" Suheir Atassi "from Daraa to Jordan after he convinced them it under grave danger and that they would meet with them in order to support the so-called (the revolution). everyone swallowing taste "Atassi" bittersweet film on them, because many members of the so-called "Revolution General Commission," Cano trust to "Dad Abdo Cham" at the time. flew "SZ" for France directly associated with the marriage of customary of invitee "Abu Abdo Cham," while the wife was the first to Abu Abdo Cham and his children live in an Arab country. course concealed "Abu Abdo" the subject of his marriage, but the marriage was known episode too tight inside the so-called Revolution General Commission Network "Cham" opposition. continued, "Abu Abdo" the performance of his duties marital "Suheir Atassi" for eight Ohhrvqt and then Kllo marriages customary divorce result قرف "Abu Abdo Sham" from exploitative "Atassi" voracious for money and that you need to more than twenty "Abu Abdo" other to hit the stage orgasm Finance to cover the expenses of a facelift and tight and Botox, to the expenses of her son, to the secretary and the maid and management of three houses owned in Paris, London and Qatar. At the present time, as if nothing had happened, because "Suheir Atassi," moved from the bosom of Attar to cuddling country continuing campaign opportunistic and climbing at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people. Levant News Agency - Oman

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:25 PM
"Newspaper Yurt Turkish:" confirmed that the Justice and Development Party was established to meet the requirements of the United States and Israel in the region.
newspaper pointed out in an editorial yesterday that the party took over the task of the establishment of relations between Turkey and the Arab regimes reactionary and the United States tested through the so-called Arab Spring
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:27 PM
3 mortar shells fall on the Mezze district of Mount 86 in Damascus yesterday evening at the home of one journalist Mahmoud will and the second at the home of journalist Issa supporter and the third in a car and injured people and material damage
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:28 PM
A suicide bombing near the roundabout absolute at the southern entrance of the city of Idlib and the occurrence of the martyrs and said a source in the police command Idlib: the occurrence of 8 wounded and material damage in buildings and cars in the third explosion, which occurred between the rotor of Agriculture and Social Security in the neighborhood of the revolution densely populated
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 01:29 PM
"Syria Press": Syrian Arab Army frustrate the attempt to blow up two car bombs driven by suicide bombers on the road "Idlib - Almsthomh of."
01-16-2013, 01:30 PM
Ok Shaw guilt students Mo haram Allah curse them and curse Dinin religion of Satan Pahad time in examinations in universities and Syrian students martyrs Cano going to their exams this is the culture of the devil to whom Allah and cursed god who Ekproh first disobeyed God and sought to corrupt the earth fault of their faith and patriotism, dignity and love for Syria guilty of the rejection of all Zionist forms of guilt that they are honest their fault they stood in the face of terrorism and refused to hand over Syria

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 02:15 PM
3 terrorist bombings hit the province of Idlib and its countryside, killing and wounding a number of citizens
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 02:16 PM
Front victory adopt a bombing at the University of Aleppo Front victory, one of the arms of al-Qaeda in Syria under the slogan "No study and Atdris the even drops the president," the organization adopts "Nasra Front" cowardly terrorist bombing in Aleppo University yesterday

01-16-2013, 02:19 PM
Hit Aleppo University is Turkish - Saudi directly, this dreaded Erdogan spiteful criminal should get rid of him and of his diabolical
Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 02:52 PM
Is not it strange that this bombing comes after the appointment of Erdogan to Turkish army hit-and Syrians in the camps!!! It's the return of the Ottomans History repeats itself massacres still in Zcarh of the peoples who massacres committed by the Ottoman peoples' right at the beginning of the occupation of the Arab world, and God will not forget

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 07:36 PM
Recep Erdogan government intervention of Zionism harmless goods to Aleppo (a picture of an Israeli-made spaghetti bag is inserted into the northern countryside of Aleppo by a person named Taha Ajjaj) no longer a secret recruitment Israel government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey to be a gateway evil first of aggression on Syria Turkish government was and is the tool compliant server and loyal to carry all required by the Zionist entity from the beginning of training and harboring armed terrorist groups through stealing bounties and capabilities of the nation and finally enter foodstuffs and weapons Israeli-made to the city of Aleppo is proven that the purpose of publishing a number of deadly diseases and hit the national economy. not a day goes by without showing fingerprints of new criminal government of the Ottoman Alziowahaba Erdogan against the Syrian people and to continue to exploit the conditions experienced by Syria to the introduction of more weapons and terrorists who are doing their part to enter materials Turkish and Israeli-made pose a significant risk to the health of consumers into Syrian territory. Though knowledge Erdogan's government that the Syrian people will reject those materials, products, and will stand against those who promoted and deal with it but it is keen to enter the Syrian market in large quantities in conjunction with directing terrorists to attack trucks goods and Syrian products in Maholhlon such materials Turkish and Israeli only option for citizens. describes Analysts Send Erdogan's government foodstuffs manufactured in Israel to the city of Aleppo as a step dirty comes an attempt to break the constants of the Syrians and subjecting them especially that the Syrian people Bottiyavh all cling to reject any form of normalization with the Israeli enemy. emphasizes the people of Aleppo he also rejected the acquisition of Turkish products cheap will destroy goods Zionism fully whatever the cost wondering how to accept the claims that Syrian and wants future home to eat or feed their children from the goods produced when our enemies. Returning to approach criminal for the Erdogan government Alziowahabah against the Syrian people by extending weapons to terrorists Israeli-made to be births main killing and bloodshed of Syrians have preceded many of the steps aggressive, which began hosting the armed terrorist groups and supplying money and weapons and securing all necessary have to continue its crimes to become recently to the destruction and looting national companies, industrial and especially in the city of Aleppo Observers believe that Erdogan is no longer embarrassed by signs of ارتهانه to the Government of the Zionist entity and its transformation into a Mitris gang the direct supervision on the armed terrorist groups continued looting of crops and destruction of infrastructure in Syria service to Israel and its plans in the region. confirm all data and evidence to try the new Turkish introduction of weapons and food Israeli-made to the Syrian territory will not increase the Syrian people, but the hardness and strength against the war of aggression aimed at his presence and the power of state and mouthpiece of all Syrians say: die of starvation do not eat or feed our children from the production of the occupiers of Arab lands.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 07:39 PM
Downloads revolutionary: the killing of النصيري three dollars after about two years on the opening of market extremism and terrorism in the streets of Syria, it seems that recession has hit Otunabh shops in the murder and stores death, was to be a tonic commercial refreshes the markets and restore the blood of its neighbors on the sidewalks licenses and profit-taking fantasy as victories Syrian people, which it apparently has to learn how to calculate the dollar exchange rate in accordance with the level drops blood remaining in the arteries. has announced the movement calling itself "Ansar al-Sham" for the campaign of a huge propaganda on the walls of Facebook and Tweets twitter targeting incitement to revive the market murder and trafficking in blood prices cheap and attractive and appealing, and it seems that this campaign is still in the experimental stage because it did not deal only with commodity bloody one waiting to see the results and profits which have to be circulated to all categories of goods and cliques vessels available. campaign was launched in a word, painful and stiff, a ((Kill Nasiria three dollars)), Balash!!! I mean Pay three dollars (about two hundred SP) and will guarantee you that kill the man of the Alawite sect Nusayris. Campaign of written to يائها under the supervision of a clergyman who believe in Allah and the Last Day and the Koran and that "kills someone who has killed all mankind" is Sheikh " Faisal Awad Anzi, "Kuwaiti nationality. The campaign received support by the "mujahideen" in the Levant, in the sense that the Mujahideen consent to death to do to meet Thelatt dollars against the spirit of all Nasiri lost ... No you just have to تتبرعوا your wealth and will Mujahideen cleared of these funds and washed powder blood النصيري. has rushed Front victory to encourage its members and supporters to donate to the campaign account, and that "the salaries of the Mujahideen on the doors Fajss part of your salary for the campaign," said the front in one of the Ngredatha on her Twitter that they need money and urged Djima to donate in the campaign account. also expressed a lot of activists expressed their support for this campaign sectarian racism wrote activist "Omar Saleh" Commenting on the campaign, I "donate to $ 9 that does not remain one of them" He literally: "I am with sectarianism and I'm with the killing of Alawites and the rape of their wives and the slaughter of their children and the bombing of towns and villages and Daahm and ask Almighty God to show us this day even realized fairness Almighty 000" and was among the supporters adults for this campaign, "opposite Clash" famous became Ngredath on Twitter the focus of much attention by all jihadist forums where you re-published after tabulation and classification again. wrote Abu Saad Asiri a pro ardent jihadists in Syria: "The Mujahideen said certificates of many right campaign supporters Sham" it is imperative to support and donate them. immediately celebrated Forums and locations of the Salafist jihadist campaign and has promoted pioneers and urged readers to donate money for the campaign and all these forums confirmed that the money will arrive specifically to the hand victory Front and not any other faction. Abdullah Ali Arabic Press

01-16-2013, 07:42 PM
Irrefutable evidence of the presence of the Zionist occupation army in Ottoman Aleppo, why right after only delusion ... This revolution unjust to the people of the right and the country
01-16-2013, 07:51 PM
I am with the killing of Alawites and the rape of their wives and their children slaughtered women and children recommended by their prophet in particular commandment. This particular commandment was that do not Aadhuhm. And Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib also recommended people their 'm sorry for this question Alastncara, but actually I would like to ask about how the minds of criminal How يبيحون what Allah has forbidden, and this is proof that they are not Muslims, these criminals Tlmoudaan to impose I of the infidels, I would like to ask Those who claim the faith, these criminals of God adultery campus, and the campus of the attack. And God has forbidden marry infidel true? Haram means forbidden to marry infidel in the Holy book, can not marry of infidel consent, and can not even touch it with her ​​consent, how he became old raped infidels they are haram that Almsuhen even if the marriage contract satisfaction and acceptance. and how to kill the kids, any the guilt of killing the child, any verse in the Quran permits the killing of children.

Proof of Syria's Assad
01-16-2013, 11:27 PM
O brother Lebanese God you discuss the doctrine of!!!! These are not the Islam section and Lord of the Kaaba and Alishhd the witnesses as to say I more I thought about them and their actions dirty remember these verses (Taking your Lord said to the angels, I will create in the ground Khalifa said أتجعل where the spoil where and shed blood and we praise praise be and cherish you said, I know what you do not know {30} And He taught Adam all the names, and then presenting them to the angels, saying أنبئوني the names of these if ye are truthful {31} said Glory we are not aware, but what taught us You are the Knower Hakim {32} said Oh Adam Onbihm the names when Onbohm the names less pain you said I know the secrets of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you reveal and what ye your hearts)

Great truth of God

Come God's justice and in spite of the disbelievers and the ungrateful and the hypocrites and Those that asked them Almlaúkm mischief in the land and shedding blood Vhsabhm hell and evil hypothalamus is not this Mauadhm God do not want to deceive Allah and those who believe in our right سنأخذه them of the great King emitter Mohammed and his brothers the prophets peace be upon them wholes and then to atone Muslims is haram in Islam may not only to those who pronounce atonement disbelief outright how their people massacred a تتشهد Bashhadtan!

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