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Dear Congressional House Members,

As some of you know and most of this activist blog's readership know, NYC media is my business & has been for over 20 years. The people running this group are not lawyers and "small business owners" like many of you. We're media and marketing specialists, which is what you need and what you are not, so please pay attention. If you are unfamiliar with this group, its media coverage (nationally it's more than most of you have) and it's significant grassroots accomplishments, see this:

As you know CNN recently aired a special on Benghazi which had many conservatives, politicians and pundits scratching their heads: "Why would they do it? Why open a can of worms certain to damage Obama?" The clue that the report is not as it seems can be found in the silence from other leftist media outlets who refused to condemn the action of a leftist outfit exposing the scandal of a leftist president.

After speaking with some people in the media biz I am now convinced I have formed a very reliable opinion on why CNN has begun their baffling scathing expose into Benghazi, and those few with whom I have shared it, professionals all, had "eureka moments" and agreed with the analysis and conclusion: The behind-closed-doors lib media plan (and it is pretty hush-hush because we're only getting inklings of it on the street, and I've been behind plenty of closed-door meetings) is to hand the Congressional House to Obama in 2014, therefore allowing Obama can do whatever he wants unobstructed, and truly "fundamentally transform America" into what surely must be the soviet Communist model adored by his parents, grandparents and other influences in his youth. Do know there will little place for you in such a world, so as I said, pay attention.

The formula is simple: Benghazi = Obama + Boehner = no trouble for Obama, GOP loses House in 2014.

Boehner certainly seems like a man with something to hide on Benghazi. His refusal to allow a vote to form a  Watergate-style Select Committee on Benghazi, which would be bi-partisan, simply reeks of it. If true that means that the Dems would open up Boehner as surely as the GOP would Obama. The deal between them seems to be, don't hurt us, we won't hurt you. Many of you may already suspect this but signed onto HRes36 demanding a Select Committee anyway, knowing it will never get a vote. This way you can posture has heroes to the voters in your districts without having to deal with a brawl and the hard and uncertain work of winning it. Sounds like a sensible and safe way to deal with it, right? No.

Enter CNN to screw up your genius plans. In their Benghazi special, as you know, they hinted at GOP blame in Benghazi.  In my opinion (and now that of a few others, though certain to grow) this two-sided approach wasn't to appear fair and balanced, but rather to sow the seeds of what will be a relentlessly expanding narrative which will put the blame equally on Obama & Beohner, and perhaps shift it evermore to Boehner. 

You know what's coming. Knowing how the timing of these kinds of things tend to be structured, I am convinced that this has been in the works for awhile, and that the big media guns will come out "exposing" Boehner in less than six months, so as to let it ferment in the public mind before the 2014 mid-terms with a probable October Surprise, either real or imaginary, exploding the scandal further, just before the elections. This means you. Obama's invariable understated culpability in Benghazi will hurt the dems in congress just a little, but Boehner in many ways is the House to the American people, and the attacks will all be about "The culture of murderous corruption led by Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in the House, though Obama certainly shoulders some of the blame."

CNN, Time, Newsweek, The Daily News, The New York Times, the Washington Post, every major left-media outlet (many of whom have reported on this very blog) and to some extent even FOX since Ailes announced in Sept of 2011 he was taking Fox to the left, will be all about nothing but Boehner's face and the words "Republicans" and "Benghazi" and "Death" and "Murder" and "Cover-up", and it will all play beautifully because Beohner has fought a Select Committee for 6 months for no good reason, allowing the media to invent any they want and the public will buy it lock, stock and barrel. It will be better than good for the Democrats, it will be magnificent. And an absolute nightmare for you and those of us who care.

The problem, of course, is Obama is not up for re-election in 2014 and will never have to worry about investigations or impeachment from a lame duck session of congress in which the House has been brutally pulverized by it's own Speaker via the media.

I do worry that all this will confuse and frighten many of you because, quite frankly, you're clearly just not up to the job on this scale. Some will retreat into a daily world of half-measures, timid posturing with an unhealthy dose of unrealistic daydreaming to make the terror go away. Others will add large martini lunches and dinners. That is the wrong response. Once again I want to repeat something: you people are not media professionals, and defeating Joe Blow in your little district is not the same as beating a national mainstream media, funded by billions, with a virtual monopoly on everything the nation sees and hears. A media which almost to a man wants to see you ruined and, if possible, utterly humiliated. It is not 1992, anymore. You can convene on the capital steps as a group all you want; the media has learned with all the entertainment distractions in the world, it can ignore you utterly with absolutely zero consequence to themselves, and do so all year and America will never hear your great or lousy words.

The only solution is the legislative/oversight kind which circumvents media and forces them to follow and spin you, not to force you into doing tricks for them, which appears to be the role most of you have accepted. IMO a year plus a few months is all you have to save your careers. Pay attention. This is no joke.

In my opinion there is only one media solution and it must be done immediately - even if it means introducing some emergency re-convening of the House if it can somehow be done without Boehner: the requisite 30 House members must confront Boehner immediately and force him to step down. Fight the impulse you just had to turn away. Keep reading.

The entirely legit reason for this - and I am sure you are preparing to do it anyway lest anyone say you were influenced by a crazy right-wing blog for whom FOX NEWS is not conservative enough - is because Boehner has denied the will of the people by disallowing their representatives a Vote on HRes36 in violation of the Hastert Rule. Not only is it a great real reason, 99% of America won't even understand it enough to debate it. All they will understand is "The Republicans are doing what they were elected to do". That's good, in case you need it explained to you.

When Benghazi breaks fully, the only thing that will play to the public is to prove to them that you are much more honest than the Democrats before it fully broke. Purging your own, especially the guilty, is a time-honored trick. In this case, it also happens to be the right thing to do and people will instinctively understand that regardless of media spin. 

Force Boehner out - clear yourselves of this damn mess - now, not when you feel like it. As usual in life, when you feel like it will prove to be too late. Tell the world that Boehner was obstructing the will of the people by disallowing a bipartisan investigation because you want the democrats to have their say too, you see, being right and honorable men. The idea being that if Boehner is complicit - or made to look complicit and that is surely coming - you get out in front, say it before the media does and make sure Obama takes the majority of the blame, and that will play, because Obama will still be in power and Boehner will not. In this way, you have exposed the truth while the democrats will look like sewer rats covering-up a President who de facto killed innocent Americans and then covered it up.

But this is the only way out. 

It's uncomfortable. It means most of you will have to really concentrate in ways in which you are unaccustomed. That may frighten you. That fear may enrage you. It may even panic you. It has mild potential political dangers inherent in the uncertain way of things. But if you wait for the handwriting to be on the wall to be readable to you who do not understand the media from the inside, it won't be on the wall, it will be staring up at you from your morning paper and it will destroy you. And those of us who care.

I won't repeat myself. You see what it is. You've been warned. The only ones who will cover you on avoiding what you have just been told will be the mainstream media, and they want to politically destroy you.



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