Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Silver Screen Saucers Project

By Bryce Zabel
Silver Screen Saucers Consulting Editor

Extraterrestrials can be extremely big box office when done right. They provide drama, conflict and, most often, a really, really good bad guy.
The question for ufologists is whether Hollywood makes these projects just because of the tickets they can sell or whether there is ever an ulterior, hidden motivation. This, of course, is what makes Silver Screen Saucers such compelling reading.
Robbie Graham and I met last summer at the Leeds Exopolitics Conference where we both got to share our mutual passions for UFOs in television and film. We come at this topic from two different angles — Robbie has done brilliant work in the academic field delving into the history and behind-the-scenes machinations of countless such projects and I’ve had the good fortune to experience a handful of them from the inside.

And, now, we’re working together to bring Silver Screen Saucers to a larger audience. Robbie is blistering his fingers on his keyboard to produce what will likely be the most definitive book on the subject ever written. I’m working in concert with Robbie to find a way to bring his book to life in television as a special or series and, as a consequence, I’m consulting with Robbie on the content of this website so that it all fits together to create the best experience possible for you and other readers and viewers to come.
It’s all part of a mix where I’ve “doubled-down” on ufological topics. Many of you know me because of the NBC TV series I created and produced, Dark Skies, and the development I contributed to on the SyFy Channel’s Taken. But I also have a new edition of the book I co-authored with Richard Dolan, A.D. After Disclosure, being published by Career Press in May 2012. I’m also finishing the screenplay for Majic Men, the story of the Roswell investigation, which is inspired by the work of Stanton Friedman and Donald Schmitt.
For those of you who live in the Northern California area, I’ll be delivering my speech “Life After Contact” at the Sonoma International Film Festival in mid-April, based on an invitation they extended after seeing it at the IUFOC in Phoenix just a month ago.
So there is lots to talk about in the future but, for now, let me just say that while we’re all keeping our eyes on the skies, let’s not forget to check out Silver Screen Saucers from time-to-time as well.

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