Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanos: up close and personal with new concept art

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers
Here's a closer look at the alien with the knobbly chin whose unexpected appearance in this summer's The Avengers set our own (not so knobbly) chins a-waggin'. Who was this intergalactic tyrant, many of us wondered... But Marvel geeks already knew him to be Thanos - Bringer of Death.
According to the Marvel Universe Wiki, Thanos was born on the Saturnian moon, Titan...

“Thanos was born as one of the last sons of the original colonists, Mentor and Sui-San. However, he was born misshapen and monstrous in comparison to the other Eternals, particularly his handsome and carefree brother, Starfox, and Thanos grew into a melancholy, brooding individual, consumed with the concept of death. More than any of his people, Thanos sought out personal power and increased strength, endowing himself with cybernetic implants until he became more powerful than any of his brethren. At some point, he was exiled from his community, although the accounts differ as to its cause. Some say it was because he committed a crime by being the first to create a weapon. Thanos himself once claimed that he vivisected his own mother in an attempt to investigate how someone consumed with death such as himself could have come into being.”

This concept art comes via io9, which notes that the images can be found hidden inside the Avengers Initiative: Marvel Second Screen Experience.

It is thought Thanos will feature heavily in Marvel's next big alien-themed super hero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is scheduled for an August, 2014 release.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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