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International Criminal Court: # Libya's efforts to prosecute # _ sword of Islam and # Sanusi

International Criminal Court: Libya's efforts to prosecute Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Senussi
(Brussels, May 13 / May 2013) - A Human Rights Watch today and a Frequently Asked Questions document on the relationship between the International Criminal Court and Libya. The International Criminal Court in order appeals from Libya to the court's jurisdiction to try suspects Court Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - son of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi - and Abdullah al-Senussi, intelligence chief in Gaddafi's reign.
Libya says it has achieved with the two men, with regard to their role during the government crackdown in 2011, which won the demonstrators, and allegations of corruption prior to that period. Libya also says that the area achieved with Sanusi extends until the eighties, in gross violations of human rights witnessed the Gaddafi era, including the killing of more than 1,200 prisoners at Abu Salim prison in Tripoli in June 1996.
The Security Council resolution 1970 Judge to refer Libya to the International Criminal Court, demanding the Libyan authorities to cooperate fully with the Court, which is binding requirement under the Charter of the United Nations, even though Libya is not a party to the treaty establishing the court. This cooperation includes compliance with the provisions and court orders, as well as compliance with court proceedings. Under the rules of the International Criminal Court, a State that you want to prosecute a suspect on an issue already opened by the International Criminal Court, to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court through the provision of legal memorandums.
Said Richard Dicker, director of the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch: "We understand the desire of Libya in bringing those responsible for past crimes to justice. With the move Libya forward Btonha and requests submitted to the International Criminal Court, it should show up and explain that it intends to adherence to the rule of law internally, and they also intends to respect its international obligations. "
Allowed recently told Human Rights Watch visited al-Sanusi, and it seems to us that the visit is private, and that on April 15 / April 2013, and visited Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in Zintan on 18 / December 2011.
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