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Washington sent two destroyers to the Libyan coast Benghazi attack: a planned operation and al-Qaeda suspects first

09/14/2012 LIKE REALLY WHAT DID THIS DO NOTT A THINGWashington sent two destroyers to the Libyan coastBenghazi attack: a planned operation and al-Qaeda suspects first
Still speculation and multiple scenarios hovering about what actually happened at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and who is responsible for the attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three diplomats during the protests have been linked to anti-Islam film. This comes at a time, Washington announced for sending two destroyers to the Libyan coast to face any future goals.The U.S. official announced that two destroyers were sent to the Libyan coast, giving the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama's flexibility in dealing in the future against any potential Libyan targets. He explained that the destroyer «U. S. S. Laboon is on a visit to the port in Crete may take its place in a matter of hours, while other destructive «U. S. S. McFaul is still two days away. Both missiles armed groups 'Tomahawk' used by NATO and widely air defenses to repel Gaddafi forces last year.Another official stressed that this procedure 'precautionary measure', and does not include a military operation was imminent. This comes after the decision to send 50 recruits from the Marine Corps to strengthen the protection of U.S. diplomatic headquarters.These developments came at a time when Obama held a telephone conversation with the head of the Libyan National Congress Mohammed Maqrif, to thank him for his condolences, and the cooperation of the Libyan authority. According to the White House, Obama «clearly said that we have to work together to do what is necessary in order to uncover the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice.A spokesman for the Supreme Security Committee in the Ministry of Interior Abdelmoumen free was the formation of «independent commission of inquiry headed by a judge and comprising experts from the Ministries of Justice and Interior. He stressed that the investigation 'very complex', because of the crowd that gathered around the consulate «was not homogenous ... There were extremists and ordinary citizens, women and children and criminals », while the head of the Libyan government's New Mustafa Abu Hakor Investigations cut« long way », referring to the start« to identify actors, we have pictures and names, and arrests have already begun ». Deputy Libyan Interior Minister and Nice Sharif in later that the authorities so far arrested four suspects in the attack on the U.S. consulate.This comes amid speculation and various scenarios for the attack, one that al-Qaeda has benefited from the protests in front of the embassy building to launch his attack, despite the fact that the Libyan authorities carried the supporters of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, as well as responsibility for al-Qaeda.U.S. officials considered that the attack was the result of planned action. A U.S. official said «This is the premise that we're working on at the moment, adding that extremists exploited the demonstrators to pounce on the consulate with light weapons and rocket launchers. The head of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress Mike Rogers, said that the attack bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda, noting in his speech to the network «CNN» that «months ago to see al-Qaeda looking for Western targets anywhere in the north of Africa. We spotted some of the activities which allowed us to think today that this is an affiliated group ».And explain the commander of the Special Operations Captain Fathi al-Obeidi, the details of the evacuation of diplomats from the consulate and the building is secure of her, pointing out that the unit of U.S. troops from eight men sent by air to save the diplomats trapped, but fell in an ambush tight through the night led to two people others. He explained that the evidence indicates that a later attack on the safe haven hid the diplomats was carried out by professionals. Besides that caused the errors occurred in the transfer of false information about the number of Americans who are waiting for rescue as there was 37 instead of the ten American who had told them, and so there is not sufficient means to take them.Obeidi said that after finding his men and the American band on the survivors suffered a safe haven, which is a Villa isolated heavy mortar shelling, adding «I really think that this attack was premeditated by experienced fighters. He stated that «six mortar rounds landed directly on the road to the villa. During this bombing wounded one of the Marines that you have brought him with me and fell to the ground ... And while you drag it to a safe place shouted some Marines who were on the roof of the villa, and the rest lie down on the ground, where a mortar shell landed to the side of the house. One of them flew off the roof and fell on us ».(AFP, Reuters, ASHA)

Libya: postponement of the trial of Saif al-Islam 5 months
Office of the Attorney General decided to Libya, yesterday, to postpone the trial of Saif al-Islam son of the late Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi five months to take advantage of any information about the case that may be cast by former intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi during interrogation after Libya received from Mauritania last week.The government officials have said that the trial of Saif al-Islam on charges of committing war crimes, will begin this month, but the arrest Sanusi, known as «Fund Gaddafi Black», led to the postponement of the trial of five months, which is expected to show new information, as explained attorney in the Office of the Attorney General birth Alzentani in a press conference.The Office of the Attorney General's announcement amid criticism from Libyan Council for Liberties and Human Rights to the ongoing trials of former officials of the Gaddafi era. He and former Justice Minister in the transitional government Mohammad Allaqi who heads the Council that the law usually supports justice, but Libya is witnessing an extraordinary judicial system lacks the foundations of fair trials. He also stressed a lawyer from the International Criminal Court, it is unlikely to be the trial of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi fair.The Libyan authorities said they need to form a government and the appointment of Attorney General before they determine the way they deal with Gaddafi Court. (Reuters, AFP)
09/06/2012Sanusi in the grip of Libya: Is it reveals the secrets of Gaddafi?
In a move that could lead to the disclosure of a lot of secrets, both in relation to Libya or other countries, received the Libyan authorities counterpart Mauritania, yesterday, the former head of Libyan intelligence under Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi, Abdullah al-Senussi, nicknamed as «black box Special Gaddafi.The demands of the International Criminal Court received Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity, as demanded by France receipt. The Lebanese delegation, headed by Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour, recently visited Mauritania to get information from Sanusi on the issue of the abduction of Imam Musa al-Sadr and his two companions.And Colonel Sanusi is the husband of the sister descriptive فركاش, Gaddafi's second wife, and was among the very inner circle of Gaddafi, who was overthrown and killed in 2011. He also nicknamed 'black-box' for Gaddafi, in reference to it was to find out everything that is happening in the era of the late leader. TheA U.S. diplomatic cable, published by the site and WikiLeaks, that Sanusi is under Gaddafi and the supervisor of all personal arrangements, including medical appointments.Sanusi was among the very inner circle of Gaddafi, and ran for a very long period of Libyan military intelligence «a repressive system devices the most powerful and effective, according to the interpretation of the International Criminal Court.In addition to the suppression of the Libyan Revolution, which broke out in February 2011, accusing Tripoli Sanusi that he is guilty of the massacre of Abu Salim prison in 1996 in Tripoli, which killed 1,200 prisoners.Sanusi had entered Mauritania, Mali passport and a false identity, was arrested on March 17 last year at Nouakchott airport upon his arrival from Morocco. And put in custody and then charged him on May 21 charge «falsification of travel documents and entering the country illegally. He was arrested since that date in Nouakchott.He said the Libyan Assistant Attorney General Taha Barh «emphasize that Abdullah Senussi was handed over to Libya, was handed over to the Attorney General's Office. There will be a routine medical check-ups start after being questioned directly. And later we will decide his fate. He added that «the extradition decision was after the Mauritanian courts, which was approved by the Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Rahim nutria that Sanusi and «as well as other symbols of the former regime will have the fair trial, will respect international standards of human dignity.He said the Libyan government spokesman Nasser inhibitor, in a press conference in the Libyan capital, said that Sanusi was transferred to a compound in Tripoli also arrested the other officials in the former regime, including former Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi.This complex is located, which is surrounded by tight security measures, in the neighborhood of the plateau green is remote from the center of the capital, which includes a prison and the court.In a video broadcast on the social networks, could be seen Sanusi down from the helicopter in the courtyard of the compound accompanied by the Libyan army chief of staff, Joseph carved, signed slogans launched by the security elements. Sanusi was dressed traditionally Libya and appeared to be in good health. And pretended to families of victims of the Abu Salim prison massacre in front of the complex to celebrate deliver Sanusi, and raise their pictures of the prisoners of the victims.The Minister of Finance Hassan Zqlam, who was among the Libyan delegation, who took Sanusi, the latter refused to put the cuffs on his hands, explaining that Sanusi resisted five men succeeded difficulty in handcuffed before boarding the raft in Nouakchott.Mauritanian official confirmed that «all the legal procedures for the delivery process has been respected, as well as the usual safeguards provided by the Libyan government.And announced that the International Criminal Court, which issued an arrest warrant against al-Sanusi, that does not have information on this delivery. The arrest warrant accuses him of committing 'crimes and persecution of civilians are crimes against humanity.France was issued in his international arrest warrant after being convicted in absentia to life imprisonment in the case of the bombing of a plane over Niger on September 19, 1989, killing 170 people, including 54 French. And also being linked to al-Sanusi bombing of a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie in 1988 which killed 270 people. Diplomatic sources say that the United States is keen to question him about the attack.Hurdle announced that Tripoli would not halt its consultations with France and the International Criminal Court, but the dialogue will focus on «Libyan citizen Reserve in Libyan territory.

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