Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Fox Contributor: John Boehner ‘Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi’

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Former Democratic pollster and Fox News contributor, Pat Caddell, appeared on Fox News Channel over the weekend where he alleged that there is a White House-led cover-up of the details surrounding the Benghazi attacks. Furthermore, he added, that cover-up of information regarding the White House’s response to that attack is being aided by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
“We have John Boehner, who has been purposely suppressing anything about Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week,” Caddell alleged. “And he approved it.”
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Caddell alleged that CIA agents were using Libya as a transit point to move weapons from North Africa into Syria without congressional approval. He added that the revelations surrounding the large number of CIA agents on the ground in Libya in 2012 was part of an operation that Boehner supported and approved.
Turning to the details of the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, Caddell concluded by saying that he can “guarantee” that the details surrounding that scandal go “directly into the White House.”
Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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