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Campaign calling for "White House" to put the "Brotherhood" on international terrorism lists

07/31/2013 15:40

Egypt (Kalat)
Citizens launched a campaign to put the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the lists of terrorist organizations, demanding U.S. President Barack Obama to halt its support for the group in the coming period.

He said citizens in a petition collecting signatures for submission to the White House: "We collect signatures to be submitted with the petition to be submitted to U.S. President Barack Obama, to put the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organizations", stressing that the Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of killings, violent and terrorizing opponents , and has direct relationships with most of the terrorist groups.

The founders of the campaign "mode Brotherhood lists of terrorism", that Hamas is the military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is logical to put Hamas on lists of terrorism and leave the Brotherhood they said, adding: "In the last year in Egypt, suffered from religious order by Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been translated in many violent events, such as the Federal Palace events, and the attack on the Coptic cathedral, the assassination of the soldiers in Rafah, and the repression of political activists and suffered dictatorial measures such as the constitutional declaration of dictatorship. "

The founders of the campaign: "On June 30, the last of the Egyptian people revolt against President Mohamed Morsy isolated on June 30, was the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi from office, which leads to an increase in terrorist attacks of the Muslim Brotherhood against civilians and the military in Egypt

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