Thursday, August 1, 2013


Obama issued a presidential order to hit mafia networks in the whole world!!

By Tangi Kimgnier of (AFP) -
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The U.S. government announced Monday strict legal measures to combat international criminal organizations, particularly allowing networks to target the Mafia, Italian, Russian, Mexican and Japanese.
The purpose of this economic sanctions, the new unveiled on Monday during the show "strategy to combat international organized crime" in the White House, mafias "yakuza" Japanese, and "Camorra" in Naples, Italy, and the cartel "Zeta" Mexican, and "ring Brotherhood," an organization scattered in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
And President Barack Obama said in a decree aimed to "destroy the economic power" of international organized crime, that the activities of these organizations, "reached a level of risk threatening the stability of the political and economic systems" in the whole world.
He added that "such organizations have become more complex and dangerous for the United States. Became more overlap in the operations of foreign governments and the international financial system, thereby weakening democratic institutions and the rule of law and threatens the economic markets."
Obama said, "So announced that international criminal organizations pose a threat unusual and exceptional national security, foreign policy and the American economy."
The Treasury Department said that this decree freezes all property belonging to target these criminal organizations also prevents U.S. citizens from dealing with it.
According to the administration, the "Brotherhood loop" is a "multi-ethnic" author of "leaders and important members of several groups exist, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union, but extends to the Middle East, Africa and Latin America."
The United States also targeted mafia "Camorra," an organization based in the region of Naples (Italy), noting that it "achieve up to 10% of the annual profits of $ 25 billion thanks to the sale of pirated products and imitation (...) in the European and American markets."
These activities "hinder sales of original products in the U.S. and stealing intellectual property owners" in the country, according to the same source.
As for the Japanese Yakuza mafia, which is about 80 thousand members, according to the Treasury Department are especially active in the United States in the field of drug smuggling and money laundering.
And finally pulls the decree signed by Obama Zeta cartel, which is the heaviest among the seven drug cartels operating in Mexico. This Organization practiced kidnappings of illegal immigrants and the theft of fuel to finance its war against the rival cartel in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to the White House, this cartel maintains relationships with gangs in the United States, an activist not only in the field of drug trafficking "large amounts" to U.S. soil but also in human smuggling and money laundering.
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