Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy and Quiet

It's a bit busier around here without volunteers.  It has also been a bit quieter since our island population dropped a bit with the departure of our work crews. There's actually not much to talk about this week.  No medevacs, no emergency landings, no wildlife trouble, nice weather.  I even waited an extra day to post my blog in case something came up.  Nothing did, so here are some pictures.

 You can barely see one of the old bunkers behind all of the verbesina.

 Too bad the verbesina is so invasive.  It would be kind of pretty if it didn't spread so much.

A Laysan duck gets ready to flap its wings.

This is an abandoned fuel tank at our old fuel farm.  Our tanks there have been empty for years, but we haven't had the funds to remove them yet.

 This Red-tailed tropicbird chick should be ready to fly out of here any day now.

We had Bingo up at Captain Brooks on Saturday night.  I won one game.  The one where the person who doesn't get any numbers wins.

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