Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another day, another Triffid

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers

Poster for the 1962 British production of The Day of the Triffids

Ghost House Pictures announced today that John Wyndam’s classic sci-fi horror novel The Day of the Triffids is headed for the big screen – again.

Wyndam’s 1951 angry vegetable novel was previously adapted for cinema in 1962 when a British production of the title placed the blame for Earth’s Triffid invasion not with the Red Menace (as in the paranoid source material), but with alien spores that arrived in a meteor shower. It seems highly likely that the new Triffids movie will also opt for an otherworldly explanation for people’s gardens gaining sentience.

The movie will be produced by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, The Mark Gordon Company, and Preger Entertainment, LLC. The script is being penned by Neil Cross – creator and writer of the acclaimed BBC TV show, Luther. Cross was also recently named one of Variety's ‘10 Screenwriters to Watch for 2012.’

There is no word yet on a likely release date for the movie, but it seems doubtful the Triffids will arrive any time before the end of 2013.

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