Monday, July 23, 2012

Hollywood stars step out of the 'UFO closet'

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers

More and more, it seems, Hollywood stars are coming out of the ‘UFO closet’ to express to the world their interest in, or experiences with, Unidentified Flying Objects. 

“Another celebrity UFO tweet has hit the twittersphere,” reports Alejandro Rojas. “[This] tweet comes from Thomas Jane [Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Killshot] and is regarding an upcoming UFO conference in Las Vegas.”

Jane’s tweet reads:  

Space Geeks! : A conference on Science and #UFOs, check it out:

Thomas Jane
Rojas notes that he met Jane last summer at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Symposium in Irvine, California, where the movie star “mentioned how he thought there should be a UFO conference with more scientists and academics.”

Jane also sought Rojas’ and colleague Jason McClellan’s opinions “regarding various UFO topics and notable cases.”

Jane’s recent UFO tweet was in reference to an upcoming UFO conferenceorganised by Rojas, which will feature – as Jane had been hoping for – an impressive line-up scientists, academics, journalists, and retired high-ranking military officers.

Jane’s Hollywood’s career brought him face-to-face with otherworldly creatures in 2003 in Dreamcatcher (alien invasion) and 2007 in The Mist (interdimensional monsters). Both movies feature sinister black-ops military shenanigans. Check out the trailers here...

“Tom isn't the only celebrity interested in the topic of UFOs,” adds Rojas. Last year alone, celebs who publicly discussed UFOs and/or extraterrestrial life included Aaron Eckhart, Christie Brinkley, Sammy Hagar, Katy Perry, Sigourney Weaver, Demi Lovato, Billy Ray Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Tom Delonge, Kiefer Sutherland,  Roberto Orci and Ridley Scott. This year, Rihanna was added to the list.


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