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Ramadan Death Toll: Sunday 04/08/13

Ramadan Death Toll: Sunday 04/08/13

(Algeria) The Algerian army killed three Tunisian terrorists in the northeast part of the country near the border with Tunisia. On July 25, eight Tunisian soldiers were killed by militants in mountain Chaambi. Since then, the Tunisian and Algerian armies have launched a wide scale operation to track down the perpetrators.

(Tunisia) Tunisian police shot dead an Islamist terrorist in Tunis and a soldier was killed in a blast near the Algerian border on Sunday, as the government grapples with the growing security and political crises in the country.

(Pakistan) Terrorists murdered a former district chairman and his son (Muhammad Sharif and Muhammad Younus) as they walked home.

In the city of Karachi, 2 more bodies were found Sunday, a result of the latest bout of killings which has beset the city.

(Syria) In fighting between the rebels and the army inside Syria 30 people were killed in the Jabal Akrad mountains on Sunday.

A Syrian man was killed Sunday by Syrian army forces while trying to cross the Grand River separating Lebanon from Syria.

Unidentified gunmen stormed a Damascus home and killed five members of a family that supports the regime of President Bashar Al Assad. "Five members of one pro-regime family — a man, his wife and their three daughters — were killed (on Saturday) by unidentified gunmen in the district of Rukn Al Din” in northern Damascus, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights."

9 people were liked during an airstrike by the Syrian Airforce in the town of Yabroud.

(Iraq) 15 people were killed around Iraq on Sunday in what seems was a very quiet day in the beleaguered country. The deadliest attack took place late Sunday night when gunmen in a speeding car opened fire randomly on a gathering of people on a street in the city of Kirkuk, killing four people and wounding three. A bomb later exploded inside a cafe in western Baghdad shortly before midnight, killing three and wounding 12. Earlier in the day, a roadside bomb struck an army patrol near the northern city of Mosul, killing three soldiers. In Tikrit, in central Iraq, a car bomb killed Judge Sajid Abdul-Amir as he was driving to his work. In eastern Baghdad, two people were killed in a blast, police said. Meanwhile, mortar rounds landed on houses in the capital's western suburbs, killing two people.

(Lebanon) An explosion that took place in a house in Daraya town, Mount Lebanon, Sunday killed an Egyptian citizen, and seriously injured his brother. Lebanese army forces rushed to the scene soon after the explosion and found explosives and walkie talkies in the house. The forces also cordoned off the hospital where the two wounded were treated, as well as arresting two Egyptians living in the house.

(Yemen) Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed el-Mamari was shot dead on his way home on Sunday. He was walking to his car after work when two unidentified gunmen killed him in the central province of Bayda.

Ramadan death toll is now at 4,472.

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